21 Days of Seeking God – Day 2

By on 16/05/2017

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When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart

Jeremiah 29:13


It was a Thursday evening and I was due to fly overseas in about thirty six hours on the Saturday morning. I decided to begin to pack and get my things together which included my Passport.


When I went to the cupboard where I usually kept my Passport, it was not there. I then thought maybe I have left it in one of my drawers. Upon looking it was not there either.


I went and found Rosemary my wife and asked if she knew where it was but she did not.


I went into my study and I looked through my desk drawers and the cupboard but to no avail, and all the while I was feeling this increasing sense of panic and worry.


Then I went back to the cupboard where I normally kept the Passport and searched again. I went through drawers, cupboards, bags and as you can imagine got more and more desperate.


I stayed up late into the night searching and looked in every place I could imagine.


When is the last time you went after God like this? Desperate and leaving nothing unturned?


Can I encourage you to grow closer to God in these days as we lead up to Pentecost?

12 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 2

  1. Thank you Bruce, the daily reflections help me take some time to myself to think of some of God’s wonderful gifts to us; love, hope, sharing

  2. I’m always grateful for being led to the Catholic guy ministry.

    Thank you so much. You guys are awesome.

    Our God is truly awesome.

  3. Thank you for sharing that and also the analogy behind it!
    Did you find your passport in the end? 😉

    1. No I didn’t find the Pasport but what I read a little later was that a number of Australian Passports had been stolen and the serial numbers matched those found in an Israeli spy ring. True story. So I am probably an international spy somewhere. Thanks for asking.

      1. A man of god and an international spy!
        God bless you and yours! I continue to read all your material and watch your videos ever since you started the Lenten journey last year! Thanks so much for helping us Christians stay the path!

  4. Thank you for these daily reflections. Its helping me once again to seek god diligently and chase him with all my heart, soul, mind n strength.

  5. Thanks Bruce & Rosemary for the opportunity to say the rosary with you , it was the first time I’ve set aside time from my daily activities in many year’s to say the rosary with true conviction and a deep meaningful experience of what the rosary is about. I felt truly moved by today’s experience and felt as though I was being guided by our Lord every step he took. Amen

  6. Thank you Bruce for taking us on this journey. The Lenten journey too was awesome. Life gets so busy but you have kept me on track to make time to reflect. Your reflections/ videos and TV shows are truly inspiring and now you and Rosemary are saying the Rosary. Awesome!!! How beautiful to reflect on the mysteries of Our Lord Jesus Christ. His Life, Death and Resurrection. Thank you so much for sharing this journey till Pentecost. Absolutely amazing!!!
    You and your team are so dedicated. GOD BLESS you, Rosemary and your family not forgetting your merry band of helpers.

  7. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for the video, reflection and praying the rosary with me. The scripture verse from Jeremiah 29:11-13 has been a favorite of mine for many years. I have a little plaque that sits on my dressing table of Jeremiah 29 given to me by a priest. I am going through a difficult time at present and you have reminded me that God has plans for me. I want to thank you very much for encouraging me to keep seeking God with all my heart.
    I also want to tell you Bruce about a coincidence that happened today at the Italian Charismatic
    group I attended. The leader of our group shared with us of an important paper she needed to find for that particular day. She got so frustrated with herself while turning her house upside down trying to find it that she had to stop. Out of desperation she took her booklet of prayers of the Holy Spirit and began to read them. Then while she was reading a memory popped up about her placing this paper on top of her wardrobe for safe keeping. She told us she should have done this and prayed in the first place and saved herself all the trouble! It just seems so funny Bruce that I heard this today before reading your reflection. Seeking God always with all my heart and for everything is the message for me!

  8. Thanku. It is nice to share the journey. Its nice too, to find I’m not the only one believing prayer coming into Pentecost 2017 is vitally important. Thanku

  9. Thank you, Bruce for the reminders!

    Thank you, too, for the shorter presentations. It is more possible to use them, and gives me opportunity to reflect on the message.

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