21 Days of Seeking God – Day 8

By on 22/05/2017

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A beautiful person spoke to me today and said, “you have no idea what you have done for me and my family. You have changed our lives.”


I felt very humbled and unworthy of such a comment but I know if I were honest, that my faithfulness and trying to follow God has been used by God to touch and change peoples’ lives. I appreciate that this probably sounds very boastful but we are all called to be the hands and voice of God to others.


Seeking God causes us to come face to face with God in such a manner that we are changed little by little into being more than we can be ourselves. This transformed person has a power to affect peoples’ lives because it is no longer we who are in control but Christ who increasingly lives in us.


Over time we can see this transformation in us. Our lives can be used by God to draw people to God.


If you seek God you will see how you have changed in your attitudes and actions and how God can use you.


This change is something we should want.


It will keep you humble and dependent on God because the more you change the more you realise that it is God at work in you and not your effort.




Lord use me to be your life changing presence in other people’s lives.


Father we make this prayer in the name of your Son Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.



14 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 8

  1. Praise God for you Bruce, may you be blessed as you are blessing others. Indeed, I am praising God for the blessings that He is and will continue to work through you.
    By God’s grace I lead a prayer group and these, your messages are been shared. May you be inspired in the knowledge that you are making a difference in people’s lives. Now to pray the Rosary with you and your lovely wife. Praise God!! ????????????

  2. Beautifully put together and thank you so much for the time and effort it takes to help us with our Catholic faith. You are an inspiration!

  3. Thank’s Bruce & Wife for this Rosary . It make me fell good about this day, I pray the rosary every day plus i have Saint Pio’s Prayer card that i say every day . I have a lot of cards that i say before i say the Rosary it take me around 40 Min saying them. I all so go to Church at Mary Immacualate Bossley Park i help out Fr. Sabasian

  4. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for share the Rosary with us every day.
    I pray your visits to the southern states and to the U.S. will be successful.
    When are you coming to Qld?

  5. Thanks Bruce for this mornings session on seeking God, I would love to offer my prayers for you and all your team on a safe, successful, Misson to the various parts of Australia and the USA, I hope that when you’re in WA I can catch up.
    May the love of God and the Holy Spirit be with you where ever you may go or be, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen

  6. What a good idea Bruce of celebrating God in our daily prayers. Very often, when we come before God in prayer it is only focussing on our needs and the needs of others who have asked to pray for them. Your talk is an eye opener, that we need to give God thanks too for all that we have received out of His goodness, which so often sadly to say many of us take things for granted.l
    God Bless you and your team.

  7. Many thanks Bruce & Rosemary for everything you’re doing! It is all helping me tremendously in my search for a deeper relationship with God as I’m seeking so much comfort with my struggles!

  8. Dear Bruce, even though I think myself to be a reasonably good Catholic, there is so much more I learn from your talks and sharing. Thank you for reaching out to so many and bringing the gospel message to us in different ways. God bless you and Rosemary and your ministry. Merwyn

  9. Thanku for praying the rosary with me. Jesus revealed to me that the Holy Spirit, the same Holy Spirit that guided Mary during the years of preparation, delivery and raising up of Jesus is here waiting for our trust to surrender our current lives to Jesus Christ, asking him what is in us that the Holy Spirit wants to guide through to all fullness in Christ for the city, nation and world to see and know him. Thanku for the invite to join your journey. Lord bless and protect the Downes family.

  10. I have started this journey a week later, along with my friends at my impact prayer group. I thank you God for all your gifts. I truly have a great family, even if they are not as close to you as I would want. But my prayers about that are not going astray, as especially in this season I have seen some cracks and acknowledgments about how I seem to have some grip on how to be joyful and fulfilled in this crazy world. They know I claim you Lord as the reason for this joy, and at least we have friendly talk. But most of all, my family is wonderful , heartwarming, good people, and we all feel very loved. There is good cement in our relationships and for this I am truly grateful and full of song and ready and willing celebrate this as a precious gift from God.

  11. Just another small thing. but not really small at all. Praying the Rosary with Bruce and Rosemary each day, is such a blessing. I am getting better at making the rosary a more common habit, but having someone right there to pray with is just beautiful, and encouraging, and I just love it.

  12. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for the Rosary for the first time in my life I’m enjoying saying it didn’t understand before and used to say it only occasional at church also pray for both of you with your trip overseas and around the state

  13. I would like to pray for my family to be close and understand to you God in their lives specially my husband is going away from the church and away from our family pray for him special

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