Holy Week – Day 4

By on 12/04/2017

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    1. Dear lord please pray for my mom who is anxious & worried, I pray she finds peace in her heart for the many blessing you have given her. Pray for Joe & Joy that they too find peace without worry.

      I thank you for showing me peace & helping me have faith that my journey & your journey. ❤️

    2. Please draw Cris A., Danielle R. , Lauren-Charity R , Orlando, and Laura R closer to the Holy Spirit and nurture there love for you Lord. At the same time help there love and care for each other continue to grow. Renew and transform us in Jesus name. Praise and Glory to you Lord with sincere gratitude for all you have done for us!

    3. Please pray for Antonius, Amanda,Ally and myself. Pray that we all come together and see and feel God’s love and mercy on our lives. We are travelling a very long hard journey. He Jerusalem name. Amen

  1. Please pray especially for Michael that the Holy Spirit will guide him in the days ahead and for the future of his wife and four children
    I pray also for my eight children that the Holy Spirit will enlighten their minds fill their hearts with His love and give them a right understanding in all things

  2. Ilana, My Daddy, Agatha, Carmen, Corrin, Veronique, Ivanna, Keithan, Laruschka, Ne-Yoscia, Liam, Hyren, Myself, Recardo, Cadrick

  3. Chris, Kristy, Ben, Jordan, Aidan, Mia, Belinda, Steve, Dave & familes, Roy, Troy. Elisha, Renee, Rita, Marg & family, Chris’ family, Patsy’s family, Toto & Abings family, Dolly’s family, Siprim’s family, Cathy and Kathy’s families, Dad, Steve and family, Dave, Rainee and family, Janet and family, Clair, Greg and family, Ben’s family, Kim, Susie’s family, Gordon, John, Maddie, Cheryl and anyone else that the lord brings before me. Please Lord fill them with you Spirit, open their ears, eyes and souls to hear your voice and give them the strength to turn away from the world and empty promises. Amen

  4. Mum, Dad, Jon, Al and kids, Anew, Kirren, Terry, Wendy, Ma, Nanny Ga, all family and friends who do not know God and Jesus

  5. lord God I pray for the sick Judy ,rick ,derrick, and mick and his sister nickey who are both on drugs. And my two Granddaughters who we never see we wish to see them again. And my whole family. And we made worthy of the promises of Christ.

  6. Daryl, Ben, Sarah, Marie, Brendan, Gabe and family and me. For all of us and all Bruce will pray for and with this day, Lord hear our prayer, Amen

  7. Please pray for Marilyn, Daniel, Tammy, Michelle, Timothy, Jess, Mark and family, James and family, Mary and family, Brian Sandra and family, Lyndall and family, Bruce Rosemary and family plus those family and friends needy prays at this time. Lord send your Spirit to renew those needing to journey this Easter.

  8. Thank you so much Bruce. Please pray for Edgar, Marieth and Evelyne this is my family and I love them so much. Amen

  9. Lord I pray that you put the right people into the path of my 7 children that they may be guided into the right path. I pray for the people you put into my path that I may guide them according to Your Will. Amen. (I know that sometimes other people can do more for our children than we can do.)

  10. Dear Jesus I pray for my dear wife colleen that her pending operation will be succesful and that she will be free from anxiety.

  11. Please pray for Tony , Mick , Joe , Ross, Bruno & Peter , that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit .

  12. for Marg, Elizabeth, M/anne, Julie, Pauline, Greg, Michael, Kevin, Ben, Heather, Simon, Annette, Louise, Scottie, Sue, Jan, Clare, Loretta, Cate, Colleen, Marti, Thank you! Maureen

  13. Can we pray for my daughter and brother and all of those that need gods guiden sin the life.

    Thank you and God Bless you Bruce and you family

  14. For my extended family, many of them have great trauma in their lives. We can do little to help them in a material way, but we can do better through prayer.
    Thankyou Bruce and team

  15. Chris, Ruth, Craig, Rachel, Julian, Viahn, Sue, Don, Garth, Molly, Russ. Abba, Father, let your light shine in their hearts, their minds their souls. Convict them of your blessed reality and their need. All praise and glory be to you eternal, loving God.

  16. I pray for Angela and Lauren. Bless and strengthen their faith in you. Influence them to do your will. Guide them down the path that leads them to you, Lord Jesus. Amen

  17. Please pray for my children and grandchildren that The Resuurection will open their eyes and enlighten them, bringing them closer to The Risen Christ.

