Lent 2017 – Day 27

By on 27/03/2017

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  1. Thank you, again Bruce . The healing that you are talking about is not easily found in our church. You must be one of the few exceptions. I am more than aware of the commitment to the person who has to be healed and the commitment of the people who are trying to help. All the team has to stand on the “Word of God on a daily basis”. I thank God for the wonderful work that you and your team are doing. There must be more of you spread around in the catholic church.

    Last time, when I was talking about the ex-Catholics that’s exactly what I meant. People who are stuck and cannot find a way out. Then, they turn to the ‘Pentecostal church’ for eg. I have met a few of ex-Catholics who are still so angry because they could not find the support which was needed at the time. They could not meet people with that deep connection with God. I feel so blessed that I can have a foot in both. I still feel attached to my Roman Catholic upbringing but I also enjoy being with by brothers and sisters who are from another domination. I really enjoy that deep relationship with God, that great intimacy with God when there is that amazing, awesome release of the Holy Spirit. It is a divine encouragement sent by God to keep fighting for those who are struggling with their faith. What an amazing God, we all have. Thank you again to you and your team.

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