Pray for Someone You Love – Day 31

By on 06/12/2017

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  1. Thank you Bruce for the last 31 days . It has changed my life i pray for you ministery . That you will continue you good work.

  2. This journey and all the other journeys I have shared with THE CATHOLIC GUY

  3. Thank you Bruce for the daily message over the last 31 days. I have experienced answers to prayers and my family has experienced the Lord moving in their lives. May t.his continue in the the days ahead.

  4. Thank you Bruce for the daily message over the last 31 days. I have experienced answers to prayers and my family has experienced the Lord moving in their lives. May this continue in the the days ahead.

  5. Thank you for helping me to keep on keeping on in the ministries I am involved with. Your encouragement in all aspects of our relationship with God has helped me come closer to him. Bless you and the Catholic Guy team

  6. Thank you Bruce for your messages i have not missed even one i looked forward to them everyday. i too have experienced answers to my prayer for my family i will keep lifting them up to our Lord in prayer. May your good work continue and i will keep praying for you and your family.

  7. Thank you Bruce for the last 31 days of prayer. Just before we started these days
    our dear son lost his two year battle with cancer so this prayer time has helped
    us deal with our grief. We will pray for you, Rosemary and your amazing team.

  8. Thank you Bruce, I have enjoyed this prayer journey with you, and have seen some changes in my family, whom I have been praying for. God bless you and your family.

  9. Thankyou Bruce for these 31 days with Lord. I especially liked Hearing what Rosemary had to say.
    god bless you both

  10. Thank you Bruce and your wonderful,grace filled Team.Your talks are inspiring,thank you for sharing your spirituality, faith and love.

  11. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your Blessed team. I have enjoyed and looked forward to your 31 daily messages. You have inspired me to increase my prayer time and make it a priority – a regular daily / multiple time-daily journey that I have found extremely fulfilling. I bring God my list of those that I need to pray for, those that are very ill, but am mindful that this is as much about me listening and growing with God as it is for the people that I pray for. To His great Glory! This will be an ongoing journey and I plan to walk it. Thanks so much for your inspiration. May you have a Wonderful and a Blessed Christmas (and a good Rest for a bit ?). God Bless, John

  12. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your team and praying for you all and the work that you do.Thank you for your talks and walking us on this journey of praying for someone that we love. I have prayed for my daughter Amber-Rose and many of you have prayed with me and I pray for those who have made requests here. Praise God Halleujah God is Great and Awesome we serve a Mighty God last night my daughter said to me that she wants to live my heart is so thankful and full. Dear Lord I am holding onto your promises. There’s an appointed time for every God-given breakthrough. Jesus knows when our accumulative prayers will make the most difference. He knows when our long-awaited breakthrough will bear the most fruit. He knows when our blessing will not be a burden. May we continue to trust Him. We Rest. Wait. Trust. Obey. Give thanks. Thank you Lord. Amen

    1. Crystal,to God be the glory..Amber Rose live live live yes,glad to hear she wants to live..Father God is a delivery Father God is faithful and keeps his words.I will continue to keep you & Amber Rose in prayer May she stay strong and Father God continue to bless her & keep you both on this journey of life.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  13. Thank you for all you do. I pray each day,somtimes I dont know what to say so then it is formal prayers . Other times its talking to God in my head as I go about my day, or making the sign of the cross when God comes into my mind.
    I like to sit in my study and look at the sky and watch the changing cloud formations and think of God
    and all HE does. Look up! God bless you and your team and all following this programme.

  14. Bruce , thank you for the last 31 days . It’s changed our lives , thank you so much for the great work you & your team are doing – God bless you all

  15. Thank you dear Bruce you have given me 31 days of great inspiration in my
    Journey with you.i want to thank you for all the quotes from the bible which
    I have taken note .
    I wish you , your family ,and all members at the Catholic guys ministry a very blessed Christmas and prosperous new year.
    I will follow you in prayers.
    May God be with you and your ministry

  16. Thank you for this wonderful time of prayer. I was praying for a couple of things. Firstly that my granddaughter who is autistic would get into special school for 2018. Answered
    For my son’s mental health to improve. Still getting there.
    That my ex husband and myself to find a way to move on. We are getting there.
    For my daughter to desire to take care of her physical health. The idea is growing for her. Praise be to God. Amen

  17. Hi Bruce, I am going to miss your everyday sessions. My prayers for my loved one for whom I have been praying for , has not yet been answered, but I am sure they will be vey soon.

  18. Thank you Bruce I have been on this journey prayer with you and I see things turning for good in my life and for other we pray for thank you so much GOD LOVES YOU

  19. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for walking this journey with us. It’s been such an inspiration. Although my prayer hasn’t been answered yet, I am confident God will soon. I learned a lot from this and I look forward to seeing you around Easter. God bless you and your family and your team on your ministry. May God bless each and every one of us who have walked with you on this journey. Praise the Lord, our almighty and gracious God, Amen!

