21 Days of Seeking God – Day 9

By on 23/05/2017

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Life Giving Water


John 7:37–38 (NRSV)

Rivers of Living Water

37 On the last day of the festival, the great day, while Jesus was standing there, he cried out, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, 38 and let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.’ ”



Our bodies need water to survive and when we don’t drink we soon feel the pangs of thirst that are hard to ignore until we get some water into us.


Just like our bodies thirst for water, our souls also thirst for something. Scriptures and the teachings of the Church remind us that only Jesus can bring hydration to our thirsty lives.


Only the Lord can satisfy our deepest longings.


Only He can flush out the toxins of anger, bitterness, jealousy, unforgiveness and rebellion. Only Jesus our Saviour can cleanse us from the inside out.


Every time you drink a glass of water during the 21 days of Seeking God, let it be a reminder that Jesus is the living water.


He has unlimited stores of blessing, peace, power and wisdom to pour into our lives.


Be refreshed by the Lord today.


Find delight in the truth of the Lord.


Thirst for Him alone.





Lord, I’m thirsty for you and your word. Nothing satisfies but you. Fill me up today so that my life overflows with your love.


Father we make this prayer in the name of Your Son Jesus, Through the Power of the Holy Spirit.



7 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 9

  1. You give us a strong message, Bruce! A message of truth, to be lived – no matter what the struggle! In this, is God’s voice to be heard. Thank you . . . . .. .

  2. Wonderful messages Bruce! Have been truly uplifted and I am passing them on to others.

    Please, please could the music stay softly in the background???

    God bless you and your ministry.

  3. As you spoke this morning Bruce, this message of feeling alone was exactly as I felt when I woke up this morning. After listening to your video something came over me which is hard to explain, like I was being held and empowered and words of thanks and praise just flowed out from me as well as tears of joy , something that I haven’t felt before, as you said while we feel alone from earthly contact, by turning to God we aren’t alone.
    The phrase you mentioned, “Never give up” will last with me for ever, I truly feel that God has spoken and if this is how I feel after 9 days what am I going to feel after 2 days.
    I would also like to pray for the victims of that terrible bombing in Manchester, England may God rest with them in this sad day in their lives. Amen.

  4. Congratulations, In Jesus Name we pray your programming and team be anointed to carry the presence of Christ to touch lives you have never even heard, in places you have never been and that the Holy Spirit goes before you to make away through generations where there has been no way before. God bless you and thanku for giving up your lives to reach others. Thanku Lord please bless and guide this your ministry. Amen

  5. Recently in session I’ve been attending at a church, theology of the body, some questions were asked n for us to answer in our private time of prayer: what is the difference between aloneness n loneliness? Wow, never been asked this before. You are right bruce, each one of us is alone, not all the time we have somone with us n even then we can still feel alone amongst people. I often have that. Through prayer n spirit revealed was that aloneness we all have is an interior desire of wanting to be loved, heard, accepted n belong. Its a deep desire for god n having sonship with him. Earth is our temporary home, heaven is where we are loved, heard, acceped n belong. We can feel these when we have certain family n friends in our lives, we are meant to. But that real aloneness I’ve come to recognise, as you mentioned above in scripture, is our thirst for the holy trinity n our sonship for god. Every day I’m alone, i live in a place whereby i have no birth family, I have a christian community I’m involved in but they too have family duties so often I’m often on my own. I recently went to a christian church just so I could praise god because I was thirsty for company and for his love. I love worshipping and praising my god because its my way of showing him my love and longing for him. I do the same when I’m in adoration, n its just me n him.
    I am alone, and often i get a vey deep seated loneliness, which I’ve come to realise its my woundness, my hurts that have not yet been healed. No person can help me when I’m in this space, only the great healer can and I run, not walk, but run to him. I howl n curl up like a embryo at his feet, i picture myself at times.
    I’m glad you never gave up bruce. You are now Jesus channel to his children, your brother n sisters in christ and in the world. Always remember st francis prayer, Lord let me be a channel…..you are doing just that and sharing your various expereinces of life, jesus can use that and touch us, your family in ways that are meant too. DONT GIVE UP, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALONE, JESUS IS THERE AND WE YOUR FAMILY ARE NOT FAR BEHIND YOU.
    Thank you jesus for bruce’s yes to you and for what you had planned for him and still have planned for him. Continue to bless him jesus and his family and may you jesus and holy spirit be the everlasting power and armour that will strengthen bruce in his mission. Amen.

  6. Thank you Bruce for sharing this experience of hearing God’s voice through the archbishop you worked with. Just today I had a man in my Catholic Charismatic prayer group explain to me to not surrender, especially when extra effort is needed and energy levels may appear to be at an all time low. Two other people I talked to too were sharing with me how important it is to have faith that God can heal but many don’t experience it because of their lack of faith. As I am in the process of moving my husband tried sorting out a problem we will have with Telstra in our new home on the net, he told me how stressed out he was. In particular he feels unappreciated, lonely, unsupported, disrespected at the Catholic nursing home he volunteers at. When I saw your video I asked my husband to come and have a look at it because I thought God wanted to speak to him too. After he saw the video he said a man who goes to visit in the nursing home said to him to never give up what he was doing there. He relates to people via music at a personal level which enables the residents to activate their minds through memory, feeling and movement. The results have been phenominal but not understood by the staff therefore not supported. The man told him of his high standing achievements with music but could not do what my husband does for these residents. Tony believes your message from God confirms this while shedding a few tears. Thank you Lord for making both our night through Bruce’s message! Thank you Bruce. God bless you! Love Valerie

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