Easter 2017 – Day 6

By on 21/04/2017

6 comments on “Easter 2017 – Day 6

  1. one “small” point – rich in possibility – where might I be different today? Thank you, Bruce

  2. I pray 1 Corinthians about love, that in acting out of this kind of love I may b able to do things differently, especially towards those who hurt me.

  3. Rather profound when you commented about doing something new.
    I and 11 of my brothers received our call to orders to the permanent deaconate last night.
    Prayers and blessings for your ministry Bruce.

  4. Message of the week for me, I think. ‘Do things differently,’ Amen!
    Thank you Bruce. Happy Easter to you, your family and TCG team.

  5. Thank you Bruce I am following Jesus in a different way since the being of Lent Listening to you has made me really think about my Faith walk with JESUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  6. Always the point is made succinctly by you Bruce. Thankyou for your constant reminders about living a more godly life and become more flexible in our thinking and learning. Love these shorter truths!

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