How to Show Honor

By on 10/05/2017

One comment on “How to Show Honor

  1. I grew up starved for words of affirmation and attention
    I think being a middle child with siblings 10 yrs older and 10 yrs younger – my parents were very strained in handling all these generations
    At 18 I married the first guy who paid me any attention – at the time I had no idea or the ability to identify he was an emotionally unavailable male and his attraction to me was only physical
    Of course 5 yrs later we divorced due to infidelity and I jumped into an abusive relationship
    The words and love I was staved for was elusive until I dedicated my life to God but people still a problem – I think the years of deprivation and negative words have scared me
    Please pray for me – that God would surround me with “Safe People” that would celebrate me and what I have to offer
    I walk thru this world feeling invisible

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