Pray For Someone You Love Starts Soon!

By on 30/10/2017

37 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love Starts Soon!

  1. Prayers for my children
    Prayers for family
    Prayers for those who pray for me
    Prayers for VERY personal intention

  2. I think this video message is profoundly vital in today’s world.
    It serves as a helpful reminder to pray often for those we care deeply for. A reminder to instantly invest that person into prayer when that family member or individual comes to mind.
    Often, I think we all can become used to speaking of these family members or individuals within our inner circles & forgetting to pray for them. But it’s logical to pray for them. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of ppl in my family without always knowing why.
    I’ve grown in learning that’s the perfect opportunity to seize the moment & pray.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    It’s definitely something to keep upfront in our daily lives.

  3. Thank you for doing this. Prayer is the most valuable gift we can give to someone. Just started reading your book so this is coming at the perfect time.

    1. Diane, can you please share what book you are reading? Bruce is an amazing person! So inspirational and so very real

  4. I have participated in this over the last two years and amazing things have happened in the lives of the two people I prayed for. God works in mysterious and marvellous ways indeed! I’m looking forward to this year’s Pray for Someone You Love and wish Bruce and the team God’s choicest blessings as they undertake this valuable work.

  5. Thanks Bruce and I will surely join in prayer because in these time the world and the people we loves all needs prayer

  6. So good to have you back on my IPad . May you and your team be filled with the Holy Spirit as we pray together all over the world

  7. Praying for a miracle for my brother. I am happy to be joining with so many others as we praise God and pray for those we love.

  8. I’m looking forward to this journey. It surely is inspiring and I know it will certainly be good for everyone, especially the ones we are praying for.
    Thanks Bruce for your giving us this opportunity to be guided by you. God Bless you, Rosemary, your family and your team.

  9. Thank You for offering this opportunity to join in prayer with other believers. My personal belief is, “If one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight.” There is power in corporate prayer. I’m already excited to see how God our Father is going to work miracles in the lives of all those we pray for, for the next thirty days, especially my own for committing to this challenge.

  10. Thank you for helping pray for those that others love. Looking forward to praying and participating.
    Pray for my family,the immediate as well as extended family of husband as well as mine.

  11. I’m excited to take part in this amazing prayer time. I have many people including myself that are in need to prayers.

  12. Really looking forward to this years Pray for Someone you love. My list grows longer each year as I grow in trust. I have seen changes in the people I pray for and changes in myself. I have great expectations for this years event. God Bless all of the Catholic Guy team and everyone who takes part in this years sessions.

  13. Pray for my children
    Pray for my family
    Pray for God to bless all though involved and in need of pray

  14. Praying for help and a healing for our son who is suffering with a mental
    illness and refuses treatment. A beautiful soul in torment.

  15. Please send me the daily videos. Praying for several family members and one special friend of my daughter.

  16. Need prayers for daughter and her unborn baby. Due very soon. Pray for my son and his family. Prayers for my granddaughters. Pray for me. Have been a victim of fraud and id theft. Pray to recover my sanity after all this. Pray for financial blessings. Thank you and God bless us everyone.

  17. I pray for my daughter,my family,my co-workers,Rex,Tim,Jennifer,my neighbors- May God move in their lives as He needs to.

  18. Praying for God’s people with his word.
    Rev 5:9,10 ” And they sang a new song : You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals because you were slain and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation worthy are you. You have have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.”
    His People Say No More ” I am not worthy”

  19. Prayer for my brother Robert falsely accused priest deposed n angry at god, that he will find his faith again.

    Prayers for Richard in prison. Recently found the Lord. That he remains faithful in christ even as the dark one fights to reclaim Richards soul.

  20. I am excited and looking forward to see how God is going to work in all our life’s. Be blessed.

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