21 Days of Seeking God – Day 1

By on 15/05/2017

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Matthew 2:2 (NRSV)

“Where is the child who has been born king of the Jews? For we observed his star at its rising, and have come to pay him homage.”


After the birth of Jesus three wise men came asking where would they find Jesus for they had come to worship Him. In other words, they were seeking after Jesus. They had read the prophet who had foretold of Jesus’s coming into the world but they did not wait for Jesus to come to them. Instead, they went after Him. They sought an encounter with Jesus for themselves. In our own lives, we are called to meet Jesus for ourselves, not through a family member or a religious person, but for ourselves.

It is so easy to become about the things about God and not encounter God for ourselves. We can learn much from the wise men in how they looked for Jesus.

  1. They left the comfort of home and travelled. They left what they knew and searched beyond where they were familiar and were open to what they might find.
  2. They inquired. “Have you heard, do you know where Jesus might be?” they enquired. They did not want to live off someone else’s experience. They wanted it to be personal and to meet Jesus themselves.
  3. They followed a star, a conviction. They set out from home walking in a manner that could have taken them anywhere but they walked onward, step by step away from what they knew.
  4. They had an expectation. They expected to find Jesus and they did.

These 21 Day of Seeking God up to Pentecost are an opportunity to seek after God with everything we have in the belief that if we seek God we will find Him.

Let’s walk together on this journey and be dedicated to meeting Jesus in whatever way Jesus wants to come to us.


Each day you will receive an email and you can choose to watch the daily video, read the daily reflection or pray the Rosary with Rosemary and I. You may choose to do all of these things, one or none of them. If you get busy and have to miss a day I suggest you don’t try and catch up with past days and just do the current day.


Lord Jesus, you came into the world to make it possible for humanity to meet you personally, powerfully and in a manner that is pertinent and relevant to our individual lives.

In these 21 Days leading up to Pentecost may we have the strength to seek you with our very best effort knowing that you will meet us in ways that we least expect.

Father we make this prayer in the name of Jesus through the power of Your Holy Spirit.


11 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 1

  1. After deleting many of your emails – too many emails in my inbox, just don’t have time to read this now, etc – this day, awake and restless at 2:30am, I was drawn by some force to click on “read” instead of “delete” and find myself at Day 1 of 21 days of seeking God. At a time when I am struggling and really need some direction, some guidance and some hope in my life, He reached out to me, through you. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Thank you Bruce for coming into my home and helping me pray and get closer to God . God Bless

  3. Thank you Bruce for your simple but deep teaching. You are opening my eyes to living the Bible in our everyday lives.

  4. Thank you Bruce & Rosemary. I prayed the Rosary with you and it was a truly blessed experience. Thank you and I look forward to praying with you again tomorrow. We are so blessed that you provide these wonderful resources for us to help us to get closer to our Lord.

  5. Proud of you Bruce as an old school mate who recognised your belief then and now.
    We need your clarity as a continuing shining light in our busy lives, a reminder of what’s important, and what’s not.
    May God continue to bless you in your mission in this life.

  6. Come Lord Jesus, please come to us. Ready us to receive your Holy Spirit. Mary our mother, protect us on this journey.

    Thanku Bruce and Rosemary for stepping out to create unity and community to help us be ready.

  7. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary,
    This is an amazing way of awaiting the Holy Spirit. It is so obvious that you are being lead by The Lord, for His glorification. May God bless you and guide you in your marvelous work.

  8. The journey back to our creator must be guided and inspire by the Holy spirit through prayer may God reveal himself more and more to us. amen.

  9. I missed the last 3 days, but going from day 1 today.. I want holy spirit. I need HIM. Hope this prayer will help me.

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