21 Days of Seeking God – Day 5

By on 19/05/2017

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Luke 11:9-14


My life has been so busy of late that I have not done some of my chores around the house. Well that is my excuse at least. Rosemary my wife, still wants the chores done however. She says to me, “you live in this house and we all have to do our part.”


To try and get out of chores I have been thinking of saying to Rosemary, “but I talk to thousands and thousands of people in over a hundred countries around the world on television and on the internet each day. Surely I don’t have to do the chores.”


I have a feeling that this line of argument is not going to work. I know that Rosemary is just going to say, “well that’s good you can talk to them after you have done your chores.” (I can hear a whole number of wives cheering right now!)


It does not matter in life who we are, what we have achieved or what we look like, all that God sees when he looks at us is a son and daughter. God does not tolerate grand standing or people thinking their position is more important than someone else’s. All God looks at when he sees us is our hearts and our desire for Him.


We can even fail over and over because we are frail and weak and we would still be more blessed than the person who takes pride in what they do thinking God would be pleased with that.


Having finished writing this you know what that means? I have to do chores and now there is written evidence that I think I should! Oh dear.


“Rosemary what has to be done?”

2 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 5

  1. I have been attending a church thats has a 4 week session on theology of the body, just a brief guide on some of the essential parts of the TOB. I have found it to be enlightening and encouraging as it is helping me to gain understanding about relations between a man n woman, true marriage relations and how god is meant to be part of this union.
    I also have been praying to archangel raphael about unity me with my future partner, that together united under the trinity banner, we can do gods holy will, and be a couple thats of god own heart. The challenge is though waiting….waiting….waiting….but I trust in Jesus and as I draw close to him every day seeking his kingdom daily, even in the small things, maybe he might find me worthy to be in such a remarkable and special union. I guess i have to show jesus he can trust me in little things before he can trust me big things like marriage.
    Thank you for todays reflection, i often chat with god throughout the day, he has to be my mind and in my thoughts as left to my own well its a dangerous neighbourhood, i dare not go there alone!
    God bless your family n you, bruce.

  2. Thank you Bruce and T C G team for the video and reflections. I have had a day battling with lies and half truths that have come from the enemy’s camp and with the Lord’s help, I came through it all thanking Him and praising Him. I am in the process of moving house, relocating to several suburbs away. This will mean finding public transport to keep me in contact with my Catholic church parish, prayer group, sing in my church choir, continue volunteer work at Scalabrini Village, keep seeing my Catholic psychologist and counselor. I have taken the advice of several parishoners and my Catholic Charismatic prayer group leader and pray to the Lord fervently as well as to our Holy Mother Mary, all the Saints and my Guardian Angel. Thank you for encouraging me too to get so close to God. I have also begun meeting a couple who have a prayer ministry and found the prayers very beneficial. I am feeling God’s presence and His help in ways that have been unexpected.

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