  18. Please pray for our children and grandchildren. My two sisters brother and their families. May each one be blessed richly by the loving presence of our Blessed Lord. Ipray they may feel His love and presence within them. Also I pray for all world leaders may they choose PEACE not war. Retta

  19. Father God, I pray for my mum, my sisters Kim n Wendy, brother Kevin, my nephews n nieces maddy, Isabella, Andy, Chris, Nick, James n Ben, Sara, Phillip n Stephanie.

  20. Ron Luc Adam Rachael Victoria Wilma
    For all my family and friends who have chosen to walk another path and not to walk in the light of Christ.
    Holy Spirit fill please guide them back to walk with Jesus. Amen

  21. Bruce, your talk today seemed directed to me. Thank you so much. Please pray
    for those I’ve listed.

    Gerard, Matthew, Mark, Damien and Jude. Blessings on you and your team.

  22. Please pray for our friend Michael, his two daughters and their mother who is about to leave this world.
    And for Maddy to enjoy life while getting through the burden of so much study.
    For everyone reading this, please pray we all find a way to stand up and support our positive Christianity in a world of increasing negative media spread by non-believers.

  23. This Lent has been the most holiest one of my life. I have been taking one half hour every day to say the Rosary. And I have found that while saying it, names come to me So I put those names in the prayer.
    I know it must be your talks that brought this about.
    I look forward to them everyday.
    Thank you.

  24. Please pray for , Harry, Julie Ann, Michelle and Angelique, some of my beautiful children , beautiful caring people, but who have lost the Way.

  25. Please pray for the hearts of my following family members and friends to become open, and stay open to the Lord:- Paul, Laura, Amy, Cal, Uccia, Costanza, GiovanBattista, Frank F, Nancy, Frank R, Joseph, Jonathan, Constance, Betty, Tom, Luisa, Lella, Lucy, Luciana, Rita, Robert, Isobel, Neil, Scott, Greg, Fiona, Graham, Geoff, Joanne, Jarrod, Jake & Maddie. Pray that they do not miss out on knowing the love and wonder of our amazing God.

  26. Like Hearing your sermons.
    I Hope I can be a Light for God for my Family and all people I come accross throughout my Life.
    Re. Dino.

  27. Please pray for my sisters, Caz and Pauly, my brother, Dave, my brother-in-law, Jason, my sister-in-law, Narelle and my nieces and nephews, Will, Grace, Michael, Lachie and Rachael. May they find you, Lord God, amid the chaos of life. May they return to your loving embrace. Amen

  28. I pray for all people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse particularly methamphetamine, and their family and friends who are suffering watching their loved ones, and for all to be able to listen to the wisdom that Jesus loves and cares for them and that he has saved them and they are forgiven.

    Also for K, M, T, J, C, Q, A, S, J, J, L, S, C, K, S, T, S, T, D, A,W, D, D, M, D, S, and all family, friends, neighbours that they will come to know of Christ’s loving heart and that they will be freed to share how much they are loved

    Bruce for you and your family and team too – thank you for this special journey through lent. I gave up sugar too but more importantly I remembered that when I was younger a Nun told me that all we could really give to God was our time and so this lent I have spent time with God each day doing 5 different things

    The daily prayers of the church either morning or evening
    Going to Mass or doing the readings of Mass each day
    Rosary with my husband each day whilst we Exercycle!
    Your PERRSONAL prayer
    To watch your daily session sent to me by email

    Didn’t think I would keep it up but am nearly there and feeling really loved by God and loving Him more.

    God continue to bless you, your wife and team in your work

    Thanks for all your encouragement

  29. Please pray for Daniel, Sonia, Cameron.Chloe, Rachelle,Steve.Lily, Hayley, Max, Anthony ,Bec, Shannan, Aaron and Irene that they become part of your Holy Family Lord and fine peace in this world Amen

  30. Lord we pray for our family and other families who have been brought up in the faith but no longer seem to want to include you in their lives. We pray the Holy Spirit will touch them and bring them the grace to reconnect with You.

  31. All those that you have placed in my care especially my family that none will be lost to you O lord Jesus. Send many people into their lives. Harden not their hearts, but may Your love penetrate & renew them ????

  32. Mary, Ian, Paul, Patrick, Charlie, Nicky, Aaron, Ashton, Sarah, Rick, Kristy, Clayton, Shane
    who have lost contact with their Christian faith – may the light of Jesus and the Holy Spirit shine on them and give them the grace to welcome the Lord into their lives.

