21 Days of Seeking God – Day 10

By on 24/05/2017

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Fasting and Confessing go Together


We do not present our supplication before you on the ground of our righteousness, but on the ground of your great mercies.   (Daniel 9:18)


As we fast and pray we come face to face with what it means to be real with God. God is with us in our good times and our bad times, our times of holiness and our times of sin.


Many people in scriptures fasted for many different reasons. In the Old Testament when Daniel could see the future for his people and saw how bleak it was, he prayed and fasted and confessed his sin. Yes, he prayed and fasted and confessed his sin.


As we pray we move closer to God.


As we fast we move closer to God.


As we confess we move closer to God.


As we sit in the presence of God it is impossible not to open up about our good times and our bad times, our wins and our sins.


As we sincerely confess our sin, the barriers that stand in the way of God blessing us break down. As the scripture says, His mercy are guaranteed.


Don’t hold back on confessing to God in this season of seeking God.





Lord show me any areas of my life that are not pleasing to you. I turn away from my sins and turn to you, O God so I can fast and pray with a clean conscience and a pure heart. Im excited for what you will do

6 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 10

  1. Sometimes I feel very negative in our fight against terrorism, especially in light of what has happened in Manchester. Those beautiful and innocent victims of pure evil. Why? How can we combat this terror? Why is our world becoming such an unsafe place to live in? But today’s reflection reminds me that once again we need to trust in God and his ability to lead us to the promised land that we are looking for. I don’t understand the events in today’s world, but I pray that Gods kingdom will come. Maybe these events can help to remind us of our total dependence on God and our need to seek Him everyday.

  2. I have found this programme so very helpful as it has helped me focus and having someone to pray with is excellent as I live alone, and this really helps to guide me. I hope it won’t be too long before you have a similar programme. My best wishes to the team and may God bless you all and me.

  3. Again you remind us, Bruce, of the power of prayer – giving us strength, determination, clarity of direction. I seek ever more that clarity . . . the trust in God’s calling along the path of life each day. Blessings and thanks, Maureen

  4. This evening I came to prayer feeling resentful and full of internal moans, sorry for myself. It was hard to concentrate on prayer. However, it is always such a special time with the Lord and I think to myself when I have spent time in prayer, I will listen to Bruce. Bruce you are so positive in your presentations and this prayer today was exactly what I needed. With Gods help I can continue to pray and be close to our Lord. Thankyou. May God bless you always.

  5. Thank you Bruce for your daily messages. I look forward to your e-mails. Your dedication, focus, perseverance and teachings about prayer, confession, fasting and your choice of words makes me feel so blessed to have you and your team make this possible. It surely soothes my soul. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your team. I do say a prayer for you all. God bless!!!

  6. I am so upset to hear from one of the brothers during his prayer that I have 7 devils and so I am getting all issues in my life. I am a sinner I agree but will GOD punish us for being a sinner …. This prayer is a healing for me that though people seeing us as a sinner, GOD is caring us.
    Thank you Bruce for the inspiration.

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