Holy Week – Day 5

By on 13/04/2017

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  1. World leaders, Patrick, Lisa, Greg, Olivia, Ben, Stuart, Alex, Ella, Priya, Karina, Phillip, Marta, Eliott, Lola. The people in the Middle East.

    1. We pray for simon sylvana tristan chris jeremy nour joshua jackie ray luke milad george and family Joseph and family Josephine and family georhette and family Juliette and family and friends p my family overseas people i Egypt and around the world may God bless all of us in JESUS Name Amen

  2. For world leaders, for the bitterness and hatred that is in some people that they want to harm and hurt others. I pray for peace and love in this troubled world and that those who turn away from our Lord will come to him and open their arms and hearts to him and that all people will pray the Rosary.

  3. Syria & North Korea, Mr Kent, Tony, Trevor, Fergus, baby Jordan, Mum, Mrs Chair, Harry, Kees, Stephen, Owen a, James, Karen, Ruth, Thomas, Howard, Mary, Layton, Juzza, Mathew, Isaacs, Dan, Kathleen, Joey, Ron, Jess, Joseph, Catherine & Andrew, Nick, Katerina & Joseph, Kristian & baby, Josh, Sandy & baby, Marty, Jude & Veronica, Sam, Catherine & baby, Melissa, Marcel & Willow, Bredon, Josie & baby, Ben, Josie & baby, Ursula, Mark, Joanna, Maria & Isaac.

  4. pray for Mary,Chris and family, Margaret and family, Lyndall and family, Brian Sandra and family, Bev and family, Marilyn, Daniel, Tammy, Michelle, Timothy, Jess and Family, Mark, James, friends and me.

  5. Please pray for my mum,Kathleen, Vanessa.My family and for my husband to get a good job.Also for a close friend and her family who have lost their mum this week, may God grant them the peace and comfort .

  6. Dear lord in unison with Bruce, the Catholic Guy team and all the followers of this programme may we join in the power of prayer and faith for ourselves, our families, communities and our world to receive Gods grace, love and forgiveness.
    My special prayers for the Pearce family, for my husband, for my mother, for my close friends. For my fellow parishioners, for our missionaries, and our church leaders. A prayer for those with disabilities, mental illness, ill health and their families and carers. Glory to God amen.

  7. For all those who suffer through malnutrition and need, that we may share the abundance of our world for the good of all. Please pray for me, Vicki, carina, Chris, josh, Isaac, Milad, Peter and Monica.

  8. Dear Lord I pray for peace in the world . I also ask for healing prayers for my niece Daniella. Thank you Lord

  9. I pray for my family and both my friend Maria’s and Paul’s family that there may be unity and harmony among each other. That those who have distance themselves will find peace and harmony.
    Thank you Bruce for sharing your prayerful insight with us.

  10. For peace in the world, for health of Jacob, Veronika, Tony, Amelia, Mateo, Marko, Sebastian, Noah, Liana, Tatiana, Sanya, Alana, Mariana, Branko, my brothers and their families, lord touch the hearts of Tomislav, Adrian, Robert and all that are far away from you. Thank you lord

  11. Dear Jesus

    I pray for all my family that they will come to know you. I lift up Francis, Therese, Gerhardt, Madeleine, Johannes, Sarah, mark, Lillian, William, Ruth, felicity, Genevieve, Genevieve Snr, Ian, Finnian, Declan, Catherine, and Josephine

  12. Lord, I pray for all those in RCIA programs all over the world. I pray that their baptism this Easter will bring them closer to You. May they always be open to listening to your will for their life. I pray especially for my goddaughter, Rebekka, and her husband, Daniel, as they make this journey of faith together. May they strengthen each other in Your love, Lord.

  13. For peace in our world and for the safety my children and all youth with protecting their innocence that is constantly bombarded with conflicting messages on social media and mainstream media.
    Grant them psychological strength and abundant self esteem so they see through the untruths and live a life that has full confidence and grace guided always by the Holy Spirit.

