Pray for Someone You Love – Day 18

By on 23/11/2017

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  1. Well I’m one person who needed to hear that today ! Thank you ! These words have picked me up off the ground , dusted me off and set me on my way. Thank you !
    Praying for you all , may it rain $ for your mission from this day forward . Amen 😀🙏❤️.

  2. I’d like to encourage EVERYONE to give what you can regularly to The Catholic Guy (TCG) ministry. A few months ago I set up a donation of just $10 a month to go directly to TCG. It’s such a small thing to do, but if we all did this there would be no struggle for the good people of TCG and they can keep spreading the word and the Love of God around the world.
    Our world needs this! Join me, won’t you?

  3. Hi Bruce many thanks for your honesty and your commitment to what you were and are called to do. As a Catholic myself living here in the Republic of Ireland and with all our past with our Protestant brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland it’s a shame that we can’t Support each other. I certainly have giving to many Protestant causes. I have been Blessed to speak at some Protestant churches and gatherings. So we with our past should Love one another as Jesus Commands us to.
    I am amazed as to how often when I wrestle with The Lord he reminds me that Jesus Himself didn’t go to his own Cousins request when John the Baptist found himself in prison and somewhat began to doubt!
    His great friend Lazarus again upon hearing the news of his illness. Jesus Himself remains Doing the Will of His Father. We get Hope when Isaiah 40:31 tells us that ” But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength ”
    I am still waiting upon the Lord to heal my marriage of been separated for 4 years now! But I still hope and pray. The world tells me I’m in Denial of my situation. Your wife is living with another man. Wake up! But I still Cling to God as in Psalm 91 as I wait for Him to rescue me!!
    However Bruce you said on another day ” We just may be the answer to the prayer ” I don’t have much as I’m on Disability Benifit but I would Love to Give You My 2 Coins that you spoke about recently. I know it’s Not much but I could Give You €20 Each Month by Direct Debit or Standing Order?
    If you want to send on your details I am only to happy to try and help the little that I can? I would love to have won the Lottery ( Not that I do it ) and give you that money to keep your Ministry Going. Not like the Fake email you got sometime ago!
    Anyway Bruce I pray that your followers and especially our Protestant Brothers and Sisters would also begin to contribute to your ministry. I pray in Jesus Name Amen

  4. Thankyou. We as a family live well below the so called poverty line, and your words on keeping our eyes on Jesus is very encouraging. It is a practise I have made ever since I became a Christian at 7 years of age. My Wife and I home school our two children (both disadvantaged) and teach with a Christian emphasis. We don’t feel particularly comfortable with the contemporary Churches as we are not financial and unfortunately not accepted as such. This is not a criticism of Christians or Churches, just a reality, and our main emphasis is to keep of focus on Christ.

  5. Praying for a miracle Christ the King of Kings please heal my daughter Amber touch her with your love that surpasses all talk to her tonight Lord give her a vision so clear to her please Lord hear us Amen 🙏
    I pray too that Bruce’s ministry may financially blessed that his ministry may be replenished beyond measure to meet his needs in blessing others in Jesus name Amen 🙏

  6. Powerful message Bruce ! Thank you for the message and prayer “For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship…” Ro 8: 15 is one of several scripture verses I come across regularly at this present time. It has been a very challenging year for me and there have been many times I have felt stuck. Throughout it all the Lord has been with me and gives me His Word for encouragement and instruction. Sometimes He convicts me when I go wrong and lets me know He gives me second, third and fourth chances. Most of the time I know He wants me to trust Him like I’ve never trusted anyone at any time of my life! Lord God continue to give me strength and courage to face and challenge these times. Lord please provide for Bruce, Rosemary and the Catholic Guy Team so they can continue to do the great work they are doing to reach out to Catholics and non Catholics alike all around the world. Help me Lord to help them by improving my finances so I may be able to give. You are already reminding me of a way while I’m praying this prayer. Let all come to fruition for our good and for Your great Glory Heavenly Father in the name of Your beloved Son Jesus through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord. I love You Lord, amen.

  7. Amazed to hear honest words from all of you and especially from Bruce. Noting wrong to be honest. To me it’s only holly ness. Thanks for today’s prayer too Bruce. I’m also stuck in with some thing or with some kind of situation which I named or seeing as ‘no way out’. Now I understand only Jesus can hear my voice of prayer and mighty HE can only pull me up and get me out of this blind lane which seems has no exit point. I’m from India. would love to donate as little or as much as I can.My pocket permits me to donate 101Rupee INR if the donation procedure or transaction from India possible easily . I don’t like to give false commitment. Would you accept that little amount from my end each month? How can I donate? At least I can try best from my end.

  8. I pray to mighty Jesus may TCG Ministry flourish with abundance of wealth, prosperity and name in Jesus name. Amen.

  9. Prayer fior your continued support from Jesus. May he bless TCG ministries. Please prayer for my ability to stop passing judgement and know God’s works around me.

  10. Bruce,Thank you for your honesty and openness.I needed to hear that keep my heart open.I will be sending you seed money that will help to continue to spread the gospel across the world.

  11. I come in prayer on behalf of Brother Bruce,Father God I ask you to bless his ministry with an outpouring of Fiancial support from across the globe with Great overflow that it can take care of the staff the fees for television and Bruce Family as well I’m believing that this overflow for this ministry will start now and I Thank you Father God.In Jesus mighty name.Amen Amen

  12. I ask for prayer on behalf of my parents,that they will receive a supernatural money harvest,they constantly help others all the time and know there in great need for $400,000 USD I pray Father God for their harvest to come in they need an instant miracle that only you can provide divine transfer into their bank accounts Father God Let the Holy Spirit fill it up for them and they can continue to be blessing by for others continue to magnify your name Father God for it is you that make these Wonderous things happen and we Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  13. Bruce, your honest and simple heart felt teaching if we take it in came be very deep. Yes you and you team may be doing it tough at the minute but God may be testing you. However God will not let you falter and over time ,and it may seem a long time all will be well. Keep the faith, don’t worry God will provide. God bless you and your team and all partaking in this event.

  14. Thank you Bruce! That was certainly a Word for me. Your courage is inspiring -to talk about something you were uncomfortable talking about and doing it anyway. God bless you and the TCG ministry today and always.

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