Pray for Someone You Love – Day 4

By on 09/11/2017

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  1. Brother Bruce once again spot on my testimony is I am a recent widowed father of two very special angels both teenagers and we are about to embark on our biggest leap of faith we have ever undertaking by travelling the world according to Gods leading.. We have no idea what God has in store but we are absolutely convinced it is Him so my prayer of a month ago is being answered that prayer was who am I in Christ Where do I belong and what is Gods plan for me and my family the very things you are talking about in todays video what confirmation ty again for your blessing and faithfulness May God continue to shine His grqce on Your ministry amen

  2. Bruce, please pray for me to have peace of mind, to have complete trust to our Lord as I have some worries that bothers my mind, healthwise and trials encountered in my family. May God will always be my protector and defender. I ask this prayer through Jesus Amen..

  3. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you ever so for these videos.
    Your prayers at the end of each video are like ‘pearls’ for me, as I always find it difficult to pray naturally.. I am copying them down on paper, word for word. Hope you do not mind.
    Bless you.

    1. Hello Anne
      I have found that prayer is just talking in normal words, what our heart desire is to God. I use to think that I had to have the right technical terms to be able to pray but God sees our heart, that inner place within in us where everything is revealed. So I just reason I can be honest with God and I find this makes my prayers very basic.
      I can assure you that your prayers are just as good as anything I can say if they are from your heart.
      I am sitting at JFK Airport in New York about to fly to Los Angeles and to be honest I face some very big challenges right now. They seem much bigger than me and I can feel that sinking feeling where it feels like I am drowning.
      This is the place I am today in life and it is difficult but this is the place where God is present to me right now. I can feel His presence right now amidst the challenges of today. I know this also by faith and experience.
      What I have found in these situations is that the best kind of prayers are prayers in my own words expressing my belief that God is capable of helping me right where I am and that He wants to be in my life with all that is going if I call out to Him honestly. It is here that I know I will experience His victory and that I am and we are overcomers because of His power available to us.
      So Anne, the next time you think you need someone else’s prayers, which at times can be very good, remember your prayers are perfect when prayed from your heart.
      I am praying or you and all these prayer requests.
      God bless

  4. Please pray that my son and daughter will go back to church. That my daughters will get good jobs, good husbands and good children. I thank God

  5. I’m really at a crossroads in my life thank you for your prayers and thank you for the little book about praying it really helped me and I’m almost 50 years old and have been a Christian for many years I love it when GOD opens up new wisdom to me thank you and GODBLESS

  6. I am enjoying the videos each day!

    Yes, I believe in the scripture – Ask & guy shall receive
    , seek & you shall find, knock & the door will be open to you.

    Things work together for good to those who trust & love the Lord, Jesus Chrust. Romans


  7. Dear God you know each and every day my for whom I pray for
    daily and today I pray for my self as well,give us your Solmn blessings ,we need
    Your mercies and peace within us……thank you Lord for all your blessing bestowed upon on us all .

  8. Dear God you know each and every day for whom I pray for , I thank you for all your blessings bestowed us all.

  9. Today I pray for my niece Theresa and her children who’s husband and father shot himself today. He died and no one knows the reason for his suicide. I ask GOD through JESUS to forgive him his sins and surround his family with peace and comfort at this time of severe challenge. Lord, have Mercy. Amen.

  10. Dear Jesus, I pray for my son Matthew to get a job, also for my son Christopher to heal him of his anxiety and depression. Also for my daughter Gabrielle who is waiting to have surgery. I ask this in your holy name. Ok

  11. I pray for myself I feel like you say Bruce like Iโ€™m in the desert Iโ€™m dry and empty. I need the Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I want that intimate relationship with the Lord. Lord hear me and Lord please heal my suicidal daughter right now fill her with a burning desire for your love in your precious name Amen ๐Ÿ™

  12. I pray for myself as I feel lost and I am in depression and can’t find my way out…I pray for my family… And all in need… Amen.

