Pray for Someone You Love – Day 27

By on 02/12/2017

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  1. God is using these videos to speak to me and guide me in the circumstances I find myself in currently. God is showing me He is with me and that I’m not alone.

    God bless you for the amazing work you do for the Lord!

  2. I have been missing your program for some reason or the other for a while now, but today I opened it and what a blessing it has been for me. You have sparked a new spirit within me by your definition of ‘hope’. I have an energized hope because of it and I realize that hope is more of an active expectation of an assured end than it is of a ‘perhaps something will happen’ passive unsure waiting.
    Thanks for this
    May God continue to bless your ministry.


  3. Thankyou Bruce, for the message. Where (in Sydney area) can I attend your church and hear your message/s? Thankyou for the words which get through to me, and the sentiments. It does help in my prayers for my family who have a financial problem . Diana

  4. Thank you Bruce for this opportunity to bring me closer to our Heavenly Father I am blessed to have a loving family we have many struggles as do all but we have you as our guide our protector to travel through this journey knowing all will be well just keep hanging on to your hand

  5. Thank you Bruce for giving me the guidance on how to strengthen my faith to our God. I sincerely being thankful that through this program, it helps me to grow and to see the results of my prayers. For the last two weeks, I don’t have a car.I am caring for my elderly husband, so I am doing all the running around my household, making decisions on how things will go about in our daily existence. I post in fb that I needed a car . Got lots of comments from friends,giving me advice on where to look for cheaper one, etc.and on the 3rd day, a friend just seen my post wrote that she had one. Will give it to me very cheap. I thank to God for the answer I was praying..But further negotiations, we found out that the car is not safe for us to use,it failed the road worthy inspection. I was disheartened at first but realize, God has other plans for me…Another opportunity presented to me to obtain a good deal which I am sure, God directed me to take this one. I learn today that being patient, trust in the will of the Lord for He knows what is in my heart and my needs. Amen..

  6. I see my son, whom I’ve been praying for, is in a happier place mentally and making friends again after a spell of down-heartedness.
    I am aware of a new strength in me to persevere in my work with St Vincent de Paul and not to be discouraged by the negativity of others. Thanks Bruce for your powerful inspiration.

  7. Thank you Bruce for helping us pray to God, I look forward to hearing from you everyday, even for a few minutes. Memorizing God’s word is very powerful to stop negative thinking. This week, God has helped me to attend a number of interviews to help support my husband. God has plan for each of us. We only need to trust him and take action in our lives.

  8. Amen. I thank you Bruce. Thank you for being with me and letting me be part of this super powerful prayer journey. I’m completely in love with lord Jesus. I’m grateful to you too Bruce. I am unable to describe it with some few words. The divine connection between Jesus and me that I’m experiencing. How more and more it’s now strengthening me. It’s an deep soul touching experiencing. Jesus is my saviour surely and Jesus is my lord surely, HE is my guidance and my protector too, overall Jesus is my life. I have full faith in Jesus. How the powerful divine journey with lord Jesus has changing me, cleansing me,how Jesus is motivating me, my soul and spirit each and every single time, seconds, moments, and day of my life . It’s absolute divine to have Jesus in my life. I thank lord Jesus for allowing me to be with HIM. Amen. May God bless you, your whole family members and the entire ‘TCG’.

    1. Thank you so much for leading me in prayer each day. I looked forward to your beautiful voice in the morning, and the calming prayer Time
      Anne D

  9. Thank you Bruce for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Through this journey I have being able to start a prayer journal, where in the past I had been reluctant. I am now motivated to write my prayers and to reflect on scripture on a daily basis. May God bless your ministry and may it reach more and more people.May God hear all the prayers to whom has taken part in this prayer journey.God is always with us.

  10. I ask God’s forgiveness for foolishly and selfishly putting myself and others in harms way. I thank God for saving my life and assuring me that He still has plans for my life. I thank God that my estranged husband and I had a conversation today and nothing needs to be settled right now. I do want to repent and recommit to my walk in Christ. I have hope that God will finish the good work He began in me. In Jesus name. Amen!

    Thank you for this series!!!

  11. Thank you Bruce for your words of wisdom, I am sure the holy spirit is guiding you. I have loved being part of this. And have found real peace.
    God bless you and your family.

  12. I am truly blessed for this journey. I have hope continue. I have prayered for my friend Joy and I have seen positive change within her. Thank you God because ALL the glory is yours.

  13. Thank you, Bruce! I have been convicted in a sense of gratitude for all that God has done in my life and will continue to do. I’ve seen that prayer is a process! I have seen that as I continue to persevere in prayer, I trust God more and am learning to drop my need to control all the circumstances of my life. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!

  14. Thank you Bruce for all these inspiritational videos. I am enjoying them very much. They help me to deepen my faith in God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit. I believe God loves me dearly & knows what is best for me. I know he always has my Best interest at heart. He is always guiding me, protecting me & my family & friends always.

