Holy Week – Day 7

By on 15/04/2017

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    1. KAVITA , Dinesh, Pravin, Tessie, Arnav, Pranav , Travyn , Jonas , Meena and Rex.
      We need special prayers for Meena to be healed of her Artherites and Rex of his Knee pain, and sleeplessness.
      Pranav to be healed of his ailment,
      So that all of us come closer to the God who sacrificed himself for our sins.
      Specially we ask for in filling of the Holy Spirit on each of us , so that we will come closer to our saviour.

  2. Dear Lord please bring your healing Spirit to my family and friends this Easter. We wait in anticipation for your new life. Especially be with Marilyn, Daniel, Tammy, Michelle, Timothy, Jess, Mark, James, Mary and their families.

  3. I add to my already submitted list for prayer:- Chrissy and her husband, Rita, Deb, Diana, Mick. Betty, Jess, David, Jenny, Manfred, Ben, Michael, Elma, Gerry and families. Knock on the door of their hearts Lord, be persistant and give them eyes and ears to hear and see. Also Lord hearts opened to receive and love you. Amen

  4. Lord Jesus we wait in anticipation for what you are doing in the lives of all our family members. We eagerly wait for tomorrow when we can once more celebrate Your resurrection, & our freedom.

  5. Dear Jesus, of all the things I am waiting for, I wait for you to pull me out of the darkness and into your light. Strengthen me with your grace and mercy. I pray for my son Brendan and his family and my daughter Kerrie and her family. I pray for my sister Marie and my brother Allan that they too will find you standing in the light. In Jesus name. Amen

  6. I would like to pray for my family in Jesus name. Peter, Lyn,
    Michael, Karen, Janine, and Jennifer.
    Lord Jesus I hold them up to You. You called each by name
    You know all their needs,my grand children also.

  7. Please pray for Mandili,Debora,Elijah,Ezra,Papa Salvatore,Sally,Claudio,Crystal,Giacinta,Andrew,Deanne,Tony,Samantha,the King and Roberts Families in Lismore NSW ,and for the people of Blanchetown South Australia.

  8. Lord Jesus I thank you for everything you have done for me. I pray for my whole family, for peace and good health, and fir healing of my illnesses. Pray especially for peace in our world at this time. I pray that you will teach us how to get closer to you, to fully understand how much you love us. Thank you Abba Father. May your will be done in our lives.

  9. Please pray for Veronica, Elizabeth, Genevieve and Alexandra as we wait for their safe return. Amen.

  10. Lord Jesus I thank you for the many blessings you have given me especially my family be with us at this special time of Easter . Please be with my special son keep him healthy and safe always amen.

    my family

  11. Dear Lord. Here I am , Waiting for you. Knowing you have been resurrected we have peace and anticipation, today a very calm, quiet day.I love you and need you, every hour I need you, my one defense my righteousness. Please continue to give me peace over my cancer cells, including any delay or need to cancel events. I know I am in your hands and trust you completely.

  12. Lord I pray You will bless our family and send the Holy Spirit to fill their hearts with a desire to know and to love the lord and I pray for other family who no longer go to the sacriments .

  13. Dear Jesus. I thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed on me. I pray that I may be faithful to You and give you thanks and praise.
    I pray for all my family and their partners and children that they will find you in their lives.
    I pray for those who are struggling with weather storms and floods.
    I pray for wars to end.
    i desire to be faithful to you always.amen

  14. Thank you so much Bruce and all your team I have loved watching your daily Lenten talks ,I find you have help me to keep focus on what is truly important in my life and how to try each day to be a better me in my walk with Jesus. God Bless you and your family

  15. Dear Lord I pray for peace in the world I pray for my family and friends that they have good health and be healed of there illnesses in Jesus name Amen

  16. Thank you Bruce for your plain teaching. Easy to understand and increasing my knowledge.
    I pray that God blesses you and your team, and gives you strength to grow your ministry.

  17. PAtricia, ads more prayers for Paul, Ralph, Dennis who have lost their loved ones,
    May they with Gods help, carry on their lives with their children and grandchildren
    And may God give them strength in this respect. WIshing Bruce and Rosemarie and family a Very Happy EAster and thank you for this LEnten season of prayer.

  18. Dear Bruce and team,
    It was a great experience walking the whole period of Lent with you and ending with celebrating the Lord’s resurrection with you all. May you ministry be always blessed as you touch so many hearts and bring the lost sheep back to the fold. God bless.

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