Holy Week – Day 6

By on 14/04/2017

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    1. Please pray for toerick daniel joy Joe, the rick family, the Morris family, Colleen & Cody. Sarah, John Aramis & Annie Albert

    2. lord pray for tracey. That she forget her bitterness to our familey. And she will see in her heart that we can become good friends.

    3. Lord god pray for grandchildren . And most of all my two granddaughters Maddie and Georgia . We have not seen for two years

  1. Please pray for all my loved ones, here in Sydney and overseas: My mum and dad, brother and future sister in law, my friends (especially those struggling to find God), Katarina, Sarah, Patrick, Monika, Kristina, Anita, Robert, Marija, Tony, Maryanne, Aunty Z, Uncle J, Mike, Damir, Tina, Katy, Emily, Karolina and Eugen, Leona, Josip, Robert, Jelena, Ivan, Leon, Sandra, Anita, Belinda

    Please also pray for me.

  2. Please pray for my mother Iolanda. God bless all of you who are ministering the messages and works of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you and happy Easter to you all.

  3. I pray that my family and friends feel the presence of Jesus and His Holy Spirit this Easter. May they come to know Jesus as their personal Lord, Saviour and protector this Easter season. May the world leaders stop and reflect on their roles as helpers in God’s plan of salvation.

  4. Please pray for my daughters, Stephanie and Mary as well as my grand daughter Sophia. May God give them the hunger to follow him. For all my family and friends. God bless you and your family..Amen

  5. Please pray with us for Daniel, Adrian, Fiona, Jessica, Ashley, Amanda, Dominic, Abbie, Charlie, Hannah, James, Ted, Michelle, Ben, Harper and Noah.

    We will also pray for you and your team and join in with you praying for all who have asked for prayer

  6. Please pray for my dad Frank for Fred Julie Anthony Robina Simon Christine Alicia Nicole Sarah Amy and Monique also my sisters and there families and brother and his family, thank you Bruce, may God bless you and your family.

  7. Please pray for Cameron Rhiannon Lachlan Vincent Gary Patrice. Jen Frank Sabrina Vanessa Rebecca & her family. Loretta Stephen Carmel.

  8. Please pray for Eugene, John, Paul, Leanne, Michael, Rachel, and David, that they may find peace and direction this Easter; through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

  9. Ampy, Peter, Pj, cherry, peachy, Bianca, Jr, Esther, cely, Cris, kim, Azon, Pinay, Lina, Delia, Ernie, Rene, Angel, Nita, cristy, weng, floro, Chris and Joel, Geoff and Lyn, Brenda and Colin, Tin and Christoph, Jane and ward, Lea and Dave, Viviana, Jacinta, Hai and Eric, Joseph and amy, Duc Nd khanh, Roby Nd Ted, Paige, mady all family and friends

  10. Bruce please pray for my family too many to mention but if you could, ElY Danica Matt Jayden (who is in Germany) &Nina

  11. Please pray for Franca, benito , Marzia, nick, Milly, Linda, Marisa, Monica, jake, Ayumi, Joey, Rebecca, Stephen, Luca, Estelle, gabe, Florida, terry, Clem, Libby, tom, Charlie, Phillipa, Hilary, Ethan, Jeannie, Julie, Joanne, estephania, Javier, Xavier, isabella, Josephine, peter, Ulla, Luke, Larissa, bill, Chloe, ellen, Elena, Christopher, Sebastian, Bianca, domonique, Damian, bassy, Adam Ben, Cheryl Luke, jake, Caitlin, John, Juanita , Gigi, andy, Olivia, Sarah, Violante, guido, francesco, helen, Allegra, angela, gian Luca, Danilo, Annalisa. Amen.

  12. I have been listening to you for quite some time. To me you have been that priest that changed your life especially with this lent series. You have that special ability to make the gospel so meaningful and encouraging to everyday living. I love the way you relate to us through your own experience.

    Please pray for my whole family especially my son Michael and his family.

    Have a blessed Easter to you, Rosemary and family & God bless.

