21 Days of Seeking God – Day 18

By on 01/06/2017

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The Sovereign Lord has spoken to me, and I have listened. I have not rebelled or turned away.

Isaiah 50:1


I sometimes think we forget to listen to God because we think his time is spent talking to the truly important people. The saints. The mystics. The prophets.


Do you ever feel that God is silent and not communicating with you?


Sometimes we want God to do something dramatic in our lives like a miracle or a show of his power and might. But God just doesn’t work that way. He isn’t in the theatre business!


God doesn’t come to us in a wind, and God doesn’t come to us in an earthquake, and God doesn’t come to us in a fire. God comes to us in a still, small voice. All we have to do is listen.


Isaiah 50 begins with God’s word to the prophet. He responds by saying, “The Sovereign Lord has spoken to me, and I have listened.”


I am so aware of how easily I can miss God’s voice because I just not listening.


How can I seek God and be more attentive to God’s voice?


In part, I have to spend time with God in quiet and solitude. It is impossible to listen to God when I don’t slow down or stop and intentionally listen.


I can also hear His voice in my spiritual reading, bible studies, through nature, in sermons, songs and sacraments.


Sometimes God can be heard through the wise words of a wise God-loving friend.


I can hear God’s voice when I read Scripture. As I read the Bible, I’m doing more than acquiring theological knowledge. I’m listening for the voice of God, so that I can come to know who He is and what He is saying to me.


If we are seeking God but not in a stance to be ready and listen, how can God speak to us? Is your stance today one wanting to hear God’s voice and having your ears open to listen?




Lord God, when I read this verse from Isaiah, I want to hear your voice, to have my ears open to you. You know all the things that get in the way of my paying attention to you: the “noise” that surrounds me and the “voices” that echo inside of me. Forgive me sometimes for the times I don’t hear you because I just don’t take time to listen.


Father, we make this prayer in the name of Jesus through the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen

3 comments on “21 Days of Seeking God – Day 18

  1. Bruce, thank you for the depth of your invitation into the heart of God, into the intimacy, the calming strength, the acceptance and trust in God, who knows best!

  2. Thank you Bruce, for a very powerful message, that resonates, especially with me.
    In so many situations, where we become easily burdened, overwhelmed, and unable to cope, one can lose that glimmer of light, in the darkness.
    Previously, where I would feel anxious and question,
    I now, feel myself go to a place of calm and hope.
    I cannot change, what I cannot change. Questions do not always provide answers. Therefore, I now ‘hand over’ my concerns, my burdens to God, …, I allow him, to help carry my heavy load. He listens and knows my heavy heart.
    Yes, Bruce, I place my trust in him, totally!
    His plans, ….his timing.
    I do this in prayer, in conversation with God.
    His ‘voice’ becomes heard, felt in the calmness, that embraces me.
    In him I trust. ????

  3. So true Bruce, we are always rushing around doing things that very often we miss the opportunity of hearing God speak to us in the ordinary things /events of life. Psalm 46 :10 says “Be still and know that I am God”. As we approach Pentecost , let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us to be still to enable us to hear God’s voice.
    God Bless

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