  33. I pray for all those members of my family who have lost the way and that you Jesus Christ will help me to show them your way I PRAY FOR ALL MY COUNTRY THAT THEY WILL LET THEIR CONSCIENCES GUIDE THEM IN OUR TROUBLED SOUTH AFRICA. Dear Lord thank you for always being there for me when I need you and giving me comfort when I most need it

  34. Please pray Bruce, team and all participants of Holy Week to our loving, gracious Lord for Tony, Andrew, Mel, Rosa, Paul, Silvana, Laurence, Rita, Emily, Joan, Geoff, Mary-Jane, Mathew, Lochlan, Gerard, Becky, Kerrie, Robert, Mitch, Kathy, Michael, Robin, Colin, their 3 sons and families, John, his 3 sons and their families, Angela, Carmela, Pasquale, Concetta, the barefoot lady I see in the main street, Immacolata and myself who needs the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom and guidance and healing. Thank you Bruce, team and all prayers. God bless you all. Most importantly thank You Lord for listening and answering our prayers. For loving us so much that You gave Your only Son, who died for us so that we would have eternal life and be reconciled to You Loving Father. I love You Lord

  35. Pray for Dave and family, Kevin and family, Angelo and family, Tonya and family, Ray and family, Ryan, and Carin and family. All are leading good lives, but without God. Please pray they return to the church and return to God for their eternal salvation.

  36. Lord I pray for my sons their wives and children my brothers sisters and their families.My husband’s brothers and their families,that You will reveal yourself to them and You will become real in their lifes. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayers

  37. Please pray for Orlando for carrying my burdens , Sean, Jillian, Tyler, Bradley, June, myself Mary Margaret that I get healed from my lung illness. That my surgery goes well and please guide the doctors in all they do. For all sick, lonely, depressed and anyone in need.

  38. Matthew, Rose, Gabbi, Emma, Mark, Jeff. All my kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, brothers and sisters

  39. For Mark. The Father knows what he needs. May Mark recognize the goodness of the gifts and have the confidence to receive them and courage to act on them.

  40. Pray for David that he will one day have the life he Doesn’t seem to be able to achieve pray for Patty and her daughter and Gloria and pray for all my family Thank you lord for listening to my Prayers Amen

  41. Rene, Elizabeth,Cristian,Sebastian Rick,Yvonne,Lauren,Dean,Gil,Blanca,Gilbert & Family,Lala& Sal &Family that the Holy Spirit guide them to you Lord and never get away from the church

  42. Please pray for mum,dad, Greg, Tegs, Josh, Luke, Bron, Moyà, Tyler, Nick and Ebony. Please let the Holy Spirit fall upon them and fill their souls. Amen

  43. Please pray for mum,dad, Greg, Tegs, Josh, Luke, Bron, Moyà, Tyler, Nick and Ebony. Please let the Holy Spirit fall upon them and fill their souls. Amen

  44. Please pray for all my family garry my husband. Michelle and family Suzanne and family Rebecca and family. Matthew and family. Trudy and Tom and Jerome. Pray that they will be open of mind and heart to hear God speaking to them. Also pray for a friends son Brendan.

  45. Lord please pray to all my family…my sister NORMA her son Charles..Willie …Homer…my sons KEN and his family … Paul and Mona John and Aica and their baby in her tummy Kherrie and Cora Efren and Irene … Kathy Joel alex and Alice …Sony Pinka Gary go

  46. Dear God please enlightes Joe, to hear when real help is given in a constructive way, rather than understand it as critisism. Please alley his anxiety, encourage him to do some exercise, & so feel better physically & emotionally, & please give me the love, patience & understanding to avoid reacting in a negative way. Thank you God for listening to my prayer.

  47. Please pray for Graham, myself, our children and their families, Marg, Loll, Jen Sue, Chris and their families. Also for all homeless, displaced, persecuted, war torn people, that leaders to be given the wisdom to be peacemakers,

  48. God, In the name of Jesus, pray for Julie, Jordan, Jim, AJ, Luanne, Donna, Tracey and all who need your loving touch.

  49. Ours sons Brandon & Cameron who have strayed away from the church. Please join us in praying that they find their way back again so Christ is at the centre of their lives.
    Mom & Dad

  50. Please pray for my husband,children,grandchildren and my country that they get to know our loving God who love us so much. Thanks

  51. Malcolm,Dara,Brad,Faye,Cherry,Logan,Sloan,hunter,Morgan,My family and loved ones….I lift them up to you Lord????????????????????????

  52. Malcolm,Dara,Brad,Logan,Sloan,Hunter,Morgan,Cherry,my family and loved ones….Lord I lift them up to You✝️✝️✝️

  53. Garry, Vivienne, Logan, Tess, Abbie, Bronwyn, Mark, Mitchell, All my family and please Lord help me to serve you better I love the Holy Family so much you have always been there for me help me to be there for you.