  20. Dear Bruce,Rosemary and your team. Thank you so much for the 31 days of prayers.
    It was a wonderful journey for me. I always felt a calm come over me when I listen and prayed with you.
    God bless and prosper you and your team.

  21. Thank you Bruce for these 31 days your talks helped me a lot .Please pray for a friend of mine Katie who is looking after her sick husband and she is not in good health herself. God bless you Rosemary and your team.Thank you. God bless.

  22. Many many thanks to you dear Bruce and also thanks to the entire ‘TCG MINISTRY’ . May God bless TCG, you and all members of your family . May God grant all your wishes. May your granddaughter Hanna, be blessed with what she most needs. May God take tender care of her. This wonderful prayer journey is one of my treasure. It has changed me, taught me to accept the truth, and I found the truth is only Jesus. It has changed my surrounding, also ‘experiencing’ some blessing or miracle that I have never dreamt off but which I prayed for. Still waiting for one particular answer from Jesus which I seek, believe Lord Jesus is surely working on that matter according to HIS plan. And whatever it may be to JESUS’S plan, me, my family and my loved one will accept that with wholeheartedly. The prayer session with you is the most powerful one . Being in India, and watching the prayer videos, praying with you it’s absolutely an awesome experience. I will surely miss the prayer sessions with you every day . Felt gathered, focused and composed purely thorough this journey. Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Happiest, Blessed New year 2018 in advance . Hope, some day you will visit India and I will get a chance to meet you in person and be there with TCG live on your prayer session. Thank you and take care.

  23. This journey has been one of awaking for me. Each day I listened & prayed on the way to work. As I often prayed for many the person who was in forefront of my thoughts was Joy. Joy has had a rough year and was struggling to find peace. I did not share with her that I was praying for her until much later in the process. But I saw God’s work one Monday morning when she shares with me that she had gone back to church the Sunday after Thanksgiving. She explained it was very hard because church brought out emotions she wasn’t ready to face. She cried during the service. She even shared that after the service an older women patted her in the back and told her she was glad she was there and hoped to see her again. I shared yesterday with Joy that she was pray person. And I told her when she shares this story I knew God was working as he always is in our lives. Thank you for my focused prayer journey. Th GOD give all the Glory. God Bless

  24. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your team and praying for you all and the work that you do.Thank you for your talks and walking us on this journey of praying for someone that we love. Today I have started new job. God will beautifully look after us with amazing things.

    How can I help you Bruce.

  25. Thank you Bruce, first of all for coming to our parish of St Andrew’s Werribee this year, where that whole week, The Lord began the process of healing in my life. That week I had a personal encounter with Jesus where I felt him so very close to me, the way you do when you haven’t seen someone you love for such a long time and you just hold each other….that’s what happened to me through the power of the Holy Spirit. It was truly remarkable! This thirty one days, i began praying for my cousin Frank who has a rare and aggressive cancer. I have been praying for him every day and offering my days and my own struggles for his healing. What i realised almost immediately in beginning this 31 days is how much i needed to pray for myself, my husband and our marriage. Doing this – praying everyday – every morning before I do anything else – has changed me. Wow! I feel joy, I’m feeling healed, i see where i was and now where God is leading me, i feel hope and i feel peace. Praise be God! I see the power of prayer at work in my family’s life. I know God will give my cousin all his love, strength and consolation. I’m still praying for his complete restoration and healing in body mind and spirit, may God’s will be done. Bruce i can’t thank you enough for all you do and what you sacrifice for the Lord to do his will. I’m looking forward to putting into practice all I have learnt as i continue to pray for those I love. God bless you 🙏🏽 😇 🙏🏽 🙂

  26. Dear Bruce, I want to thank you so much for this 31 days of prayer. It has changed my prayer life and my Bible reading practices. I am going to miss your messages every morning. I need prayers for my family especially my two grand children, Ricky and Dan. Thank you, too for the two books you sent. God bless you.

  27. Thank you Bruce & Catholic Guy Family.These 31 days of prayer have made me walk closer to God & have given me comfort & hope.

  28. Thank you Bruce and your team for sharing your spiritual journey and love of God with us. Your talks are meaningful and inspiring. I looked forward to your talks and found that praying daily as we did also strengthen my relationship with God .

  29. Thank you Mr. Downes for your time. This journey has helped transform my stinking thinking. And much like Abraham, it’s due to your obedience, so thanks again!!



  30. God reward you for sharing and caring with us the Lord Jesus and how He leads us to God the Father through the Holy Spirit in our daily prayer lives and God’s inspirational triggers as we go about our daily tasks with His growing graces to share with others. May our overflow of love and grace help others to grow closer as the Holy Family in this season of love as we carry your love of family to others. May our troubles look smaller with the help of your prayers of love.

