How to Show Honour

By on 10/05/2017

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  1. This truly a beautiful thing to do. We started doing this at family birthdays some years ago and I think it built our children into young confident powerful motivated outstanding young adults. I never thought of bringing this beautiful tradition into other occasions to honour others as well. Thank you Bruce.

  2. Thank you Bruce for your Powerful teaching. I’ve been feeling hurt and wounded lately…Though I pray for a heart to Forgive with Jesus strength etc..I seem to be stuck.
    Listening to-Show Honour dawns on me to want and be the kind of person that builds up and Honour others…and that leaves no room for Unforgiveness
    God bless you and the Catholic Guy family always

  3. Thank you Bruce That is one of the most inspiring messages that you have given. I hope I will have the courage to putit into practise in my family.

  4. Always good to hear you.

    Through a great tragedy in my life, of losing my wife thru cancer and left with 4 Children. Gods Grace was revealed to me in a big way.
    I can tell you Bruce what I saw and heard, a few weeks after she passed away, was the Impossibility.

    I Know Truly there is a God, I want to encourage you and all to Keep the Faith and Fight that good fight.
    I Will not go to God Empty handed, knowing what I Know.
    Kind re.

  5. Like this no one left now all alone, and never see anyone, just me and my old sheep dog. Only friend left. Trust in Jesus. just wish to be with him now, wish my dog could come also, but. no mention in the bible if that could be possible.Peter

  6. Thank you Bruce for this message, my husband, 4 children (25,23,19&17) and one daughter in law to be honoured me after dinner last night. It was one of the most powerful experiences indeed. I do wish I had written it down but will carry those words in my heart forever. We’re now going to adopt this as a family tradition each birthday.
    So many blessings, thank you for this.

  7. Thank you Bruce ,for a wonderful message. It field my heart with love as l listened to it.God bless you and your minestery. Tenza

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