Pray for Someone You Love – Day 1

By on 06/11/2017

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  1. Lord, today I offer You the soul of Ruby RAMJOHN who died on Friday November 3, 2017. I ask forgiveness for her O Lord, and pray for Your Salvation and Eternal rest for her soul. I ask comfort and peace for her grieving family at this challenging time, in JESUS Sweet Name. Amen.

  2. I pray for my husbands mental health and for him to show love and compassion and empathy to his family
    I pray for my brothers addiction to alcohol
    I pray for my daughters mental health and for her to learn to forgive and move forward in her life . I pray this in Jesus name as only he can change the hearts and minds of his children.Lord hear my prayer

  3. Jesus, I pray for the spiritual salvation of myself and my family, guide me down the path I need to be on and keep me free from the pit I was in. I ask for this in your name, Amen.

  4. I pray for:
    Kenny who is addicted to drugs and with mental health and behavioural problem. Change his life to believe in you as he dont think God is real.
    Pray for my mum whom is demented and lonely.
    Pray for Jay and Charlie both going thorough cancer treatment.
    Pray for my family to stay closed and help each other in times of needs.
    Pray for Michael business to go well.
    Pray for Michael C. to understand our friendships and nothing more. Help me in thec right direction to stay closed to you and doing the right thing.
    Pray for Debbie family that all their financials need be fine.
    Pray for Sally that she be free from pain after her back surgery.
    Thank you Lord for all your have given me and forgive all my sins.

  5. I pray Lord Jesus for my cousin, who has a rare and aggressive cancer, that You would heal and restore him in body, mind and spirit. Heal him Lord and bring him closer to You. I pray in your Holy Name, Lord Jesus, Amen.

  6. i Pray for My Mom, and for my Faily & Friends because they are love me so much they praying for me everyday. they are my good friend who loves me.

  7. I pray for myself to keep my little faith growing and the increase of my faith to your Almighty power, more wisdom to share and do all the good deeds as your will.
    I pray for my husband Sidney to open his heart to you and strengthen his faith.
    I pray my son Desmond to renew his belief and love for you.
    I pray for my son Geoffrey to enlighten his mind and turn around to believe you and love you more.
    I pray for Ricarda how is suffering from too much stress in dealing her family problems and her health being affected.
    I pray for Alexander for opening his mind and heart to resolve what cause the sufferings of his family right now.
    I pray for Jean to have progress on her wishes to reform .

  8. I pray for my son John who has mental issues for the last 15years. That John become responsible, in the name of Jesus through the Holy Spirit that he find peace and love of God. Amen

  9. Dear Father,
    I pray for my family. I ask they each member of my family will surrender their hearts to you. I ask that they will be filled with your Holy Spirit and yield to your Holy Will for their lives. I pray that all addictions that plague their lives and keep them from experiencing your freedom and liberty will GO and they will rest in your Love, Peace and Joy, honouring and bringing Glory to you with their surrendered lives. In the Name of Jesus I make This request.

  10. Dear God,
    I pray for my family.
    For my husband that he comes to find you and to make a commitment to you and your son, Jesus. I want us to be a Christian couple, with you Lord in our centre
    For my sons. Keep them safe from harm and healthy in body and mind as they travel and spend time living overseas. Keep them safe Lord from the temptations of the world that would draw them further from you. I ask that they both renew their faith in you and come to know you again. Bring them back to the church.
    I pray also that the rift in the family, between my siblings, be healed Lord.
    I make these prayers in the name of Jesus, your Son. Amen.

    1. I hope that your husband returns to Jesus my husband was the same and know he is slowing moving forward in faith .Thank god i hope and pray your husband does also in jesus name amen

      1. Thank you Sharon,
        I have just revisited this page and seen your comment and prayer. I am so appreciative. It also gives me hope. God bless you. Maryanne

  11. I pray for my nephew Gontse, who is addicted to nnyaope, please give him the courage & will power to overcome this through the power of the holy spirit.
    I pray for my mother Tinkana, to be released from the bondage of chronic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure & parkinson’s desease).
    I pray for my wife Vuyiswa, who regularly suffers from an unspecified /unknown ilness which causes pain & swelling of her feet.
    Please bring healing into their lives.

    1. I pray for your mother and hope that the doctors fine a cure soon. My mother in law has the same issues … dear lord please heal these woman in Jesus name and send us all a miracle as only lord you can

  12. I pray for my daughter Cinthia to do her University exam and achieve her hire marks and go to Townsville to study her dream medicine and work for children (Paediatriciant).

