Pray for Someone You Love – Day 20

By on 25/11/2017

14 comments on “Pray for Someone You Love – Day 20

  1. Good and simple reality to apply in our lives. Thank you and most of all thanks God for calling us back to synch.

  2. Your video today really spoke to me. I have neglected my health due to the busyness of work and children. I have gained weight due to not prioritizing myself and this has caused me to be depressed, have no energy and lose interest in life’s blessings. It’s time to reset and start looking after myself. May God give me the courage and strength to believe that I can be healthy again. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you Bruce for those words tonight they are so true specially our relationship with our Lord in prayertime.

  4. Amen. Thank you dear Bruce, not only for today’s video, also I thank you for this 30days ‘pray for someone you love’ journey,that I’m also a part of. The truth of life you say and teaching the real lessons such wonderful . I’m glad that I’m with this journey. God bless you Bruce. Jesus is true, real. Please, believe all out there those who are reading my comments. In this 30days prayer journey with Bruce, I’m experiencing a greatest powerful holly thing happening with my life day after day in Jesus name. Believe, everybody . Jesus is wonderful and so powerful. I pray in Jesus name wholeheartedly each day and I believe in Jesus . I’m receiving mighty JESUS’S blessing.Jesus is a holly miracle. Thank you dear Jesus. You are amazing. I love you. I shall surely follow you each day of my life. Amen.

  5. Thanks again Bruce for your Words of Wisdom and Encouragement today. Day 20.
    It so much reminded me of Jesus with Mary and Martha!
    Even with the best of plans and good intentions we can get drifted away from God!
    Even within Prayer Ministry. It reminded me of a story of a girl in a wheelchair. When a young girl on prayer Ministry asked the girl in the wheelchair ” what would you like me to pray for”? The young woman began to sob. The girl doing the prayer was shocked and hoped she hadn’t Offended the young woman?
    Oh No said the young woman. ” I would Love a Boyfriend ” im very lonely and would only love a relationship. But so many people doing prayer ministry Assumes I want to Walk! I have long Accepted I will never walk. But I would Love a Boyfriend. And You are the Only person that Asked Me What I needed!
    Profound words eh? Even Jesus himself always Asked what do You Desire?
    And so Jesus I pray that We may be More Attentive to the Needs of the People we pray for. Give us discerning Hearts to Hear Your Will and Way in all we pray for. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  6. These prayers do work. I recently had my prayers answered.
    My niece asked me to pray that she would get a job with a local collage.
    I started this program with her in mind.
    On Thanksgiving day she told me she had the job.
    Thank you Lord, and thank you Catholic Guy.

    1. Sally,I’m very happy your niece got the kid congratulations to her and your family..Yes,prayer works our Father God hears us and is all loving and knowing.I pray things continue to work out for your niece.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  7. Thank you Bruce for the 30 days of praying and Thank you for encouraging words.I pray Father God bless you,your family & expand your ministry.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  8. I come in prayer for my big sister Al,I pray for her eye to heal & I pray for her foot and leg to get better so she can be pain free and do the wonderful things she desires.I ask Father God to bless her show her Great favor in every walk of her life I Thank you Father God in advance for the wonderous things your doing in her life flow favor flow to her and around her right now.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  9. I just want to Thank God for all he is giving me in my life. I have been praying for my son as he has been struggling as a youth pastor as to where God is wanting him to go. He was offered an amazing job opportunity and has taken the position. It will be hard for him and his wife to leave the kids that they have been working with but they also know that this new opportunity is going to be an amazing chance for them to continue to do the Lord’s work. God has been listing and has shown them where he is supposed to go. God is good!

  10. Today my son and his wife are celebrating their anniversary. This would be a wonderful meditation for married couples to reflect upon and consider how to become even more in sync with each other and God.

  11. I pray for my immediate family members & myself also; Shamani, Chandrika, Faye & U Mike
    Father , I pray that you will help us find the right balance and to break the out of syncness with our lives, our health, our families, our work loads and our relationship with you. Allow us to stop and take stock, to press the pause button and put ourselves in the right place in accordance with your Will and purpose for our lives. I pray in Jesus Name and by the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    Thank you Bruce & team
    May God Bless you & all your work

  12. Pastor Downes, thank you so much for this. I appreciate all that you and your ministry are doing to help others around the world. God bless you all.

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