Pray for Someone You Love – Day 7

By on 12/11/2017

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  1. Pray that Dave introduces me to his grandchildren Mackenzie & Mason & we all can do things together & go places, & have fun!

    Pray Dave & Eva have a safe trip downstate. Let them enjoy the GoApe adventure. Keep the safe.

    May God bless you.

  2. Help me pray that my faith to the Lord will strengthen. Every time I feel a little bit of problems , I tend to worry too much and imagine all sorts of bad things happening to me. I need to fully trust the Lord in everything. Amen.

  3. Dear Heavenly Father ,thank you for all my wishes you have granted,I also
    Pray for the wishes to be grant to me for my family ,which I am praying now to you for us.,pl give us your peace.

  4. Dear Heavenly Father ,thank you for all for all your blessings,grant my family
    your Peace.

  5. Dear Heavens Father I thank you for my family , my husband and our 4 beautiful children you have blessed our lives with.

    Thank you.. Amen

  6. Dear Heavenly Father will you please help my adult children to be blessed and to be able to financially afford a home of their own to live if it be your will Lord, we all live in very crowded accommodation, will you help us soon Lord i trust in you.

  7. Father God I come to you today on day 7 with a Child Like Faith! Father God as a Child Of God I hold You to Your Word. You said Ask and you shall Receive Seek and you shall Find Knock and the door will be Opened for you. So as Your Child I ask ” not that’s my birthday “! But because you Ask me to come this way. So please Heal and Restore, Bless and Deliver my x wife from having gone astray. Bless and Unite us both in the Sacramental Gift of Marriage. Forgive us Both our Faults and Failings in what We have Done and what we have Failed to do. Finally Lord Renew Our Country Ireland and make us back into the land of Saints and Scholars. I pray through your Blessed Mother Mary to keep Abortion OUT Of Ireland. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  8. Dear GOD me and my wife were going to church Today 12/11/2017 Immaculate church Bossley Park, I Reversed my car in a parking spot and a the Radio this Professor came on on the Radio, Taking about Lung Cancer, It is what my Wife has got stage 4 . She said that that they live around 5 years. I Pray to you Lord that you will send a a cure to my Wife Rita. Lord i Pray every day , I say the Rosary every day i have a lot of Saint Cards that i read before i say the Rosary. Help My wife Rita .We have 2 boys Anthony and Michael Both have a Great Jobs. And i pray for the Doctors & Nurses, That they have all the help from you Lord that they need.

  9. Amen. Thank you Bruce. So much valuable informations about prayer you are sharing. I truly thank you. God bless you.

  10. How can I share the prayers to someone I love and care for? Please, reply to my query Dear Bruce. Shall I forward the emails to that person which I’m receiving from ‘The Catholic’s’ end – ‘Pray for someone you love’?!

  11. Struggling to trust that God will answer my prayers in his timing and help me to be strong through the many hardship and difficulties I currently face and have struggled with this past year as I wait on him. I also pray that more will come to know the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    Dear Jesus, I am reminding you that I would love to have you bring me a Christian man that I can marry and yolk to you and follow your guidance.

  12. I pray for my daughters mental health and for Jesus to live in heart again as he did before as she learns to forgive love and move forward in her life .give the gift of loving life and wanting to live again and help others as she always did in the past I pray this in Jesus name as only he can change the hearts and minds of his children.Lord hear my prayer Amen 🙏 help me sweet Jesus I pray as we don’t know but you do thy will be done I cover her with the blood of Jesus she’s your child Lord heal her from this depression suicide 🙏

    1. May God give you comfort Crystal. I will keep your daughter and you in my prayers. God is our loving Father and He will give you the strength to help your daughter through this terrible period in her life. God bless you always. Love and prayers. Dee

  13. Jesus hears our prayers, no matter how we deliver our request.
    He sees the way we ask, the depth and sincerity that comes, in our asking.
    In all situations, he knows exactly what we are really asking, what it is, we need.
    Accordingly, he knows how and when to respond.

  14. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for my family. I pray that you will bless them and keep them. I pray that my grandsons can learn to love each other more and grow to in the love of Jesus. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

  15. Dear lord I continue to pray for Albert, Alexander, Chris, Christopher and Julian. I pray for healthy minds for them and loving hearts. I pray for Julian for his intestines to be healed so that they may work properly and I pray for myself for internal healing. And I’m also adding my brother Paul to my payers for healing to his back, neck and shoulders please lord restore him. In Jesus name amen.

  16. Thank you, Bruce for your sharing which is always thought provoking. Today I am praying for a friend’s son who does not believe in God at this time. Please, loving Father, let him have an experience of your love that will shake him from his unbelief into belief. I am just reminding you of your love for this wayward child. Thank you!

  17. I come in prayer on behalf of a member in church name Fanny,she is having surgery and I pray everything goes well for her & she has a speedy recovery Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  18. I pray for my immediate family members & myself, also Shamani & Chandrika that our faith would be increased. I pray for increased wisdom and the eyes to see and ears to hear God working in the ordinariness of each day.
    I also pray for uncle Mike to have a speedy recovery from his recent illness.
    In Jesus Name Amen.
    Thank you Bruce & team.
    May God Bless you & your work.

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