21 Days of Seeking God – Day 12

By on 26/05/2017

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My Strength is Less


Seek the Lord and his strength,

seek his presence continually.

1 Chronicles 16:11


Having a wife and five children I was the strongest in our family. If something heavy needed lifting it was my job. If Rosemary couldn’t get the lid of a jar it was my job. If a ‘baddie’ came to our door it was my job to protect the family because I was the strongest.


The reason I say ‘was’ the strongest is because I have never forgotten the day when I was no longer the strongest in the family.


I was working in our house lifting and moving things around. What I could lift would get moved and what I could not lift by myself I either pushed around if I could or waited until some other people came over to our home who could help.


Well on this particular day I couldn’t lift something and seeing me struggling to lift it my 16 year old son jumped up and said, “Dad let me have a go.”


I stepped away to have a rest more than making space for him to try and I remember my eyes opened wide as he moved it with ease.


I remember this being a very freeing moment in a funny kind of a way.


As you seek God reflect on;


  • God’s might
  • God’s infinity
  • God’s limitless knowledge
  • God beyond time itself


When we can let someone else ‘drive’ so to speak, we discover an amazing depth to God and it changes how we see life.




Thank you Lord that you speak to us it the ordinary things of life. Grant us the grace (the ability) to focus on being less in order that you can be more in our life.


Father we make this prayer in the name of Jesus through the power of your holy spirit.



One comment on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 12

  1. Though many of life’s incidents, and challengers are out of our control, and indeed ‘test’ us, …..In faith, and hope. we are able to continue on.
    In doing so, we are able to accept what was, what is and what will be.

    The grace of God, becomes ‘present’ when we accept and trust in God.
    Without seeing, or knowing what is planned, we can place our trust, in God’s bigger plan,
    in his timing.
    We must seek the Lord and his strength, and continually seek his presence.

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