Pray for Someone You Love – Day 2

By on 07/11/2017

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  1. please pray for my daughter and her baby that all will be good for them and they will be blessed. please pray for all my families needs.

    1. Thanks Bruce once again for taking us through this important journey of praying for our beloved ones. Please join me in my prayers for my two daughters Marieth and Evelyne and my husband Edgar. Asking Gods favor for their spiritual life to be stronger and that we continue to cherish happiness in my family. In his name our Almighty Jesus Name I pray Amen

  2. Good morning, Bruce,
    Your message about diet and planning, was so ‘parallel’ to a ‘wake-up’ call just yesterday!
    So too, ‘lifting’ to God, the person I pray for. –
    I am always amazed how your message and words, resonate so perfectly, to what I need to hear, at that very moment, or time…..
    Evidence, that God knows, sees and listens.
    He is always working through us. It is in the the reverence of prayer, where we seek him, is also, where we shall find him.
    I look forward to this journey, of Praying for someone I love.’

  3. I pray heartily for my son Geoff to have found what he needs for his soul and for having the will to fight against his panic attacks and one day, he can find something worthwhile for his future. Amen.

  4. Thank you Bruce for the prayerful journey you take us on.
    Your words are inspiring and bring us closer to God knowing that only our God can calm the storms and work miracles. HE is always with us.
    I like the end of the prayer.
    In the mighty Name of Jesus, through the Power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name. Amen

  5. Bruce, This is a great idea. Please remember my sister Patricia who has broken her leg. The recovery is very slow. Thank you.

  6. Please pray for my broken marriage. I still love and miss my wife. Even though she is living with another married man. I still pray for a Miracle! It’s 4 years now and a suicide attempt that thankfully didn’t work. I ended up in ICU for 6days. But have to believe that God must have a different plan. Please pray for my wife and two children. Thanks

    1. Martin: I have a martial problem also and I’m believing GOD for the restoration of your marriage and mine. One day God reminded me of the three Hebrew boys that were thrown into the fiery furnace and what they proclaimed “if God does not deliver us we know that HE is able”. You and I and others like us must go through this journey. Part of Romans 8:31 says if GOD be for us who can be against us. Be encouraged Martin you are Not Alone and He is able!

    2. God Bless you Martin. I feel your pain brother and read that you know that suicide is not the answer. Remember that always. No matter what life throws at us we can cope with God’s help as Shonnie mentioned in her beautiful message. Keep turning to Jesus in your pain, hand your troubles over to him and he will bear them for with you and for you. Keep praying, spend that 15 minutes a day with God that Bruce so wonderfully talks about, and ask him what he wants of you at this time. Be patient and wait for the answer when it comes. It might come another time. As one who has been slow at times to listen to God I am learning this. I am praying for you, your wife and your children. You are not alone, no matter how you might feel. He is there with you. God with strengthen you and comfort you. God is with you. I and Shonnie are with you in fellowship.

    3. I Martin i have been there also and god worked wonders in my life it didn’t happen over night and i thought it took to long but it happened and we both could be happier .Im sad for you and in jesus name he will turn things around God bless you

  7. Thanks Bruce good to be back with PFSYL. Still praying for the same people as last year but the difference now is that praying with you and the PFSYL team again means that my faith is stronger – I don’t need to see results to know that God is working in their lives – my job is to join you and pray for them.
    We still have the prayer board that we filled when we prayed with you first time around and in the top centre is a replica of the painting we bought in Poland at World Youth Day of St Faustina’s vision of our merciful Lord Jesus – “Jesus we trust in you.”
    God bless you in your work for the Lord
    Sandra age 71 and still rocking on for the Lord

  8. Please pray for my Josie Jaikul( broken ribs and psoriasis) , Melvin Jaikul( heart problems) Richard John ( Heart and kidney) and my financial problems.

  9. I am greedy, I am praying for all the people God has placed in my heart; may God’s Will be accomplished in their lives. May their hearts be open to the great Mercy & Love of God & may they be given the strength of the Holy Spirit to act out God’s will for them.