  54. Dear lord, I place JJBN’s life into your hands. You know what he is going through right now. He is alone with his troubles and needs you by his side. We cannot be by his side but you can and you can send your angels to speak in his ears. He needs you more than anything to place the right persons who will be able to help him get out of the situation he is in. Please send the right persons to be by his side to help him and please hold him in your arms. Amen

  55. Ivan, Matthew, Samantha, Mitchell and my family.
    Thank you to everyone at The Catholic Guy esp. Bruce for all that you do.
    You have helped me a lot. Have a nice Easter.

  56. I have thoroughly enjoyed your the Lenten talks by Bruce sent to me thru my friend. TOday I had to catch up on Day 37 and Holy Week 2 3 and 4 as I was away.
    PLease pray for my family, Nobert, Paula and Rob and
    Their 2 yr daughter Sierra, Nilla and Pearl my daughters.
    I ask for good health for all of us and hope I can be like
    BRuce in spreading the good news. Also Theresa, John,
    CHristine, Walter and Joan and their families. THank you
    For all that you do in keeping us alive in Our catholic faith.

  57. Carol

  58. Please pray especially for Sheharn that the Holy Spirit will guide him in the days ahead & in the future towards God’s chosen path and purpose for him and help him to accept God’s purpose for him.
    I pray also for Mario & Vicky that the Holy Spirit will enlighten their minds, fill their hearts with His love and give them strength and understanding to work things out between them.
    I also pray for myself and immediate family Deanna, Delia, Lal, Herarn, Brent, Vanda, Dilo, Nishani, Lafe, Connor, Beau, Ravin, Fiona & Nedra.
    I pray for you Bruce, family & team for the encouragement you have given us in getting closer to God & to know Him better.

  59. Praying for Andrew, Jenny and Rebecca. Please bring them back to faith.
    RIP my dad, grandparents, and all my uncles and aunts who have gone to
    your glorious kingdom.
    Praying for Paul. Praying for Janice and Fred who are very sick.
    Praying for Mom who needs peace.

  60. Those I love who are on my heart:

    Erma, Joey, Cindy, Debbie, Dave, Natalie, Barnabas, Hollis, Casey, Sue, Melissa, Jessica, Ralph, Luciano, Al, Seth, Joe, Karen, Rebecca, Michael, Nicole, Don, Greg, John. Fred, Barbara, Sandy, Matthew, and me.

  61. Cathy, Lois, Adam, Jake, Kris, Kristy, Robyn, John, Jenny, Zoe, Melissa, Steve, Peter, Lucy, Matthew, Ellie, Daniel

  62. Pray for Vincent Monique and frank may the lord heal their hearts soul on the inside and heal them also on the outside their eyes and hearing from increase their faith in u lord amen

  63. Paul, Kevin,Katherine,Katie Maggie, Elizabeth, Julianna, Karen, Tom, Colleen, Tom, Jane, Dan, Joel, ELLEN, beth, Ann,Tom, Mandy Elliot, Amilie, Sonny, Mary Lou, Fitz, Ruthann, Fortuna, Tom, Barbara, Bob, Nancy, Linda, Jim, Robbie, Judy, Jeneba jawern, Mary Louise, Tony, Leanne, Jennifer Patrick, Kathy Tim, Liz, Michael, Bridget,, Mary Pat, for al the people who have no one to pray for them, for our priests, and teachers and for the souls in purgatory. Amen thank you for your prayers and your daily visits and chats.

  64. Praying for Stuart, Michelle and Husband and children, Sean and his girlfriend and Andrew and I as parents. Amen

  65. Thank you so much Bruce, I’ve not been well for the last 5 weeks or so & I do know that God has a plan & All I need to do is to place all of my trust in him it’s not always easy when your not well but again I do know that God is great & that Satan does not like it when we walk with our mighty Jesus so nothing will ever take me away from my awesome God. I also decree & declare that Satan has no Authority over me, my husband or family. Please Bruce will u and ur team pray for me & my loving husband Frank, my family David, Morena, Alanna, Kira, Adam, Kelly, Oliver, Lucas, Emily, Jim, Julie-Anne, Sienna, Jordan & all my extended family & friends that Jesus has blessed me with. Thank you Jesus, Amen
    This has truly been a wonderful holy Lenten journey. Thank u so much Bruce.
    “God will reward you!”

  66. Praise God for all the names above. I am here on Easter Saturday, but know that God is in all times and all places so my people will also receive these prayers. David, Katrin, Charlotte Ruby Simon, Bec, jordan, Imogen,Jemima Kevin. Mary Micci Bruce.Thanks for the never ending love Dear Lord.

  67. Please pray for Pina, Marcus, Julia, Assunta, Maria, Eilsabetta, Tony, Mike, Angela & family regards & God Bless

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