    I pray for my husband Justinian to get his dream job BDM (Business development Manager) and enjoy his life with good health and stop smoking.

  13. Father God I pray for the healing of my four daughters, anxiety, panic attacks and body aches for Elvira, black outs that occur without warning and Cervics problems for Angelina, Cervics problems and hand shiverings for Christelyn and anorexia and anxiety for Samantha. And for all four of them to come back to their faith, in Jesus name, Amen.

  14. Lord I pray for my wife Mary to overcome her sickness this morning . I ask you Lord to heal my family & bring peace to everyone

  15. I pray for Paula that she may feel loved and supported at this time in her life.
    I pray for Michael that he and his son will develop a good relationship with each other

  16. I pray for my sons to renew their faith and trust in you Father God. I pray that they will return to going to Mass. I pray for good health for my family and for myself. I pray for peace throughout the world. Amen

  17. Lord I pray for my parents that they may find peace with each other in their old age and live the rest of their lives being happy not just with each other but with themselves.

  18. I pray for a dear friend George who after looking after his now deceased wife for fifteen years,now finds himself very sick with cancer. If it is the Lords will I pray that he will be restored to good health.

  19. I pray for my husband,Stan and I to become one in Christ Jesus.I pray for my son,Warren to seek first the kingdom of God…his wife,Rose to draw closer to you,and my special grandchild Warren his protection and continued love for Christ to go deeper.I pray for my step-family to really come to know Christ and his love for them.

  20. I pray for my husband Benedict, to live Holy Christian life and understand his wife and children as head of the family. I also pray for my daughter to find a good after two yrs of still looking for jobs, my eldest son to be healed from sickness he’s suffering from, my young daughter and son also to live Holy Christian lives with the Almighty Gods Grace.
    I pray for my mother in law and sister in law to be at peace within themselves
    My friend Marie to have the strength and courage to go through the problems she has with Gods Grace and Peace. Amen

  21. Almighty Father I pray in the name of your Son Jesus and by the power and works of the Holy Spirit you guide, help, support me whilst bearing these crosses. If it’s your Holy will help resolve these issues with a happy outcome. I seek your comfort and consolation during these dark and difficult times. Please be with me and never let me go. I pray for healing for my mother from her broken arm and that she can find the support needed to help her live independently and safely. I pray for healing for my father who is injured from two falls and is recovering in hospital. I pray for Healing for Fr David Catterall, healing for my friend Jenny, protection from harm and evil for my Goddaughter and continued nurturing of her Faith which she loves.
    And I pray for those who have had the courage to post their prayer intentions and offer these intentions as one with mine.
    Asking these in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  22. Heavenly Father, i pray for my son Anthony to have the courage and strength to get help for his Mental illness, for Rebecca’s protection and strength and for thanks for Stephen’s anew job

  23. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I would like to pray for my husband who took the decision to give his life to you. Father God, in the name of Jesus, turn those baby’s steps, into a walk and a run towards you. Holy Spirit open his heart, his mind, his soul and his spirit to your living words. Pour out your healing power into the core of his being, Lord. Teach him, my Lord to recognise your voice. Give him the tools to fight this spiritual battle. Soften his heart, pour the fear of God into his heart. I would also like to pray for my son, Bryan so that he can truly forgive his dad in the mighty name of Jesus. My Lord, my God and my King send more of your Holy Spirit in Bryan’s heart. Holy Spirit, make Bryan experience the boundless, deep, abounding and unfathomable love coming from His creator which he is longing for. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for all the miracles that will take place in their lives as You are a faithful and mighty God.

  24. Victoria
    Prayer has been so powerfull in my life. Prayer gives me time to accept situations and gives me peace. I pray for my family to come together and forgive. I pray to stay in God’s light.

  25. Dear God .. We pray for my husband Barry’s healing from his immense pain from bone cancer by the end of this month of November. We thank you God and love you. Not our will but yours be done.

    1. We also pray for our dearest Dad, Poppy, Barry, that he has the strength to fight through this next challenge his cancer brings. We thank you God.

  26. Merciful Father, You love us with such profound intensity that I ask for healing for my daughter who has mental health problems, let her forgive and move on with her life. Show her that she is loved and supported by her family and friends, and that You are the healer in every situation. Let Your Holy Spirit work in my son who is addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, get him to stop and turn his life around for the better of his family we ask this in Jesus name.

  27. I pray for myself and my immediate family members and Shamani & Chandrika.
    I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to increase our faith and wisdom and reveal Yourself to us so that we may come to know You better.
    I pray in Jesus name Amen.