  14. Lord I pray for peace in This world And for children who are malnourished and abandonned! I pray also for those who are so dear to me: Adrien, Stéphanie, Didier, Fiona, Carlo, Kylie, Emma, Jake, Rosie, Levi, Mia And Gilbert! Amen

  15. Heavenly Father, Your will be done in the lives of: Oliver, Manon, Matthew, Bridgette, Kay, Diego, Arlo, Craig, Masami, Mizuki, Toichi, Mayumi, Cogi, Michelle, Melissa, Andrew, Lisa, Zeb and Holly. And Father, please give Phil and I the strength to face whatever comes, confident in the merciful love You so generously pour into our lives. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  16. Dear Lord, You know my family members whose names I submitted yesterday. I pray they will receive a blessing from the prayers that will be offered for them this Easter season. I pray for an awakening in their hearts to what Jesus did for us all as they go about their lives on Good Friday.

  17. Lord I pray for a deeper peace a deeper love and Your mercy to fill my heart, for peace & a deeper knowledge of You in the hearts of my family & friends, a return to Christian values, peace & harmony in Australia & peace in our world, especially in the Middle East, Korea & America. I give thanks to God for you & your team Bruce, may you always be protected & kept close to the heart of Jesus.

  18. Lord Jesus, I give in prayer my life for the people of Syria and all those suffering through conflict, those forced to leave their country due to war and terror.
    I pray for those who have anger and hatred in their hearts may they be transformed.
    And all leaders of our community to serve in humility and love.

  19. Lord I ask that you continue to keep my Son Stuart safe for me and fill him with your peace and love and bring Stuart back to me and his family in a loving respectful relationship. Amen

  20. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for the lost, the abandoned, the persecuted, the afflicted and the sick, for all your children who have turned away from You or who don’t know of You, that they come to know, experience and be restored in You. I pray for all the leaders of our nations and especially the leaders of Australia, that they will govern with justice, integrity and peace. I pray for you Bruce, for your family and your Ministry, with thanks and encouragement for living out God’s calling in your life so that so many can come to know Jesus through your evangelisation. Last, but certainly not least, I pray for my family, whose names I submitted yesterday, that they too will willingly open up their hearts to God and not miss out on the unique splendour and wonder that is our God.

  21. Dear Lord I pray for peace in this world especially the troubled lands of Syria, Middle East and Korea. Take away hatred from people’s hearts and fill them with your bountiful love. I pray for my family that we always keep you at the centre of our lives. I pray very specially for my daughter who has turned away from you. Show her the way and all the others who have strayed to come back to your most precious heart. I pray for our little granddaughter that she starts feeding properly and grows into a healthy little girl.

  22. I pray for Peace in our world especially for World leaders in Syria & North Korea, Donald Trump and all world leaders, especially the leaders of Australia, may they be guided by the Holy Spirit in all of their decision making.
    I pray for all those suffering as a result of wars and natural disasters around the world, may they receive assistance to be delivered from these extreme conditions.
    I pray for my family all the names listed yesterday and all my family members around the world.
    Finally, I pray for you Bruce, family & team for making this all possible. Thank you & may God Bless you.

  23. Dear Lord, I pray especially for Shane. Be with him in these coming days.
    Bless Bruce and his helpers as they bring your love to others

  24. loving abba father please pray for all my wishes. thank u abundantly for your kindness in advance.bless me always and continue showering your blessings over bruce and his fly n team. thank you lord. amen.

  25. Dear Jesus, I pray for peace in our world, for the vulnerable both young and old and for all of those who have turned away from you. I pray that my sister and brother-in-law will be reunited with their son and his family. I pray for Catherine’s health. For Dylan and her limb issues. Amen

  26. Thank you, Bruce, on this Holy Thursday!
    How I resonate with that longing of Jesus – ” how I have longed and longed to eat this Passover meal with you . . . . . . . . .”
    May we all know the rich blessings of these sacred days! Maureen

  27. Our president, Russ, myself, Karen, Jack, Kathryn, John, Joe, Emily, Sylvia, Ian, Ticker, Don, Pat, Bill, Bill, Lori, Polly, Tori, Samantha, Amelia, Jill, Miles, Ann, Allan, Jim, Peggy, Doug, Barb, Stephanie, Aaron, Jude, Mary, Joan, Joan’s sister, priests everywhere, deacons everywhere, people at our church, Anna, Ana, Carlos, Lidia, Angel, Manuel, Vicente, Elena, people suffering in any way, families of all the people written here, Berline, Bobby, Diane, Eddie, Shirley, our families and friends and neighbors and co-workers and our contractors, people who have not found God.

