Pray for Someone You Love – Day 24

By on 29/11/2017

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  1. A mother’s love is unconditional (like God’s ). Bruce, do you think it is “bad” to think of God as father and a mother?. Just wondering??

    1. Hi Maria, I wanted to share this information with you….look at this painting of Dutch artist Rembrandt of Return of the Prodigal –'s_prodigal_son.html

      The father’s hands

      The true center of Rembrandt’s painting is the hands of the father. On them, all
      the light is concentrated; in them, mercy becomes flesh; upon them,
      forgiveness, reconciliation and healing come together. Through them, not only
      the tired son but the worn-out father find their rest.
      The two hands are quite different. The father’s left hand, touching the son’s
      shoulder, is strong and muscular. The fingers are spread out and cover a large
      part of the prodigal’s shoulder and back. We can see a certain pressure,
      especially the thumb. That hand seems not only to touch, but with its strength,
      also to hold. Even though there is a gentleness in the way the father’s left hand
      touches the son, it is not without a firm grip.
      How different is the father’s right hand. This hand does not hold or grasp. It is
      refined, soft, and very tender. The fingers are close to each other and they have
      an elegant quality. This hand lies gently on the son’s shoulder. It wants to
      caress, to stroke, and to offer consolation and comfort. It is a mother’s hand.
      The father is not simply patriarch. He is mother as well as father. He touches
      the son with a masculine hand and a feminine hand. He holds and she caresses;
      he confirms and she consoles…

  2. Your words made a perfect connection to what’s going on in my life today, Bruce. Thank you so much! I will sustain through the adversities that I currently face because you reminded me that suffering, connected to prayer, bears fruit.
    God bless you dearly.

  3. Today, my friend Liezl, asked me to include her and her husband Roberto in prayer. Dear Lord, hear our prayer for healing, to enlighten our hearts that through sufferings and trials, we will become closer to You and by lifting up our hearts to you, we will receive the grace that we asked for, in Jesus name, we pray..Amen..

  4. Dear Lord

    I believe that God is working in my children and that they are a powerhouse for the Lord. They are going from glory to glory, changing little by little, day by day in Jesus’s name. Amen.

  5. There is so mch suffering around me. Mary has broken her arm in two places. Betty has ulcers on her feet. Beverley has spent months in hospital. Ann has skin cancer and has pieces cut out of her arms, legs and face. Bill has a leg with ulcers and is so swollen, twice the size of the other leg. Alf is old and battling to get around. Kevin lost his toes on one foot and now has problems with the other foot. Help me pray for all these sufferers, Lord I pray.

  6. Thank you Lord Jesus for our suffering because through suffering we get closer to you through our prayer. Lorna I pray the lord give you all the strength and help you need to cope with your suffering I can assure you of my prayers for you. Thank you Bruce God bless you.

  7. Lord God you know exactly what it is like to suffer as your Son Jesus bore all sin, suffering and pain on the cross. By Your resurrection power Lord Jesus overcame all even death. Please along with my sacrifice and prayer in adversity answer my prayer according to Your Holy Will in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit with a great full heart for being cured of cancer and for returning home to the Catholic faith as your child, thank You, amen

  8. Please pray that I can spend my birthday with my dear friend Dave & he can plan a very special day for us & have a wonderful time together! Thanks.

    Let him introduce me to his whole family! Let him invite me to his church – Cornerstone Church.

    Rosemarie 👼🏻😇

    1. Rosemarie,I come in prayer for Rosemarie & Dave.I pray Dave will introduce her to his family and take her to his church and they continue to grow together Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

  9. I thank God for saving my wife and our child in her womb from death and injuries yesterday in a car accident and I pray with faith in Jesus name that He continually deliver them from all evil totally and permanently. Amen. Thank You Lord God.

    1. Charles Obutte,I come in prayer In agreement with you for our Heavenly Father to continue to bless your wife and keep your unborn child healthy in her womb and keep them both safe and protected Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

  10. I come in prayer on behalf of my loving spouse El & myself.I pray we continue to grow closer together continue love each other happily deeply lovingly unconditionally on every level live together in beautiful home and I pray we get numerous contracts for our family business and I pray for a multitude of favor windfalls financially flowing blessings and miracles,I pray for my womb to be very fertile so I can get Oreo and conceive a healthy child by my loving spouse El This I pray and I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

  11. I pray Father God for my womb to be very fertile fruitful so I can get pregnant by my loving spouse El and conceive a healthy child I decree it I believe it I receive it right now Father God & I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  12. I pray for my immediate family members& myself; also Shamani, Chandrika, Sumi & Tina & U Mike
    Father I thank you for all the graces & blessings received through out my life. As I make the sacrifice to pray for my family members come into their lives and keep blessing them. Help us to get to know you better and grow closer to you. In Jesus Name & through the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    Thank you Bruce & team may God Bless you.

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