  28. Lord God,
    I pray for Andrew. I ask for the healing of his very serious illnesses and especially for stability and security in his housing accommodation at this time of great distress. Amen. Thank you.

  29. Lord God,I pray for healing for all in my family, also for those with problems with drugs and alcohol (Scott,John.I pray for the help of the holy spirit & that I get the experience to find the job or qualification I need to be able.I also pray for financial stability. I pray for my Alannah, Brandon,and all my family to know God.I pray for all who are in need…Amen.

  30. I would like to pray for the family and friends of the 4 year old who drowned at Orange NSW [Australia] over the weekend. I pray also for the staff and fellow swimmers of the public pool.

  31. I ask the lord to help my son Jerome to overcome his impulsivity and anger. May he be motivated to work hard at his school work. I ask that he will open his heart to you and know how much you love him. I ask that he be protected from the evils of this world
    I pray for my husband that he will be healed of his pain
    For my daughter who has been unable to find employment.
    For all my family that they will be open to your call in their lives


  33. Dear Lord I pray for Ricki to be healed even at this late hour if it is your will and whatever happens for her family already grieving that they are convinced that you are in the situation and trust you and your will. I pray for all those who continue to support her and that she sees all the letters sent to tell her how much she is loved and the difference she made to so many lives. I also pray for my husband to embrace you so our marriage is centred in your love and we are able to pray together. Fir each of my children and grandchildren to find you to embrace you and to come to the church. For those who are pregnant especially Micci that Scarlet will be born healthy and that she grows in healtj and love. For Mary that she trusts you and her professional supports and makes positive changes to her physucal and mental health and becomes independent. Amen

  34. I pray for my son who is a diabetic and is having eye problems help find a cure also pray for my granddaughter that. she gets the job she wants and my grandson that he will be one day where he wants to be

  35. Lord Jesus ,please, help me to overcome the rough time that causes stress weakness in mind and emotion which giving me pain, sorrows. Save me, my family and my loved one’s from every bad things and illness. Bless us to have a safe, healthy, glorious, joyful, harmonious life. Forgive me and forgive all of them. Love me and love them. Heal me and all of them in body soul and sprit. Comfort me and my family. Help me to understand the plan you have for me so that I can follow your plan and walk on according your will and wish. I shall follow you every day of my life. I give you high praise. I have full faith on you lord Jesus.I Love you. Amen hallelujah 🙌

    1. Thank you so much Mr. Bruce. Please, pray for me. I m asking help in Jesus name. I’m in deep emotional stress. At this stage I need to recover myself from the bad things that had happened with my life. Heal my pain in Jesus name. Pray for my lovely family and pray for my all loved one’s even pray for those people who have wronged me. May my each days prayer reach to God. I’m seeking God’s plan, wish and will for my life. Please, answer my prayer. I love you Jesus. Amen.

  36. I’m praying for my church community. For renewal and for people to be boldly filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. I’m praying for miracles, signs and wonders and the faith to love mountains in the Church.

    I’m praying for the people in my area who don’t know you, that you would give me a hunger to see them come to know you, father God. Amen.

  37. I pray for my family and all families that face family conflict and through this we are broken apart.
    I pray that my children are re ignited with the holy spirit and your grace in their hearts, open their eyes and hearts to you.
    I pray for Michelle, Cassie, my daughter in-law, Jake, Jack and his mother Sharon, who inspired me and many others while sharing her spiritual journey through her book. Joyce and all that need your healing hands.
    I pray for my son Andrew and Danni who are in the midst of exams, open their minds and eyes with everything they have learnt.
    I pray that everyone opens their heart and eyes and receiving you in their lives.

  38. Praying for those I love and for those I don’t even know..all are brothers and sisters in Christ. Lord please give me healing of mind, body, soul, and spirit…Thank You Jesus✝️

  39. Thank you so much for this opportunity to join with others in their prayer time. Praying for our President & Vice President and all the family members. For restoration within my family members.Comfort & peace for recent losses of members within the family. God bless you all for this tremendous ministry. I am not Catholic, but I support what you are doing 100%!! So looking forward to the next 30 days!!

  40. Please pray that my brother keeps his present job for another 15-20 years because he has a lot of bills to pay and he has to put money in my nieces college fund. My nieces’ name is Lielle Rose. Please pray that I keep my job for another 15-20 years because I have alot of bills, especially medical bills, to pay. Please pray that my mother doesn’t suffer from dementia or alzheimers’ disease as she gets older, because she is getting more fragile and delicate as she gets along in years.