  31. What an exciting journey this has been….I know I need to get out of God’s way and let Him handle it….He does. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  32. Thanks for your prayers and following the calling God has for you. I hope and pray that you will discuss the topic of unity in the faith. As we are all Christians the criticism I see on you tube and other media has got to stop as we are all one and as Jesus prayed in John 17 for unity that we are one. These man made rules are not the ways of God as Jesus also told the Pharisees about there man made rules and ways that are not of God. There are so many needs in the world 🗺 with the least the last and the lost that as Christians we have the resources available and the responsibilities of doing Gods will as he has shown us throughout the Bible. I hope and pray that you would talk about the importance of unity and let’s not let the evil one have his way in keeping divisions among Gods children. Let’s create an organization that Christians of all denominations can join and together as one to seek the needy and in Jesus name do mighty works in the world like building schools and churches and medical facilities and raising up farms and so on. We have and can do so much together as one maybe someday the Global United Christian Network of God will be more than just a dream for me but it will become Reality and as Christians we will grow stronger together. God bless you and all your team and let’s also all pray for unity

  33. Thank you Bruce & your entire team.This has been a awesome experience for me and I had great joy looking forward to the emails everyday for the 31 days,I’m glad Father God grant me the ability to do the entire 31days praying for people I know as well as those doing this 31 prayer journey on this site.May God continue to bless you,your family & May the ministry continue to grow spread across the world..I pray for the persons on this site to experience the wonders of Father God blessings and miracles may they all live life to the fullest.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  34. I come in prayer Father God believing we will have the funds to get Christmas gifts for the little one,I’m believing and expecting wonderful miracle that the court will rule for my loving spouse El & on my behalf to keep our home sobwe can live in it & remove the home from the foreclosure list,I pray for my loving spouse El & I continue to love each other unconditionally on every level stay the course as a couple & remain a couple to and with each other yes and Amen,this I pray and I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  35. Thank you God for Bruce and TCG ministry. Thanks and God’s mercy rain down on all who have shared in these 31 days.

  36. Bruce, you are a blessing in our troubled world. May God give you all that you need to continue to spread His Word throughout the world. I wish you, Rosemary and the team every blessing, now and always. Thank you!

  37. Dear Bruce

    In my journey I stopped trying to earn my forgiveness from God and started loving myself. My prayers have become more effective and focused and through your 31 day transformation prayer and communication with God is really real. Thank you for all the blessings.

  38. Thank you Bruce for just take time and care for people that are really hurt and needs to be close to Jesus, I have faith my prayers will be answer soon. In Jesus name, amen

  39. Dear Bruce and Rosemary , although the past 31 days have been challenging due illness in our family, I have followed your videos every day and have drawn strength from your powerful but beautiful messages. Thanks be to my dearest Lord for answering my prayers in ways I would never have imagined. Lord help me to fully trust in you. “I believe in Christ which strengeneth me”. This will be my constant prayer. Look forward to receiving your messages in 2018.
    I pray that the messages of “The Catholic Guy”. Spread far and wide. You are an inspiration. God bless all your team.

  40. Father, thank you for this time together. Please bless & answer all the prayers & intentions of the people who have walked this journey together. Also, for all those I prayed for may they experience you in their lives over the next few days & weeks.
    Thank you Bruce, Rosemary & team for this very inspiring & marvellous 31 day journey as always.
    You have helped me develop in my faith & prayer life.
    May God Bless all of you & work with you in spreading your message to the ends of the earth.

  41. Dear Bruce, Rosemary and Team, I plan to start again all your 31 messages until my commitment to daily prayer and deeper meditation in God’s Word becomes a reality. I began by praying for my son-in-law who has MS, my 3 year old grandson who is delayed in speech, those with substance abuse issues (lot’s of those). My son-in-law got into an experimental program so his medications are free. My grandson is saying new words every day. And I must be the example as you said in one of your messages, by God’s grace, to those with addictions. And as you also mentioned, though we are praying for others, we ourselves may end up being the most transformed. Thank you again so very much for your faithfulness which is like Abraham’s. I will be praying for you and hope to send you some financial support. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year! Much love in Christ, Miriam

  42. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for someone else everyday. I looked forward to the prayer time. I pray that your family will be blessed. I now ask the Lord who shall I pray for today. I will continue to pray for others. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! May God bless you in all that you set your hand to do.


  44. I have been encouraged to put my trust in God, through Jesus to bring about the mission He has placed in my heart. In Him all things are possible.

    I have shared your book and your ministry with others. Any seed God has planted will grow.

    Thankyou for your faithfulness.


  45. Hey Bruce, at first i was surprised by all the emails and initially i did not have time to watch them but slowly i watched two videos every few days and just let them sink into my spirit and i enjoyed them, i have just finished the last one today and i was reminded during the month to be persistent and to give god time and let my requests be known to him through prayer.
    Thanks heaps and hope you and your family have an amazing 2018!!!

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