Pray for Someone You Love – Day 8

By on 13/11/2017

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  1. i am praying for my family Jesus bless us and heal us and let us be guided by your Holy Spirit, Amen

  2. Please pray for me I’m 49 and living and taking care of my parents DAD 92 and mom 87 and they can’t remember and DAD will do nothing you ask and can’t go to bathroom without being all over himself and won’t wear depends or anything else I am trying so hard and have been for 3 years now I love them with all my heart and I beat myself up for feeling so stressed neither one has a sort term memory and I’m just stressed at the point that I wish to just die and go on to heaven really need your prayers

    1. I will pray for you…I know this is a difficult time,but it is also a time of great grace for you…God has given you a great gift bu letting you take care of him through your parents.My Dad had a stroke 10 years ago and can’t move and can’t speak now….it is difficult when I visit,especially because it is so hard for him to communicate with us for his needs.He also has a bladder problem …..Ask God to give you the grace to see yourself taking care of him…this will help you and you will feel blessed that you did this for them as unto Jesus when the pass and go to be with the Lord.I will pray for you

      1. Denny, tonight, I pray for you and for your parents.
        May God bless you and give you courage, on your journey……
        Not an easy one, caring for both parents, together.
        It appears, you are doing this alone….
        Please know it is ok to reach out or accept an offer of support.
        You deserve to ‘renew’ your spirit, and also find time, ‘just for you.’
        Please seek and share in help, in caring for your loved ones.
        Know that you are most certainly doing the best you can, for them…..
        You also need to take care of you!
        May God bless and give you direction, in ‘unloading’ and sharing in this journey. 🙏

      2. Thank you and I am blessed to have them both!! Sometimes it’s so hard and I feel like exploding my Dad has been bad for over 3 years but mom has for only a year ! I’m a former US Marine and this is harder than anything I have done but I would not change anything and I’m grateful for the time with them both thank you again and GOD bless

        1. Denny,
          I pray for you from America today. My heart is with you as you cry out to God for His guidance and support. I pray you feel the touch and love of Jesus, and that He shows you strength and wisdom that only comes from Him. Bless you.
          John K

    2. Denny,I’m praying that Father God will give you the strength support & outside help.I pray for the healing of both your parents,mind body and soul This I pray and Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  3. I love the everyday prayer, look forward for the day , feel strong to face , whatever, because God is by my side . Amen.

  4. I am praying for my little grandson to grow up in the knowledge and love of Christ and our Catholic faith.

  5. Denny, you too, are now in my prayers.

    Today l learned that my son and his partner have been rescued, seemingly miraculously, from their disastrous financial situation. God has stepped in.
    This is beyond my prayers which I know he will answer: that their souls will be saved, as He wants all to be saved.
    I am already ‘blown away’ by His great kindness to them and to me.

    1. Thank you and you are now in my prayers and I don’t say that lightly im the type that if I say I’ll pray for you I will right in a store ballgame restaurant I won’t make a show out of it but I will quietly pray and GOD has healed my more than once and has protected me while I was a Marine and Police officer I have storys about guns not firing and just knowing I should of been killed and wondering why I wasn’t, now I know GOD had a plan for me to take care of my parents! I get so mad at myself when I see I let the devil sneak in and I know I have Authority over him I can’t wait for the day GOD cast him into the lake of fire I get so mad I wish I could throw him in thank GOD for JESUS that won our victory and set US FREE I better stop or I start preaching and I’m not even a preacher thank you for your prayers a GODBLESS

  6. I pray for my daughters mental health and for Jesus to live in heart again as he did before as she learns to forgive love and move forward in her life .give the gift of loving life and wanting to live again and help others as she always did in the past I pray this in Jesus name as only he can change the hearts and minds of his children.Lord hear my prayer Amen 🙏 help me sweet Jesus I pray as we don’t know but you do thy will be done I cover her with the blood of Jesus she’s your child Lord heal her from this depression suicide 🙏

    1. Crystal, I too pray for my son’s unbelief and that he returns to the church, and finds Jesus in his heart, then maybe his bi-polar will be arrested. I send a prayer up for you Crystal and your daughter.

  7. Heartfelt words, Bruce.
    As I go about my work, I always pray that God delivers me, to where I am most needed.
    At times, ….I ‘just know!’
    Always, proves, I was exactly where I was meant to be.
    Definitely, has deepened my faith, and just, simply trusting, in the where and when. –
    In his time, and according to his plan.
    In truly listening, we are guided, accepting, of what is and what will be.
    I trust that he accompanies me.
    It is in giving, and answering his call, that we receive.
    Without expectation,
    ‘Thy will be done’

  8. Bruce,
    Your message today was powerful. Truth always speaks through scripture.
    My prayers today is for my family, friends and my own journey. May Jesus clearly guide us and show us His will in a mighty and peaceful way.

  9. Bruce thank you for the message today. I am prayiing and asking you to join in my prayers for my daughter and each member of my family including extended family. Also for friends and aquaintenances to forgive and find there way back to Jesus. I ask this in Jesus name, and His will be done . Amen.

  10. I come in prayer on behalf of my neighbor Audrey who has liver issues and the flu.I pray she feels better and her liver heals so she can have a healthy immune system This I pray Father God and Thank you.In Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.Amen

  11. I pray for my immediate family & myself, also Shamani & Chandrika that we will learn to surrender our lives to God through reciting the Surrender novena. I pray that God will take us all to that deeper place with Him whilst sending His Spirit to work in us & through us. I pray also that we will seek God’s will for our lives. In Jesus Name may God’s will be done in us Amen.

    Denny, praying that God will give you strength, support & courage to keep on caring for your parents. I cared for mine but it was not so demanding. God Bless you.

    Thank you Bruce & team may God Bless you all.

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