  41. I pray for my son-in-law, Tray, to find a job. I pray for my daughter, Jackie, to come back to the church. I pray for both sons-in-law, to have a conversion experience and start coming to church. Also, for my husband, Dennis, to convert to Catholicism. I pray for Francesca to come to church regularly. Finally, I pray for the health of all my family.

  42. Father,
    I ask that you send an anointed holy spirit filled person or couple to my aging mother with the gospel message that she will have heart heart pricked by their message about the need to accept Jesus as her Lord and personal Savior. That they would bring it in such a way that she cannot argie nor refute it and then accept Jesus as her Lord and personal Savior. My mother is in her late eighties and I would hate to see her die totally separated from you father for all eternity like my father did.
    In Jesus’s mighty name.

  43. bruce God bless you for being faithful to his call..I know God is doig a mighty work in his bride snd I cant wait for all that He is about to do

  44. I pray for these five men: Albert, Alexander, Chris, Christopher and Julian. I pray For healthy minds and loving hearts for these men. I also pray for Julian heal his intestines so that they work properly. I pray for myself for internal healing. In Jesus name amen.

  45. I pray for my husband Rob with his addictions and fear of leaving the other woman and her gifts t keep him and fear of his family who condones the adultery relationship and to come back to our marriage for marriage restoration and seek Jesus to do the right thing to soften his heart for his wife and for the OW to find her own husband. I pray the truth comes out and all shall know the truth. I pray for my son with his addictions and anxiety and he learns to become self sufficient. All this in Jesus name. Amen

  46. Precious Savior, I pray that you will bring relief to Matt , Deanne, and Hayden not only in the financial realm, but also in the realm of health. They strongly believe in You; however, they are suffering tremendous health and financial issues. I pray that they and I might see Your will in this for I believe that none of this is about us. It is about Your holy will. I believe that You can heal these stresses, but if that is not to be, please allow us to see Your will be done. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for bestowing your love and faith in our hearts. We love you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

  47. I’m praying for marriage and my relationship with my wife, I hope we can straighten our lives out and move forward together. I pray that this is God’s will.

  48. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray for the wife that that I am not married to yet and our family together, for familial healing, restoration, and expansion, for new career paths being opened, for my home renovation being completed, and for being out of debt, for all of the lost out there. Amen and Amen.

  49. Jim I join with you in asking God to heal your marriage may I suggest you honor your wife by telling her how valuable she is to you don’t assume she knows through my own personal loss I was given grace to see the many squandered oortunities I had to honor my own wife and by the time I did it was too late Jesus took her home. Put her first and be the servant Jesus told us we must be and I believe God will bring you your hearts desire in Jesus mighty name amen and amen

  50. I’m praying for the complete healing of 3 of my children who have been diagnosed with autism. Also for my eldest son that he find a God given purpose and meaning in his life. And for my husband to become the spiritual head of our household as God has ordered.

    1. dear sister I too have a 14 yr old son with autism so I come in agreement with you for God to heal and renew their minds but I thank Hi for the true gift that they are in Him right now today ..just a side note be sure when you are asking for healing that if you hold unforgivness for anyone in your life that you forgive so you may receive in Jesus example He who was absolutely blameless while I was yet a sinner said Father forgive them for they do not know what they do ( do not understand, do not see who they are in you) then how can I withhold forgiveness to anyone either in Jesus name we agree we believe we forgive and we receive amen

  51. Dear Father God in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit, I pray for my family along with the extended family on both sides to learn to let go and forgive as well as find there way to follow Jesus. To heal each and everyone of their hearts. I also pray for people who helped us so much to get through these unfortunate events of last of the year and this year. That each understand I am truly appreciative and thankful for all they have done. I pray special blessings for my family to happy and together, again.

  52. Dear Father, I thank you for hearing me and because I know you do hear I pray for deliverance for my brother Andrew, he needs direction in his life from the spirit of con, lies and deceptive behavior. I pray he comes to remember your presence in his life which he knows but the devil has fooled him. I pray for my family to be much closer in relationship, closer in their relationship with you Lord, I pray for our families financial challenges to be removed and that the devowerer to be removed from our lives in Jesus’ name! I pray Lord for your will to be done in all our lives as we continue to walk with you and for the members of my family who have not accepted you in their lives as Lord and Savior be converted. These requests I ask in your wonderful name Jesus as you let your will be done in all things. Amen!