  13. The Schoenmaekers family, The Helmke family, Lyn, Cheryl, Jacquii, Jeanette, Wilma, Janene , Elizabeth, my parish family, my AlAnon family. Amen

  14. Dale jill Aimee Olivia Steve Nikki Zac Cody Chase dean Lucas anita Ashton cadence Paige Tatum Christopher Hayley Archer scout Blake Jenni and Gregory

  15. Please pray for Maria, John, Ben, Kate, Nathan, Bethany, Peter, Patricia, Mark and all the souls in purgatory in Jesus name we pray. Amen!

  16. Marilyn Michelle Sean
    Stuart Andrew Jenaya
    Lennon William Rachael Maggie Bel Keith Cynthia and our families and my dear friends. Bruce and his family and team and our precious world and it’s people. Thank you and God Bless. Amen

  17. Please pray for my husband Geoff and my children David, Jacinta, Bethany, Mark, Paul, Lucinda, Scott, Clarissa, Jack and Penelope
    Our parents Richard and Judy, John and Margaret. Thankyou

  18. Please pray for my family Daniel, Immanuel and Christopher, my husband Ghassan and myself Anne to better understand each other and have the Lord at the centre of our life always.

  19. Please pray for the persecuted churches in the Middle East especially the Coptic, Assyrian, Syriac, Armenian, Room catholic and orthodox and the Maronite.
    May the Lord give them carouge to bear the cross of predication and protect them.

  20. Please pray for the persecuted churches in the Middle East especially the Coptic, Assyrian, Syriac, Armenian, Roman catholic and orthodox and the Maronite.
    May the Lord give them courage to bear the cross of persecution and protect them.

  21. Delma, Rodney, Jeanette, Michael, Maryanne,Eleanor, Dale, Edwin, Leo, Manuel, Apollo, Noel, Annie, Gertrude, Maude, John , Janet, Colin and Jenni.

  22. Please pray for Angelique, that she will be able to build a bridge between her and her family..

  23. Please pray for Sheila, Nigel, Julian and Caelan, for Melanie, Greg, Braddon, Kristie and Curtis, for Michael and Milena and for Richard, Ann and Helen and their families. That all may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and soon!

  24. Please pray for Sheila, Nigel, Julian and Caelan, for Melanie, Greg, Braddon, Kristie and Curtis, for Michael and Milena and for Richard, Ann and Helen and their families. That all may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and soon!

  25. Marie, Michael, Anne Gerard Bernard Tim Andrew Elizabeth Louise Margaret -Mary

    Many Thanks Bruce a nd team

  26. Today is not a good day, it is a great day; a blessed day. Because our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ died for us, for me, this day! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the gift of your life! Continue to use me as an instrument of peace to teach others about You and Your love, Your compassion, Your endless mercy!
    May God bless all the names of those written here, and those who do the writing!

  27. Yvonne, Dolly, Ailsa, Lynda, Catina and also the members of anti-Christian movements that they who reject God will be saved

  28. Please pray for my immediate family , whose names have been mentioned and the family members around the world. Also, all of my friends. For fathers John, Stephen & deacon Tung.
    Also pray for world leaders, especially the leaders in Australia.
    For peace on our world.
    May God Bless you Bruce, family & team for putting this lenten programme together & bringing us all closer to God.

  29. Brad Shannon and Jayden Claudia and family Isla and family breanna and family. Vanessa Alex and Stacey dean. Aidan and family Aaron and family

  30. Please pray for Des Bron Nige Sharron Ken Lisa Ben Nella Hannah Clare Beth Sophie Zeke Dexter Robyn John Paule Noele. And me. Thank you

  31. Please pray that all those dear to me will also be touched by what Jesus has done for us on the Cross, and come to know him and love him. Please pray for Graham, Karen, Anthony, Keith, Maree, Madeleine, Xavier, Sebastian, Don, Cathy, Christopher and Scott. Also for Anoma, Reg and Margaret. Thank you, Bruce, and may God pour a tsunami of blessings over you, your family and your team.

