Lent 2017 – Day 23

By on 23/03/2017

4 comments on “Lent 2017 – Day 23

  1. Dear Bruce, thank you for my message today as I set out on my daily tasks. Your words inspire me to live these words throughout my interactions with others and keeping God at the helm in all I try to do.

  2. Dear Bruce, thank you for your program. Could you please send me that beautiful prayer of Surrender.

    1. Hi Marija,

      The Surrender Prayer is:
      Lord Jesus I want to belong to you from now on.
      I want to give my whole self to you.
      I ask you to come and be at the centre of my life.
      With all my heart I ask for your forgiveness for all the sins and failings in my life.
      I need the strength of your love and grace.
      I want to carry you in my heart everywhere I go.
      Jesus as you hold me precious in your heart.
      Lord, I give my life to you.

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