21 Days of Seeking God – Day 7

By on 20/05/2017

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I once heard someone say that the goal of life was to be happy. I think this is true. I think there is something wrong with a person if they said that the goal of their life is to be sad.


However, in our modern world the concept of happiness can at times be self-centred. Pope John Paul II once spoke of the problem of individualism and that it draws us away from God and happiness because it puts us at the centre of our world and not God and His ways and will for us.


True happiness is found in doing God’s will for our lives. It is then that we experience what is called joy which is not necessarily laughter but a deep knowing that God has a deeper, wider and more purposeful plan for our lives.


If we seek God we will find this happiness but if we seek happiness we possibly will find ourselves with our limitations.


Psalm 119:2

Happy are those who keep his decrees,
who seek him with their whole heart




Lord God may our hearts be focussed upon you and may we understand that you really make all things new. You give us purpose and a peace that we can find in no other way.


Father we make this prayer in Jesus name through the power of the Holy Spirit.


3 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 7

  1. Thank you Bruce for this journey of seeking God.It helped so much already.I pray the Lord to continue to guide you and bless you and all your family and your team .

  2. Blessings to you Bruce and your family. Each day my rosaries,our a part of my daily life. Just like breathing. Can’t live without.
    Thanks RoseMary and Bruce

  3. Great inspiration. The catholic guy. I believe that as i seek God as scripture has guided by revelation to you Br. Bruce i will find true joy.
    Indeed this is born of God and as scripture declares whatever is born of God overcomes the world. Thank you.

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