  32. Please join me in praying for Jon Debbie Glen Tracy Shaarl mom TD Mzee Mama Geoff that God would meet them this Easter and that they would hear God’s love and care for them.

  33. Please pray for Peter, Jennifer, Amanda, Wendy, Anthony, Brendan, Robyn, Caylie, and Kristen and myself and the community members of St Joseph’s Tweed Heads.

  34. Please pray for my mother my children my brothers and sisters and their families and my in laws and their families thank you

  35. Please pray for my family and friends. Pray that one day my children and grandchildren return to their faith

  36. Please pray for all my immediate family so that they may find Jesus in their lives and me. Thank you
    and may God Bless you and your Family.

  37. Please pray for john,Geri, steve, John, jeff, Janet, frank, dot, bill, Julie, ray, Morgan, Sarah, Marisa, Pat, and for me. Help us all to resolve conflict, to love unconditionally, and to know Jesus deep within our hearts.

  38. Please pray for Bruce, Christian, Liz, Jody, Troy, Kym, Craig, Mitchl, Imogen, Ruan, Zoe, Saffron, Stella, Harry, Jasmine….and all my friends especially, Robyn, Cath, Lesley, Tracey, Judy, Sharon, Suzie….and my sisters, Helen, Penny, Jeni and brother, Colin and their spouses. May your spirit of peace be with them all. You

  39. Please pray for my dad Peter who is dying.
    Thank you for your messages of hope, faith and love which are beacons of light I. Our dark world.

  40. Please pray for my brothers Ge and Henri who are dying of cancer that they will be reconciled with God and that they will have a peaceful death.

  41. Dear Jesus, I pray for you to walk with my broken family and fill us with you grace and love so that we can become whole again. Amen ????

  42. Please pray for daughters and sons Paula, Denise, Bernie, Christine, Marie-Louise and John and their families.My daughter in law’s sister who is ill. My brother, sisters and all my in laws. Thank you.

  43. Please pray for Maryann, Natalie, Jay, Judy, Diane, Michele, Shawn, Michael, Grant, Don, Jeannine, Jillian, Doris, Susan, Janet, PJ, Darlene, Jimmy, Mike, Deborah Jenna, Nicole, Robbie, Charlie, Ricky, David & Zachary, and their family and friends and all others that have lost their way in Jesus’s name.

  44. Bruce,
    Thank you for your ministry!! We love hearing you each day!
    You truly change life’s!
    We love you And your team Bruce!
    Thank you for praying for these below: Thank you Again for praying for us!
    Patti & Bill
    John, Brandi, Braxton and new sissy on the way.
    Jackson& Cristina
    Grandma Jean(90yr)
    Mark &Ruth
    (Drake , Heather , Hagen- )
    Vicki and family
    (Cheri, Jerry, Andrea, Melissa ,Laura , John, Elizabeth –
    (Anne,Dale, Troy , Jill Austin,Zane, sister,tabitha & Dan,Trevor & wife and baby on way ,
    Megan,& Cole -addiction)
    Matt, JoElla, Blaine
    (Janice, Tim , (Tiffany, Collin- to wed)
    Tierney, Brandon, Ainsley,)
    Matt& Kathy
    (Sandra, & David , Andrew, Ryan, alley)
    (Ruth, Vic, Christopher, abbey)
    Emily and Dustin
    JP(92 yr old friend)

  45. Please pray for my family. Gordon, JoshuaGérard, Rachel, Elise, Christopher and my mum.Thank you Bruce and your team.