  10. Please God I ask for your love and peace to be taken into my children’s heart and souls, in the ways you know they need. My friends and family who are suffering illness give them comfort amen.

  11. Dear Heavenly Father, we lift up Denver to You. He is lying in a hospital in Kuwait on life support machine. The doctors have given him three weeks and if no sign of improvement, they want the machine to be switched off.
    Please Heavenly Father, heal in the Mighty name of Jesus and through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

  12. God is such a faithful God that He will open doors, if we do pray to Him from the bottom of our heart , with a genuine heart. God will not ignore a persistent and genuine intercessor. I have had so many occasions in my life where God did what had to be done, This is very encouraging when it happens. It helps our relationship with God to grow stronger and our life becomes a testimony to others, God is an awesome God but we have to come to Him with humility, sincerity, honesty, with unconditional love for the people we are praying for.

  13. Wonderful to bein prayer with you again. May Our Lord bless you and your team in great abundance

  14. Please pray for me
    I lost my Mother Dolores on Oct 6
    and then recently I have lost myself ,my life,my weight
    I need help

  15. Thank you Bruce, please would you pray for my 3 children and their families, that they would come to know Jesus as their Saviour, and come back to church. God bless you.

  16. Today
    I pray for my daughters mental health and for Jesus to live in heart again as he did before as she learns to forgive love and move forward in her life .give the gift of loving life and wanting to live and help others as she always did in the past I pray this in Jesus name as only he can change the hearts and minds of his children. I pray that my family will become closer. That we will once more pray, love and respect each other. I continue to pray that my two elder daughters and son and his wife will attend holy mass To receive and encounter the Lords mighty grace where they will only look towards Him, and never stopping needing Him Help me in so many ways help me to make Jesus my one true spouse that He take first position in every situation of my life that I may make the right decisions in life with regards to what is best for the family and help me to manage my finances better.
    Today, I too pray for the sins in my life that feel impossible to overcome — that I will be able to overcome them with the grace of God and the intercession of The saints
    I pray for my husbands mental health and for him to show love and compassion and empathy to his family for him
    To realise he needs to change
    Your will be done for the marriage Lord it’s in your hands lord as only you can do miracles but we have to seek and ask it’s in your name .Lord hear my prayer Amen 🙏 help me sweet Jesus I pray as we don’t know but you do thy will be done

    1. Hi Crystal i hope god hears your prayers and will soon restore all your issues in Jesus name we pray

  17. Lord I pray for he church and all theshepards ad all who are in ministry so much rests on their shoulders and they deserve our honor and prayers for continued strength grace and blessing ty for all you do in jesuw name amen

  18. Dear Lord, I lift up my daughters-Danielle and Lauren, and ask that you fill them with the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit and that they grow in love for you Lord and convert so as to live a life participating in their faith fully. I also ask that you protect them from the social confusion of the world. I also lift up the most private and intimate intention of my heart if it be your will . If not conform my will to yours Lord. In Jesus name , I ask this. Amen

  19. I pray for my neighbor Regina,May Father God lay hands on her and that she feels his love,joy & peace so that she may have love,joy & peace.May Father God warmth embrace her heart,mind,body,soul and spirit and may she have real happiness.I pray for her children as well for them to be delivered from whatever struggles they have This I pray Father God.In Jesus precious name.Amen Amen

  20. I pray for mum and dad that the Lord may continue to keep them in good health body, soul & spirit.
    May the Lord heal mum of the diabetes & high blood pressure in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I pray for my daughter Loveness Chikondi that the Lord may grant her healing of Body Soul & spirit and that she grows in the wisdom and stature knowing and ever loving our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ; that the Lord may increase her at school in all academic affairs.