    1. dear sister remember that you are a precious daughter of the Most high and never orphaned I agree with you in prayer that Jesus the Way, Truth and Life will reignite your heart and fill you with His heavenly joy please remember to forgive anyone you might be holding unforgivness for and that includes Yourself nothing in your life is greater than Jesus love and compassion for you..I pray for your healing in Jesus ame amen and amen

      1. Dear Pauline,
        Please take, what is ‘heavy’ and give it to God. Know that he walks alongside you, and carries, not only your heavy load, ..He also carries you, when you need rest.
        Go gently…..
        May God bless you. ๐Ÿ™

  13. Bruce please pray for the scales to be removed off my husbands eyes he is in bondage with addiction , fear, greed and adultery. My son is in bondage with addiction and fear. I need to pray for breakthrough on finances and more faith and not to focus on the circumstances. please pray they get delivered and see the truth and repent and do his will. Marriage restoration. In Jesus name Amen

  14. Amen. Yes, I pray for myself, I’m going through a very very rough patch. As I mentioned some of my previous posts faced such awful experience that gives me hard lessons. At age of 43+ feeling lost and empty fully. Never got chance to meet the purpose for my lonely living life I need to heal myself at first . In name of JESUS’S will and wish I’m seeking my soul mate with whom I can live rest of my life harmoniously and purposely. Thank you Bruce. For the valuable knowledge about prayer you are sharing. Feeling better to share with you. May my prayer touch and move God’s heart. God bless you and your entire family, friends. Thanks once again.

  15. Dear Bruce, I can’t imagine how busy you are and how burdened hearing of so many people’s needs. Ministering to people is a real sacrifice. Today I am praying for you. Thank you so much for your faithfulness. Your words have blessed me in a hundred ways. Much love in Christ, Miriam

  16. Dear God, I pray in Jesus name that you help my son Matthew recognize the vocation you have willed for him here on earth and at Your appointed time, start living out this vocation in accordance with Your holy will. Amen.

  17. I come in prayer on behalf of my neighbor Mrs.C.I pray Father God will be her attorney in court & Father God hands is in the judges ears mind & heart so Mrs.C who is almost 90ys old can keep her home live in her beautiful home that she worked so hard for I pray for her victory because I know Father God is victorious in every situation Thank you Father God for being a miracle worker.In Jesus precious name.Amen Amen

  18. Day 4, that’s me I need pray for me me, depressed and suicidal a little bit. Don’t know where to go next. I didn’t finish watching the video because it was talking to me, right now, life is changing so much.

    1. Lindy nothing in your life is bigger or greater than Gods love for you right now not asm you should be or who you have been but right now right here today… change can be a good thing if its in the right direction choose to go in the direction of Gods love for you..He is right there next to you and he is weeping for you because he hurts that you are hurting so much may He wrap his loving arms around you and whisper that all will be well because he has you in the palms of his Hands amen

      1. Dear Lindy,
        Trust in the Lord.
        God walks alongside you.
        Lift your heavy burdens to him, and he will help carry your load.
        He will also ‘carry’ you when you need rest.
        Go gently….
        May God bless you. ๐Ÿ™

  19. I pray for my immediate family members & myself that God will work in us to increase our faith & wisdom. In order that we may see Him working in our ordinary lives & we can come to know Him better.
    Thank you Bruce & team

  20. Beautifully spoken, Bruce.
    Often, in praying for others, we are indeed praying for ourselves.
    We can so easily see the ‘need’ in others, yet we struggle to find our own!……..
    Prayer offers us recognition, and clarity to ‘seek, in order to find’
    In understanding our own needs, we can better understand that of others.

  21. Bruce, thank you so much for what youโ€™re doing. I lost two sisters 7 months apart and I pray for their souls. I pray for forgiveness for myself in not doing more for them and the resulting guilt at times is all consuming. During their illnesses, I was dealing with my own disease & just felt frustrated and overwhelmed. I miss them so much. I pray for my husband, my son and for all those that need Godโ€™s strength and help.

  22. Bro Bruce I thank you for the prayers and I see I am closer with my God since of late I just ask for your continuous prayer for me and may God continue to bless you

  23. Dear Bruce,

    My friend Sincero showed me the first two of your videos and I was so grateful to him. What a great inspiration it is to listen to the simplicity of your wonderful prayers and talks. Short, simple but so meaningful. He is sending me the messages daily as I have asked this of him. I hope you don’t mind. I do remember you from when you attended our parish of The Holy Family Kalamunda 6076.Western Australia.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration.
    Could you please pray for Sincero and his beautiful wife Nina and their family.
    Also I would like to ask you to please pray for my husband Ned and myself (Jenny)
    and all of our family. And all those we are praying for.

    Many many Thanks and God Bless You and Your Family.
    Keep up The Great Work that God Blessed you with.

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