Pray for Someone You Love – Day 29

By on 04/12/2017

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  1. Thank you RoseMary , thank you the bible verse meant a lot to me.
    Am going through a very turbulence marriage life, it’s very hard but I have to be patient. Thank you again God Bless

  2. Thank you RoseMary for the bible verse it meant a lot to me. Am going through a very turbulence marriage.

    Thank you and God Bless

  3. Hi my name is Herman Blash my step son passed away November 29, 2017 pray for me & my wife & family my wife is taking her son death very heavy at this time please keep her in prayer Ruthia H Blash & continue to keep me in prayer Herman blash I want you to touch and agree with me in prayer that God would do just what he said he would do heal my body from the top of my head to the soles of my feet also Father God I’m asking for prayer for my wife Ruthie that favor the sound in her she’s trying to apply for a new loan because the loan she have she cannot afford to pay it is $1,000 a month you have not paid the bill in a couple of months I don’t want them to foreclose so I’m asking for a miracle right now in the name of Jesus father you have all power in your hand everything on the earth you owe so father I’m submitting this petition right now also prayer for Ruthie increase in her finances increase in Herman blash finances we both are debt-free in the name of Jesus

    1. Herman Blash,Father God I come in agreement in prayer on behalf of Herman Blash & his prayer request.I pray Father God that you would bless him instantaneously with a right now miracle,I pray you will heal their hearts Father God & I pray Father God that you will keep them out of foreclosure and make them debt free Father God let this prayer request be a yes,Amen.Thanking you Father God in advance for the flowing of miracles straight from Heaven.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  4. Thank you Rosemary and Bruce this journey has and is a wonderful pray to be part of. It reminds me to keep on going on trusting in the Lord and passing on my thoughts and anxiety’s to him God bless both on the wonderful work you are doing.

  5. Hi Bruce,
    THANK YOU Bruce for the book you sent me. I will cherish it always. Such a beautiful book of prayers. Thank you so much.
    THANK YOU for the beautiful videos you send each day.GOD BLESS YOU, ROSEMARY, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR TEAM.
    Such inspiring, soothing, enriching words and thoughts. You are a blessing to us.
    My e-mail Address has changed which I have given below.

    To hear Rosemary was such a good idea of yours because she always has such beautiful insight about prayer. A remarkable lady.

  6. Dear Bruce you and your wife Rosemary are so amazing. Like her I hate turbulence on a plane I just cannot take it. I prayed continuously to God when I was on the plane home three days ago for God to keep my family and all the other passengers safe. God answered my prayers. I want to thank you Rosemary for the scripture you read out, I am at peace now knowing that I can read that scripture where I am and be at peace in any situation. Your words are so inspiring, soothing and enriching. God has blessed me by giving me you and your husband Bruce. Both of you are blessings given to me by God.

  7. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary you both have thought me how to pray from my
    Heart to our ever loving Heavenly God . I pray for your ministry.
    Thank you also for the book I have received how to pray,it’s my

    God Bless.

    1. Rosemary, so nice to meet you. Your prayer and verses will help me remember God wants us to come to him in prayer, for others and ourselves! Thanks, Bruce for sharing Rosemary today!

  8. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for your wonderful message today. Rosemary it was an absolute Joy to see you and to hear your inspiring words! The passage from Philippians 4:6-7 is particularly relevant today – I prayed with my sister on a number of issues and she was in great need of comfort. Bruce and Rosemary I thank you for the wonderful, inspiring Ministries that you pursue. Bruce your program has been a Joy to watch over the past 28 days, and I really look forward to being challenged and comforted by all the programs that you produce. May God Bless you both, as you bless others with all that you do. John

  9. Thank you Rosemary for the Bible scriptures. Bruce has taken your name so many times on this 30 days prayer journey, thank you for coming up in front of camera and showing us you. Thank you too Bruce, for the prayer. You both are wonderful couple, may God bless you. Thank you Jesus.

  10. Thank you Rosemary! Your words from Scripture is exactly what I needed to hear. It was no accident that I clicked on the video today. God knew I needed to hear this. I have been praying persistently for a long time for my 21 year old daughter and my prayer has not been tangibly answered as of yet. But, I persist in prayer and thank God for being there, hearing my prayer. Please join me in praying for her. I pray that her relationship with a Catholic boy, who brought her closer to the faith, will be restored and that she will not gravitate into sexual immorality/sexual activity and drunkeness to fill her loss. There are indications that he may return in her life, but also another person who is trying to pull her away. I pray for God’s protection over her.

  11. Thank you Rosemary for your inspiring words and the scripture passages.When my husband passed away I used to be very afraid at night and I heard this song.”With Jesus in my heart what have I to fear”and every time fear came over me I used to recite this verse and then I say Jesus I trust in you. Praise the lord I learned to control my fears and also I started reading scripture which helped me in my grief.Thank you Bruce for the book you sent me.You and Rosemary are both blessed and I pray to God our Heavenly Father to continue to help you and inspire you .God bless.

  12. Dear Bruce and Rosemary, Your message today touched me so deeply. This morning I am going for a final interview for a job that is really critical for our family that I get. You reminded me “Be anxious for nothing…” I can go for my interview today much calmer and in all things I will be thankful to our Lord. Thank you so much for your ministry. You have no idea how many people you have blessed.

  13. Dear Bruce,
    It was nice to finally meet Rosemary.
    I hope and pray things are going as well as can be for you.

    Best Regards,
    p.s. I always look forward to your message, whatever it may be.

  14. Really great message today from the too of you. I really needed this reminder and push. God does things in his own time. My marriage after 19 years is in a bad place. My wife told me she wanted to get divorced I said no. Well I hope that God’s will is that we stay together but if it is nots God’s will to stay together then the ability to stay calm and think and accept whatever God has in store for me in life. I know God is listening and will answer my prayers and petitions.

  15. Thank you RoseMary,Bruce,Pray for Someone you Love Family!God’s hand is Always there,i’ve been squeezing it hard all my life especially during the turbulent times.God is working hard in major ways,example the Supermoon last night.I called that heavenly gift from God,”The Advent Moon,”as it came upon the first night of Advent,a time of Anticipation & Reflection.All churches around the globe were reading Isaiah,about a King who would come,not the first time but for the second time.Look up,be watchful,God is listening,our King will come again one day soon,& that is the promise of our loving God!Amen!

  16. Bruce & Rosemary,thank you for your testimony and words of encouragement & for reminding us of Father God promise and to stand on his word.May Father God continue to spread this ministry across the world into the lives of souls from every walk of life.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  17. Father God I come to you in prayer on behalf of my neighbors daughter shatterra who is in an abrusive situation,I pray Father God for her,her children for them to be safe & I pray that the abuser gets emotional help.In Jesus name.Amen

  18. Thank you for your message Rosemary. It was a pleasure to get to see you and hear your words. May God continue to bless you and Bruce as you are truly deciples of God.

  19. I pray for my immediate family members, myself, Shamani, Chandrika, Sumi & Tina U Mike
    Father, I give you thanks & praise for all the goodness shown to us throughout our lives. Help us to surrender our lives to you & place all our hope & trust in you. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in help us to look to you for your guidance & direction in our lives. In Jesus Name & by the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    Thank you Bruce & team may God Bless your work
    Thank you for your message Rosemary it was good to see you

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