  53. father I pray for all of us as the body of Christ to forget the denominational tags we are burdened by and remember we are called to be one with Him and that we would come to understand who we truly are in Him once and for all so we may truly be transformed into His image which is Love so we can truly start to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk in Jesus name amen

  54. Father in the Name of Jesus, I pray for my sister and niece for salvation and an intimate relationship with You. I pray for their protection, and that they have wisdom and revelation in every adverse situation they face. I pray that my niece will find her purpose at this young age of 15, and mentors and instructors that will guide and mold her in it. I ask that everything work together for her good and that her circumstances be a turning point to walk right and find Christ in a deeper way. I also ask that she find friends that love the Lord and a church home where she can find the joy of the Lord and not the traditions that she believes is church.

  55. Dear Lord,
    As my eyes scroll over these many heartfelt requests, I pray for forgiveness, recognition, ownership and clarity in healing.
    As I commence this 30 day journey, with you, Lord, may I always walk alongside you, knowing where you need me to be. I pray, that in your calling of me, to support others, I may be a source of comfort, …. your eyes, ears and touch. I pray with those and for those, whom knowlingly or unknowingly seek you. As you show me the way, Lord, I thank you for giving me the strength and wisdom to truly feel your presence, your direction and guidance.
    Thy will be done, in his planning, in his time.
    I pray for trust and hope, in the hearts of all who seek you.

  56. I pray that you help my daughter who has made an extremely bad choice in bringing a man into her home which is draining her of all her livelihood. He could cost her everything she has worked for all her life.

  57. Please pray for my 92 year old dad and 87 year old mom I am 49 and moved back home a couple years ago to take care of my parents I am the oldest son so it’s on me to be a great caretaker please pray for my parents and for me to be a better caretaker it’s a great pleasure to take care of them but it’s hard because I haven’t spent but 1 night away in over 2 years. GODBLESS and thank you

  58. Pray for Kelley! She was hit head on by a drunk driver and by a miracle of God, survived! She’s had 7 surgeries and her broken body is healing before she can continue physical therapy.

  59. Pray for my girlfriend Candace. She is deaf in one ear and wears a hearing aid. Also pray for my dad Jimmy. He has had a bad headache for more than 100 days.

  60. Today I pray that my family will become closer. That we will once more pray, love and respect each other. I continue to pray that my two elder daughters and son and his wife will attend holy mass To receive and encounter the Lords mighty grace where they will only look towards Him, and never stopping needing Him Help me in so many ways help me to make Jesus my one true spouse that He take first position in every situation of my life that I may make the right decisions in life with regards to what is best for the family and help me to manage my finances better.
    Today, I too pray for the sins in my life that feel impossible to overcome — that I will be able to overcome them with the grace of God and the intercession of The saints
    I pray for my husbands mental health and for him to show love and compassion and empathy to his family for him
    To realise he needs to change
    Your will be done for the marriage Lord it’s in your hands lord as only you can do miracles but we have to seek and ask it’s in your name
    I pray for my daughters mental health and for Jesus to live in heart again as he did before as she learns to forgive love and move forward in her life .give the gift of loving life and wanting to live and help others as she always did in the past I pray this in Jesus name as only He can change the hearts and minds of His children.Lord hear my prayer Amen 🙏 help me sweet Jesus I pray as we don’t know but you do thy will be done

  61. I pray for my mother that she will experience God’s love and peace as she grieves for the recent loss of her husband. I pray she won’t give in to feelings of guilt about his loss but will remember how much love she showed him as she cared for him with Parkinson’s for over 20 years.
    I pray for a softening of my sister’s heart in how she deals with herself, her family and others. I pray that she desires you Lord, above wealth, material possessions, and all other things.
    I pray for healing for myself from joint pain. I ask you Lord to remove all inflammation and pain from my body. Please heal me in both body and mind.
    In Jesus’ name I pray.

  62. Dear God I pray for my two sons,pl. bless them to keep their faith in you my Almighty Lord and our saviour .pl bless them and keep them in your cares always.

  63. Dear Heavenly Father I pray for your love and almighty power to heal the rift between Gerry and Terri for their Mums 95th on Dec 10. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  64. Dear Lord, you the nine ladies I am praying for. They have all told me they want to have happy Christian marriages. May God grant their desire and may Nikka, Kemba, Becca, Tanea, Ari, Darisa, Denise, Gloria and Katherine find their ideal mate, find joy, and contentment in long happy marriages to the one God has deemed as their soul mate. I also pray that Lee & Alicia will be born again and find a good Christian church home in their community.

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