Pray for Someone You Love – Day 30

By on 05/12/2017

18 comments on “Pray for Someone You Love – Day 30

  1. A friend of mine and I did your 30 day Pray for someone you love and absolutely loved it. Thank you for helping us grow in our prayer life…

  2. this have been a very good journey for 30 days praying for our loved ones i trust God will help us all and i pray that our intentions will be granted, thank you Bruce and RoseMary for praying with us all.

    1. Thank you so much Bruce for your input into many people’s lives.
      I, for one, will be doing a re-run to help myself make a more definite commitment to this walk with the Lord and trusting Him in a new way despite the difficulties life sends my way.
      I have a husband with Asperger Syndrome and life is very, very lonely and extremely difficult. I have trusted God for a miracle and the strength to keep going each day, but so often fail. Your encouragement from God’s Word and His truths has given me a new incentive to ‘hang in there and let God …’

  3. Thank you Bruce for guiding me on this journey. You have renewed my strength to persevere. God bless you Bruce.

  4. Thank you, Bruce! This series helped me in my faith. I was having a difficult time finishing a project. The project will be all finished tomorrow, just as this series :-). God bless you and your family and your team!

  5. Dear Lord,
    Just as Bruce said today, help me to persevere to pray for JJB, he always seems to in trouble despite something that’s not all his fault. Lord please send your angels to protect him from harm. Please wrap him in your arms as he is suffering from isolation and hurt. There’s so much that we as parents can do. Lord this soul is yours, please be there for him and deliver him from any bad spirits around him. I also pray for my niece K that she may acknowledge that her dad is now a frail and aged person that needs her support. Lord please enlighten her so that she can bring some love to her dad. Amen

  6. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your dedicated team to bring the Word of God to so many people. It certainly has touched the lives of people I prayed for.
    I have prayed for many. Some prayers answered while others will be answered as we live in Hope. Your explanation of “Hope” is beautiful.
    Yes, Romans 12:12 is most apt. I will persevere in Prayer.
    The e-mail given below is the right one as very soon the old one will cease to exist.
    God Bless you all!!!

  7. Thank you Bruce I was disappointed about something and I was thinking of giving up hearing you today is going to help me a lot.I am going to persevere and continue to do the work God is asking me to do.God bless.

  8. With faith I pray in Jesus name that God heal me totally and permanently of all my sicknesses. Amen. Thank You Lord God.

  9. Thank you Bruce,this has been wonderful and very inspiring..I will keep on keeping on..Staying in faith believing for miracles of people I have prayed for & for myself..May Father God continue to bless you,your family & ministry and I pray this ministry spreads across the world.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  10. I come in prayer on behalf of my loving spouse El & myself.I pray that the courts will rule in our favor & keep the home out of foreclosure and off the foreclosure list so we can live in it be a family together I’m believing for this miracle I decree it I receive it and we Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  11. I ask Father God for answers prayers with yes & Amen,on behalf of everyone that has posted prayer requests on this site today give them breakthroughs Father God and I Thank you.In Jesus name.Amen

  12. I pray for my immediate family members, myself, Shamani, Chandrika, Sumi & Tina & U Mike
    Father, I pray with praise & thanksgiving that you would fill us with a fighter spirit, a spirit of determination & perseverance to press on in our prayer life even when times are tough & all hope seems gone. Send your Holy Spirit upon us to keep on persevering in our prayer. In Jesus Name & through the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    May God Bless you Bruce & team.

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