Pray for Someone You Love – Day 12

By on 17/11/2017

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  1. Thank you again Bruce for your Words of Encouragement today day 12.
    I am going to refocus and Persevere in my prayers that in some how God will touch the heart of my enstranged wife. I know and believe that both hearts must desire the healing and reconciliation to Allow the Holy Spirit to work. Lord Jesus please Touch both Our Free Wills and Until us both in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage once again. Help us to throw off all the hurtful, painful and bitterness that separated us. Please Jesus send the Anointing Fresh Outpouring of Your Love through the Holy Spirit to Deliver us both from all evil and grant us Peace and Love and Harmony once again. Amen

    1. Martin, don’t give up, persevere no matter how it looks just know that God is working. Pray this – I believe that you are doing a wonderful work in my wife and that she is changing little by little, going from glory to glory day by day in Jesus’s name. I’m praying for you both.

      1. Olivia many thanks for your prayers and encouragement. It is often hard to see the Light amidst the Darkness. But Jesus is our Light, the Way and the Truth. My wife and I have 2 children both born with special needs! Our son Davog was diagnosed with Autism but amazingly they eventually Resinded his diagnosis!!! Praise Jesus for that miracle. I so much Love and miss my Wife. Even though she is with another married man can often be a distraction to Stop praying for the Miracle I so much prayed for. 4 years now! But the Lord had used us both before this other man entered the picture! You can see our missionary work on
        I will continue to keep you and all your intentions in my prayers. Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement. Martin

        1. I wish I could say something to take the hurt away but I can’t. I was with a man for 12 year’s and new him 16, long story short, I felt he was cheating on me so I prayed about it, with pain, went on for a few week’s, then the Lord told me he will restore my family. Then low and behold, He left me for a girl younger then my oldest daughter. I was very upset with God and asked why you said you would restore my family, time went on no hopes of getting back together, And God restored me and his children. I learned that God cleans up our lives when we seek that relationship with him and sometimes it’s painful and not what we expected. I asked Jesus why me and not him, The Lord said, because I’m talking to you not him. I prayed God would bring me the man he wants for me and I continue to focus on Jesus. Lift her to the Lord. And let me tell you what the Lord taught me, I’d lift up this person, Then I hurt, cried, worried, then the Lord said to me one day, Why do you keep taking them out of my hand’s, I ask, God what do you mean? Jesus said every time you cry for them every time you worry about them you take them from me, Jesus said you focus on me and I will take care of them. Remember God will give you double portion for what the devil has stolen from you, so rejoice for what the Lord has done for you, doing for you and about to do for you. Pray the Lord shows you his purpose for your life. I’m sure it will be a lot different then you could imagine. The hurt will not last forever, let it go 4 years, to long to be sad and let God give you what you need, not what you want. I love you fellow got dump by spouse, lol, and I’m excited to know God will be doing a new thing in you. My Prayer’s UP! 🙌

    2. Martin,I pray for you and your wife,I pray Father God brings healing to you both spiritually mentally & I pray you both can have a fresh start together and your relationship be even closer better stronger then before I pray Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

      1. Many thanks for your very kind words of encouragement and your prayers. As scripture says To whom shall we go You have the message of Eternal Life. We unite all our prayers and intentions across the world as we pray here in Ireland to Prevent Abortion entering our Country. In Jesus Name we Pray.

  2. Thank you Bruce for this encouraging words to continue to pray ALWAYS.
    For 24 years of my marriage life to my husband I have always prayed for him to live Holy Christian life. Lead our children and me to pray together as how the Holy Family of Jesus lived.
    I nearly gave up last night but today when I heard what you said and it just struck me , No matter what I have to continue Praying.
    I Commit Everything into Your Mighty Holy Name Jesus and I Trust In You..Amen🙏🏽

    1. Lynn, I suspect I am a world away from you, or at least a continent, but I was so very touched by what you said “pray together as the Holy Family of Jesus lived”. Praying as you live. God bless you, Lynn. The simplicity of our Lord in a family, the grace of it. We all have families. And every single one of us prays for the members of our families every single day. Can we, in our wildest imagination, be like Jesus was. (And is). God bless all of you, with all you love, in all your families, in all your friends. how can we be like Jesus?

  3. Thank you Bruce for your prayers and words of encouragement i will never give up praying for my loved ones, i hope my prayers are pleasing to God too and that he will help all our family who needs prayer.