    I continue to pray most fervently for my dear sweet friend Dave – that our friendship grows, flourishes, blossoms & God’s love shines down on us always. Let him feel comfortable in introducing me to his whole family & he invites me to his church & we can spend a most joyous Christmas together with his lovely family.

    Pray my daughter & her husband Brian stay in good health & that Lisa can sell their mobile home soon before the end of the year & that try can get a Christmas present in having it sold soon!

    Thank you for all that you do in Christ name.

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. 😊 🎅 😇 👼🏻

  15. Thank you for the encouragement that our good, kind Heavenly Father really wants to be with us and for us to have a settled place withinside our hearts of knowing that He is here. That’s been a part of the gift of this journey for me. Thanks again.

  16. Thank you Bruce and your ministry.
    You have helped me and others to come to know the power of prayer and the love our God had for us.
    God bless us all.

  17. Dear God,
    Thank you for the obedience of Bruce Downes for this challenge. Because of watching him on TV, I both learned about this prayer for thirty days and I’ve started a sort of prayer journal (emails).

    In Jesus Name,

  18. Thank you for these 30 days of Praying for someone you Love. I belive God hears our prayers. I am visiting my daughter and we are working on our problems and forgiving each other for the hurt and pain we have caused each other even when you don’t realize you may have said or done something to hurt your Loved one, it is always good to talk to each other and forgive. Thank you again. God bless you and your team. Love C.C.

  19. Thank you Bruce for bringing God close it to me I will pray to bring my family back together with the help of the knowledge I got from you Bruce and my reading the Bible which something I always wanted to do thank you

  20. I have so enjoyed this prayer journey and sad to see it end….but not really ending…prayer is our daily journey with God. May we always be thankful that He always listens to us..already knows. God bless you and your family are a beacon of light for Him. Thank you for sharing your faith..I want a closer relationship with Him and pray that my family and friends will too.

  21. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for others in a systematic can of way. God has blessed me through this journey. He has shown me some things that I needed to repent of and forgive those that have used me. This has been a mirror for me, God has let me see myself and my short comings. Thank you Bruce and my God continue to bless you and your immediate family and extended family.

  22. This has made me realize how deeply loved I am and how I need to stay connected to the vine. Thank you for being a light in a dark world.

  23. Bruce,Thank you for these messages,I appreciate it..I find myself not harboring much anger towards people & being more forgiving & I’m still growing and learning about myself & the word of Father God..

  24. I come in prayer on behalf of JABBAR who has a disorder,I pray Father God will heal his mind,emotions and calm him down.I pray Father God will deliver him from impure sexual thoughts and behaviors,I pray Father God to embrace JABBAR on every level and bring emotional healing to him This I pray and I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  25. I’ve been praying for my son as he was struggling with his job as a youth minister. I am happy to say that God has taken care of him and he has led him to another church that is going to be an amazing fit for him. My other son has found a full time position as a jail guard and my boyfriend has found a job and we are all so very thankful for God has answered my prayers

  26. Bruce you just showed up in my life at the right time. My prayers for my life partner have been answered very quickly. He free lancers in his field and now a client has shown up with a little project. First the blade,then the ear, then the corn in the ear. I am keeping the faith for full employment. I also am praying for my nephew who is in prison and has an upcoming release date. I believed with his Mom my sister that he has a “Joseph anointing on his life and that he makes a blessed transition in to his new life. I must call these things into existence by Faith. Thank you for your pray guidelines. I have started a pray journal ,as well. God Bless you REAL GOOD🙏🏽💕💕💕💕

  27. Dear Bruce thank you for this message. I pray for my Mum who may have to have serious eye surgery done. I totally believe in God that He will watch over my Mum and her eye sight. Also my Mum has a heart condition which can be dangerous when having surgery. I also pray for myself as I suffer with vertigo and severe headaches on a daily basis. God has blest me and I know that God loves me. I was coming home on a plane and there was so much turbulence and I prayed to God continually through the flight and God kept me safe. God is my light in the darkness. I thank God for you Bruce, you are living the word of God spreading God’s word. Thanks so much.

  28. Dear Bruce I look forward to this message each day and I am quite sad that it is coming to an end. God has been blessing me by giving me strength everyday as I suffer this journey with my daughter and I am not alone, by giving me hope in knowing that I can trust and rely on Him. This has been such an encouragment to me as I have been growing in faith on this journey each day. I have been receiving inspiration by the prayers and requests made here, appreciating that no matter where we come from we have built a community here. I have made a commitment of praying for my loved one my daughter Amber-Rose everyday. I am living in the knowledge that only God can, as He is the Almighty and the Most High. Thank you Bruce for walking us through this 30 days of praying for someone we love.

  29. Thank you Bruce for all the enriching messages. I am just overwhelmed. Gods abundant blessings on you and your family and the team you work with. You do such a fantastic job of bringing us closer to GOD.

  30. Thank you God for everything. Please forgive my attitude and ignorance. I Love You. I Thank You. I Praise You. I Adore You. God you are everything to me. Thank You for my beautiful family and friends. Thank you for my parents, for my life and for making me so special and unique.
    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I LOVE YOU.

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