Pray for Someone You Love – Day 26

By on 01/12/2017

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  1. i pray that my health will improve i am on heart medication and its causing me many problems Jesus i ask you to heal me, i am feeling anxious and worried about this,

  2. Please pray for the familys that lost are love one last night and help them with their grieving The lost Of a young girl through brain Tumouris very sad and the family is lost with the fact of death

  3. I pray for Mary, Chris,Christine and their family be with them and help them feel Your presence at this time.

  4. Dear Bruce
    Once again I see our God’s good timing. I have been learning meditation over the past few months and last night was our reunion where once again I was able to focus on prayer of silence and stillness. I am taught useing the meditation phrase Maranatha which is Aramaic for ” Come Lord”. I can testify to its absolute transforming character. Thank you so much for bringing it again to my focus. I praise God every day for my finding your ministry and am proud to say I am a member of the Catholic Guy Community though living away from a centre. I will take on board your message of daily practice and can hardly wait to see and experience the growing of communing with God in the silence knowing He is always with us. Bless you.

  5. awesome teaching Bruce, my prayer is “tie me down” or “bind me to the altar” from Psalm 118:27. It sure works.

  6. I love the prayer of quiet. I love that before you start you say “here am I to God”. Beautiful, Thankyou for sharing.

  7. Hi Bruce,
    You make it sound so simple. And I guess it is. I sure am going to try this. Right now. Thank you and God bless. 💕❣💕

  8. Thank You Bruce, for this simple , yet powerful prayer. When I go to Adoration, I will keep saying it over and over again.

  9. Amen. Thank you Bruce. God here am I , please, be with me , I bring before you myself , bless me. Jesus is saviour, Jesus is lord, holy spirit come to me. Amen.

  10. May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored praised and glorified throughout the whole world for ever and ever .Amen. I say this prayer every time i find myself in a difficult situation and it helps me a lot. Jesus Saviour,Jesus Lord,Holy Spirit come to me.I am going to say this when I go to Adoration.Once again Thank you Bruce.

  11. I come in prayer on behalf of my Dad Oscar,I pray Father God to remind my Dad that he is not alone and that you got him & the Fiancial blessings are flowing to him and it’s flowing now & Father God fill my Dad with your peace love grace mercy and favor and keep him in good health Father God.Jesus Savior,Jesus Lord,Holy Spirit go to my Dad and fill him up with favor love feeling happy again joyful and let the Fiancial miracle that’s needed show up abd I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

  12. Bruce,I’m so very greatful thankful for your inspiring messages.May Father God bless you,your family & the ministry and I pray it grows bigger larger and reaches audiences from every walk of life for them to come to know our loving Savior Jesus Christ.

  13. I pray for everyone that posted prayers that it gets answered with yes & Amen This I pray Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  14. I love the quiet prayer. I pray for everyone who posts prayers which is answered with a Amen. I for all my family and friends to always keep them healthy, safe and happy. I pray for you Bruce, I am so blest because of your inspiring words and God has given you to me and all of us who post and listen to your videos. How I wish you could visit my Church in Australia Canberra ACT. I would love to be able to meet you. I love the phrase Jesus Savior Jesus Lord. I would like my Dad to be a ease and peace since my Grandmother died on the 10th November 2017. I know he is grieving and he does not like to show his feelings. Please God help him through this hard and sad time. Again Bruce thanks so much.

  15. I pray for my immediate family members, myself, Shamani, Chandrika, Sumi & Tina & U Mike
    I surrender my family members to you come Lord Jesus & work in their lives. Come Lord Jesus work in us. I want to try meditation I will use this prayer whenever I am meditating.
    God Bless you Bruce & team

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