  4. 3 of my children have been diagnosed with autism but I will never give up praying for them to be completely healed. Also for my husband to come back to the Catholic church

  5. Lord Jesus we unite today all our prayers as Bruce leads us in prayer to pray for our loved ones. And so Lord I pray as sitting here in at Adoration
    Lord Jesus, We know not what trials may come to us this day, but we are certain that nothing will happen to us which you have not foreseen and decreed. We trust your great LOVE for us in all and through all and in spite of all. Amen

  6. I continue to pray for my immediate family members & myself.
    Father, help us to persevere in prayer. Purify our hearts, our motives and the reasons for wanting what we want so that Your perfect Will is done in us. Father, come to me and to the people I am praying for. Help us to keep trusting and resting in You. Father into your hands I commend myself and the people I am praying for. In Jesus Name and through the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    Thank you Bruce & team
    May God Bless you and your work

  7. Wow! Just speechless. What an amazing prayer. So many thanks to you Dear Bruce. God bless you and your entire team and whole members of your family. I Love you DEAR, JESUS and thank you for purifying my heart, soul, mind. And also thank you Jesus, for being with me all time. Yes, now I can say I truly feel your presence within me and by my side. My mind, heart and soul all are in deep peace. I give you high praise,Dear Jesus . Hallelujah 🙌 Amen.

  8. Thank you Bruce for your prayers and for your words of encouragement I will never give up praying for my daughter. I trust you Lord.
    I pray for all the needs and requests of those praying here right now in Jesus precious name Amen 🙏 Lord hear us
    Thank you that you’re a God of love

  9. Thank you Bruce for your words of encouragement. I pray for those who feel weak in their time of despair. May the Holy spirit lift them up and pour strength and wisdom in their hearts. Lord, i pray for my prayer group that I lead at my children’s school once a week before the afternoon children pick up. It is time for parents to quieten their minds and spend time to refreshen their day in the presence of the Lord. I ask in Jesus’ name that I can persevere with this and increase the number of parents participating.Sometimes I feel like giving up because there have been occasions of no shows. I ask this through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

  10. I come in prayer on behalf of friend of the Family wife Francine who has lung cancer,I pray Father God will lay hands on her and bring her though this.I pray for her husband to stay strong by her side and for the children to have comfort in knowing that Father God will bring her though this and all of them stay close strong together keeping their eyes on our Heavenly Father.In Jesus name.Amen

  11. I come in prayer on behalf of myself and my loving spouse El I pray he forgives me & we talk it out work it pray it out together and Father God keep us together Thank you.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  12. I pray for my husband and son to come to repentance and deliver them in Jesus name. I pray for myself to fill me with the holy spirit. Marriage restoration and my son Amen Amen. Please let them both choose the correct path and Gods will and take the scales off the eyes and I rebuke the devil out of my family. I live on the word of peace I leave you my peace I give you in Jesus name.

  13. I thank you for praying for me. This has been a blessing to me. May God continue to bless you in every area of your life.

  14. You are so wise Bruce and I️ have so much to learn about trust in God. I️ ask God to purify me and all my worry for these 4 people I️ am praying for. Thank you

  15. Thank you Bruce ,you spoke the words of wisdom…….we need you to come
    to our churches and say the same words you spoke today,you will bring a lot of
    Hope And Faith,to all of us all…..
    I never stope praying to our lord Jesus ,exactly the way you spoke the words.

  16. Deep and meaningful words. Thanks Bruce. –
    As we journey alongside those we love, and support, we must not be disheartened, when we cannot ‘get through to’ or make sense of a situation, that might not ‘fit in’ with our own measure, or belief.
    God gave us all; freedom of choice.
    Just as we have choice to follow in God’s guidance, so too, those we love and pray for.
    As we too, can hear, without listening , so too those we love and pray for.
    In prayer, I ‘choose’ to surrender my trust in God. …. i give those burdens, I can no longer carry, to him. I allow him to ‘sort out’ and attend to, as he sees best.
    I trust in my ongoing prayers, for they uplift me, give purpose and sustain me.
    Prayer is powerful, not just in prayers answered, also for the gift of hope.
    It allows me to continue moving forward, and motivate others, along the way.

  17. I am finding that those I love and have been praying with this program are responding.
    And that is such a blessing to me.
    So glad I joined you Bruce.

  18. DeAR Martin, Tears came to my eyes when I read your letter, but hope rose very high in my heart when you wrote that you do see God as a very good God who loves us so much, that even when we do not understand the hurt that comes from things that He does allow, we do trust him in His foreknowledge that He has a good plan working out for us. all my love, in Jesus name, Ellen

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