  28. Pray that I will always love like Jesus loved. The Kingdom of God starts with me. I must first get it right before making things right in the world.

  29. God, in the name of Jesus pray for Jordan, Julie, Tom, Kate, Bill, Terry, Ann, Marcy, Arlene Hesselgesser, Karen, Tommy, Mark, Brian, TRACEY, Lisa, Keith, anyone holding hate and bitterness in their hearts, all nations that peace and love reign.

  30. Heavenly Father,
    I pray for our World Leaders that their decisions may become ones which are truly based on a desire for peace and harmony with and within your world and that they may be inspired by your Holy Spirit to do your will.

  31. Father God, I pray for unity among all christians faiths that once again we are made one in jesus and become the one body of christ that jesus had originally designed, thatt all our eyes and hearts are opened to your truth, your way and your life. Amen.

  32. Lord I pray for Jan, John, Maria, Frances, Imma, her friend, Rosa, the young man in a brown suit who stood alone at Church tonight, Dora, Maria, the nurses, doctors, sisters and staff at Scalabrini Village as well as the residents, Linda, Andrew and their two daughters, Barbara, Sara and Nicola, Mark, May and their two sons, Max, the couple who mind dogs, John and his mother, Lina,her mother and sister, Rocco, the bus driver who took me to Five Dock, the barefoot lady I see on the main street often and all of us I named yesterday. Peace in the world especially Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Africa and the Middle East. I pray particularly that we all have a deep intimate loving relationship with God, the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That we all be transformed to be more like Jesus and have the gift of eternal life, I ask this Loving Father in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, amen

  33. I pray for my family,especially my son Christopher who suffers anxiety and depression, and for Matthew to get some employment. I also pray for some friends who are struggling.

  34. I pray for Syria and Iraq and all children of the world for the suffering that they go through. I also pray for my own family Edgar, Marieth and Evelyne for Gods blessings and strengthened faith, provisions and family love. Amen

  35. Pray for conversion of sinners and our Youth. We pray for all the sick and the dying souls and for peace in the world.

  36. I pray for Ivan, Matthew, Samantha, Annette and my entire family. Please pray for peace in this world we live in, too many wars and unrest. Also pray for all those who are battling cancer, esp. Mitchell and Jimmy. Thank You.

  37. Please Pray For good health for myself and all my Family. Pray for my Son Keith that everything things will work out for him and that he will find Happiness with his new girlfriend.Thanks

  38. All our family, the forgotten ones, the refugees, the homeless, the sick, the addicts, the dispossessed that they may know the joy of living for Jesus

  39. I pray that the sanctity of life may be upheld from beginning to end. I pray for all those who are being persecuted for their faith in God. For all those who are being abused or enslaved especially the children.For God’s peace in the hearts of all people. For all the people I asked for prayer yesterday. Bruce may God bless you and your ministry.

  40. I Pray for Bruce that he would recognize the power of God in his life and for our daughter to find a godly spouse who sees her gifts of love. I Pray for my church family here and for finding a new church family as I move to a new town.

  41. Lord I pray you touch with your healing hand and loving heart, my daughter Amy, my son Michael and my Husband Jim. May they be drawn closer to you lord Jesus. I also pray for my friend Hayley that she my be blessed by you so much so that she does not suffer the anxiety in her life and bless her husband and children.

  42. Praise God for all the names above. I am here on Easter Saturday, but know that God is in all times and all places so my people will also receive these prayers. David, Katrin, Charlotte Ruby Simon, Bec, jordan, Imogen,Jemima Kevin. Mary Micci Bruce.Thanks for the never ending love Dear Lord.
    I am adding the people of Syria wherever they are at present, and for the wisdom of Jesus to be with all world leaders, that they seek counsel from you before doing what “reason or justice” may dictate.

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