  21. I pray for my sons salvation and deliverance from addictions and his future that he becomes the man that God made him to be without fear.
    I Pray that my Husband leaves the other woman to reconcile to our marriage, i pray the scales come off and he sees what God is showing him in our marriage. Give him the courage to stand up to this OW who is pushing us to divorce and marry her and have a family. Give him the courage to stand up to his family who is condoning this relationship. Send divine healing and favor in our marriage and my sons life. Deliver him from his bondage and addictions and lead him to repentance in Jesus name so he gets all the Glory. Amen Amen

  22. Father God, I know that you love my brother. He is addicted to drugs and has been for over 30 + years. He has been in and out of jail and even went to prison. I am asking you God in Jesus name to bring deliverance and do what only you can do. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer

  23. Please pray for David, Eva – good health. Let be God’s will that Dave & I can have a close p, personal relationship. That Dave can move forward with the right frame of mind & can be in the proper place to put forth the effort to commit to our relationship & let it grow, blossom, & flourish.
    Pray for Donna & Brian Keller to stay in good health, have a good marriage & everything goes well with the sale of their mobile home. That the people get approved to live in Waterford.

    Pray for Eve & David – safe travel to Punts Cana. Pray for her friend Lynette – mass in the brain, & surgery goes well!

    Pray for Monica, Jason, Grace, & Mason – good health. Let the kids do well in school. Let Monica do well in her new job.

    Pray Jim & Marcie Willson – good health. Let it be God’s will concerning Marcie in the nursing home. When it time for her to go to heaven.

    Pray for Annette- good health, do well at work & feel better all the way from her cold & cough.

    Please pray for my cough, clearing of the throat will go away & stay away.

    Thank you Dear Lord Jesus for all you do for all of us. Jesus I trust in you always!

    Rosemarie 👼🏻 😇

  24. My daughter and husband have moved a way and have not been go to church or have Jesus in there life’s.l pray that God will show up in there life’s in real ways, my grandkids need Godly parents. I have trouble praying l hope this will help me to learn how.

  25. I pray everyday for Nikka R., Kemba F., Tanea R., Becca M., Ari G., Denise D., Darisa C. , Gloria E., and Katherine B. that God will send their ideal mate. They are all lovely women, single, bright, attractive, career women, they work in church and in ministries and are very nurturing people who live dedicated lives and love the Lord. They have all told me at one time that they each want a happy Christian marriage and happy home with their husband and family. I pray God makes a way for each of them and I agree with them that God will answer their prayers. I ask that you will agree with them that their dreams will become manifest reality.

  26. Dear lord I pray for all my aging family ,keep them in your cares always.
    I also pray for all the souls departed to your heavenly kingdom ,of my parent, friends,relations,priests ,brothers,sisters,nuns bishops ,popes and all religious
    and all Lou’s in purgutort. ,,,,,Amen

  27. For physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial healing for me, my children and their families, my siblings and their families, for my extended family and friends, for conversion all who don’t yet have a personal relationship with the Lord, for reversion for all who have left the faith, for all victims of terror or natural disasters, for all the homeless, for those with mental illness, for the hungry, lonely, suicidal, for women considering abortion, for all who are abused mentally or physically, for the dying, for all with serious illness, for caregivers, for all who divorced (especially those who don’t want to be but whose spouse chose to be) and their children.

  28. I pray that God’s Spirit will work in the lives of my immediate family members & myself to increase our wisdom and reveal Himself to us so that we can come to know God better and depend on Him evermore.
    Thank you Bruce & others for taking us on this prayer journey.
    May God Bless you & your work.

  29. I am praying for all my siblings we seem to have lost that family bond. I’m praying for my husband that God would what he desires his best in his life. My two daughters that God would fulfill their lives with the plan he has for only them. Please pray for us all.

  30. I pray for my daughter Catie that she will turn away from sin & turn back to her catholic faith that her father & i have raised her in. I pray she will fall in love with a practicing roman catholic man. I also pray she will choose her friends wisely’

  31. Dear God, thank you for my family. I pray that they come to know you. Please keep my sons safe as they travel. Bring healing and forgiveness to my siblings, please Lord. May Zia Tina rest in peace. Amen.

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