Easter 2017 – Day 2

By on 17/04/2017

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  1. I would love for my disabled son to get a bit better. Also for myself to get better as I am finding my problems harder to cope with. Thank you

  2. Dear Jesus please help Margaret cope with the loss of her grandchildren at this time. Also be with Babe, Manny, Mary and family, Brian Sandra and family, Bev and family. Also Marilyn, Dan, Tammy, Michelle, Tim and Jess, Mark, James and me. Bring all to a closer relationship with the risen Jesus.

  3. Dear God Please send your son down to earth to claim his kingdom . At this moment the world is in a mess. Killings of people men, women and children who did nothing wrong who just want to live in peace O what a mess we live in.

  4. Dear God Please send your son down to earth to claim his kingdom . At this moment the world is in a mess. Killings of people men, women and children who did nothing wrong who just want to live in peace

  5. I pray for my sister to receive employment in a new job, for my mum to continue to b sober, for my friend brendon to step into his calling of being a pastor to young adult men n for his kids to come to know Jesus.
    As for myself, well, to get the car fixed, to persevere in my studies n receive entry into work that’s to do with youth work.

  6. I pray for my daughter Selva to heal from the operation that’s will be done on tomorrow in the name of Jesus I ask

  7. Praise you Lord and thank you for all the wonderful gifts you bestow on us. Help us to understend that you are the guiding hand and when things look impossible you are the one. Let us put all our problems at your feet and trust that your love will envelop us and all those dear to us and the whole mess of the world. Mary our mother take all these things to your Son.

  8. I will put with Jesus my sense of humour that may add to what I know he already has in abundance, also my love for my family and those who have no one to love them, which is so tiny to adds to Gods unending love. Thank you Bruce for this message, it is great to always find that new perspective.
    Have a great Easter . Rest if possible and enjoy your family.

  9. I would like to place with Jesus all the faults of our failing world, to intervene where most of us cant, into the political crisis that is engulfing us with its corruption, uncertainty and threat of world instability. That Jesus will intervene with the political powers to bring peace for us all. It’s a big ask, but I know it can be done.
    Thank you Bruce, your family and team, for these lovely messages throughout Lent and Easter. Amen

  10. Thankyou Jesus for today. Prayers are indeed answered ..not always in our time but in your time.
    Thankyou for Bruce and his continuing passion for God. We are so blessed to have his guidance every day. Help us to rid of bad habits and start anew so we are victors not victims. Bless every believer in Jesus ans yes He really did live on this earth and rose again!

  11. Dear Lord, I lay down at your feet all those you have placed in my care over the years’ may they come to know their Lord more clearly, nearly & dearly this Easter season. Bless them abundantly

  12. I pray that Mary will receive your blessings in her life and that she will come to know and love you for what you have given up for us all.

  13. Dear Bruce thank you for journeying with through lent and for praying – we already have answers but I will ask you to pray for my health as I have a rare condition
    God bless Sandra

  14. Dear Jesus, I pray for my son to have courage and strength to move forward in his life trusting in his decision making so that he can have self belief
    Thankyou Jesus

  15. Thank you Lord Jesus for keeping my family alive thus far.
    I give myself to you to make me wholly healthy for a change.
    I give you all my questions instead of to Greg.

  16. Lord God thank You for the work You are doing within me. I can see progress and can see through the lies and half truths the devil is distracting me with in order to bring to a halt the path I am taking in to become the woman You intended me to be. Please Lord continue healing me and providing for my family’s needs. Please continue working mightily in all of us that I have placed into your hands. Take care of all of us and everything Lord. Bless Bruce, his family, the team who do such a good job of doing Your will in evangelizing. Bless all of us who participate in this Holy Week, and have for Lent. Hear our prayers Lord Father I ask in the holy name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, amen.

  17. Thank you so much Bruce for your messages which provide a new way to look at things. Your messages throughout Lent and now continuing have been truly inspirational. I pray that God will continue to bless you.

  18. Dear Lord Jesus please bring Peace to this troubled world. Help me to stop worrying and know that this is in your hands. I need to remember that in your way and in your time everything will be okay. Thank you Jesus, Amen

  19. Dear God & dear Jesus, I thank-you for the many blessings that you’ve sent me & my family, & I pray that you continue to bless us & help us achieve our goals, I pray that my job may be re-ativated soon, & that you may help improve the tense political situation around the world & inspire world leaders find peaceful answers to all the current problems,

  20. Dear Jesus
    Praise & thanksgiving for the many gifts & blessings already received. I continue to request assistance in finding new work for my self & members of my family who are unemployed at present. I also request assistance for Sheharn who is still finding it hard in coming to terms with his life & working out what God wants of him. I pray for God’s guidance & assistance that he will accept God’s chosen path for him. I also pray for world peace that the Holy Spirit will influence the decision making of the leaders of the nations involved in maintaining world peace.
    Finally, I pray for Bruce, Rosemary & The Catholic Guy team for their involvement in putting this lenten & Easter programme together & that God will bless them abundantly.

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