Lent 2017 – Day 21

By on 21/03/2017

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  1. Dear Bruce
    I thank God for you and your team. I have been inspired and helped so much by your reflections, Bruce.
    I would like a free E mail copy of your book “Radical Forgiveness” please.
    I am a Sister of Saint Joseph who belongs to an Australian Congregation founded by Saint Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods.
    I am in Aged Care and have celebrated my eighty sixth birthday, and I thank God for having been sixty three years professed as a Religious.
    My darling twin sister, also a Sister of Saint Joseph, went home to God nearly five years ago, and I became very ill, but I praise God my health is much better.
    I thank God and feel blest to be here.
    It gives me great hope and encouragement to see that you and your team are ministering to the world and carrying on the evangelising work of Jesus.
    You are specially remembered at prayer. I would appreciate prayers from you and your team.
    You are a gift from God for me.
    Sister Margaret Smith R.S. J. You

    1. Thank you Sister for your comments. I am most grateful. Where about are you. I travel a fair bit and would be happy to come and see you. The Josephite Sisters have been a great blessing to so many people.
      God bless
      Bruce – The Catholic Guy

  2. Bruce & team
    Could you please send me an Email copy of the book “Radical forgiveness” to the email address below.
    I am thorougly enjoying this Lenten programme it is so far the best Lenten programme that I have followed. I hope that I can put all of it into practice whatever you keep asking us to do day by day.
    Especially the praying bit at least.
    I have been making notes each day so that I can go back & read through those notes and recall all of what you have been discussing for the 40 days.
    I will be going over to Melbourne for a couple of weeks & will miss the discussions for two weeks. However, I will have to work hard & catch up in Holy week.
    God Bless you Bruce, Rosemary & your team.

  3. I enjoyed watching thecatolicguy very much..the subject was about lent which I am seeking more knowledge about. I am thankful to learn daily about forgiveness. I would love to receive the free ebook on Raical Forgiveness.

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