  46. May my husband John Carollo open his heart and rediscover Jesus’ invitation of Faith, Hope and Love.

  47. Lisa, Jonathan, Christopher, Sue, Steve, Amanda, Eric, Elaina, Jenny
    Debbie, Patty, Vicki, Donna, Ann, Pam, Chris, and their families

  48. Please pray for our children Alex, Alli, baby to be, Jamie, Chesney, Colton, Candy,Pete, Sailor, Ava, Joe, Denise and boys, Cliff and family, Craig, Rosie, Kendra, Alice, Tex, Jerry, Steph and family, Coleen and Lindsey and families, Cheryl, Kris and families, Sister Jolene, Father Reif let him be found, Firman, Christy and Janese and their families

  49. Thank you Bruce and all your staff for leading me through another Lent. Because of you Easter Sunday will be brighter for me. I shall try to utilize all you have taught me through out the year to improve my relationship with God.

  50. PAtricia asks for prayers for peace in the world, so that
    There is a better life for our children and grandchildren.
    prayers for Evelyn,Louisa,cheryl,Isabella,Theresa,anne,
    Joyce, anne and their families. For continued
    Prayer life in the future.

  51. Please pray for my sons, Michael, Estevan, and Jonathan. Also for my partner in life Andrew and his children Raymon, Denise and Teresa. That there may be peace in our world and a brighter future for all generations to come.

  52. Please pray for Lorraine, Mary Anne, Ray, Sara, Sorin, Andrea, Ryan, Dave, Diane, Dave, Marc, Mike, Brad, Brooke, Tony, Mackenzie, Bria, Joan, Nathan, Kevin, Ethan, Cassie, Sam, Ariel, Anthony, Natalia, Becky, RANDY, Devin, Julianna, Savanna, Kaleb, Coleton, Barnie, Jackie, Steph, Reeder, Ashley, Colby, Jeff, Deb, Megan, Angelo, Dante, and Ileana

  53. Please pray for Greg, Marty, Jim, Fr. Jay, Fr. Greg, all my friends and family, Chris, Sue, Ginny, Jackie, Kathy, our new Catholics who will be received into the church at the Easter Vigil and all those who have no one to pray for them.

  54. Thank you Bruce and your team for this wonderful segment this Holy Week Blessings be upon you and all your families. Please Pray for my Daughter Alison and my son Phillip and grandchildren and all families and friends who are distanced from us ,also Lisa ,Hannah Amen.

  55. I pray for: all families who have suffered divorce, domestic violence n children who have suffered sexual abuse inside n outside the family circle. In particular Emily n Jules. May Jesus love restore n revive what has been robbed from them.

  56. I pray for my Mum and Dad. My sisters, Patricia, Theresa, Cecilia and Elizabeth and their families.
    Also for my Brother Gerard and his wife. My sister Patricia that she has many pilgrims join her in her trips to Medjugorje and that those that travel with her. I pray for my Husbands sister’s. Cathy and Johanne and also for Maree (RIP) who died last year, and their families.

  57. Please pray for my daughters, Michelle and Jennifer and their families, Kent, Kyle, Evan, Brooke, Greg, Mara and Grace as well as my husband and myself. Thank you for a wonderful Lenten season. Easter Blessings to all of you!

  58. Please pray for Nelson, Janel, Tricia Cuizon that they may continue to be drawn closer to our Lord and have a faithful relationship with Him. Praying for myself to continue to minister the works of God through me and be a witness of His faithfulness. Please pray for Tia Meng, Tito Nilo, Boy & Frocy, jayson& arnie, Ike & Jing, jayden& Paulo, ella, maria, oswald& carol, mel& she, Bert & cathy, bless & wiro, kylie, marley, liam, marcus& romeo that they may have a resurrection power to glorify God in their lives. Pray for all the people in my life workmates,friends, patients and even strangers that i may bless them just as God has blessed me. Pray for Catholic Guy and his team for their spiritual works in the Glory of God the Father. Amen

  59. Please pray for Patricia, Sheila, Margaret, Mary, Spiro, Mark, Jamie, Emma, Jeannine, Faye, Carmel, Margaret, Gabriel, Margaret, Carla, Joan, Brenda, Ray, Curtis, Julie. Thank you.

  60. Please pray for Theresa,Malcolm,Cherry,Dara,Brad,Sloan,Logan,Faye,Mildred,Ceil,my family and loved ones????????????????????????

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