Lent 2018 – Day 1

By on 14/02/2018

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  1. Dear Father God I want to go on this Lenten journey with you by my side. Please help me to have a good Lent. Amen

    1. Dearest Lord, please help me to learn about You more this Lent, hence to Love You more. A speedy recovery Bruce

    2. Sharon I pray that you would be blessed on this journey. I will be praying for you along with everyone over the next 47 days.

      1. Heavenly Father, please help me get closer to you, and understand you more through lent. I pay that Bruce eyesight is restored so he can see better than every.

        Heavenly Father I ask you to help me get through these very big operations that I am having and give me the strength to deal with what I have to deal with

    3. Bruce, thank you for getting up and making the sacrifice into spreading Gods love and helping us make a good Lenten journey. May God continue to bless you!

    4. Thank you for your words of wisdom that will help me get closer to God during this Lenten season
      I pray for perseverance and patience to continue my prayers for conversion to faith or family members

    5. Dear lord, I ask for you to help me to become a better version of myself these next 47 days. Please help me to understand what you need me to learn. Help me to be strong and not give up.

    1. Thank you Anne for your prayers. It has been quite a week but I am doing well. It is amazing what God does through modern medicine. I pray that you are blessed on this Lenten journey.

  2. lord you know me and all my ways please allow me to feel more of your presence .
    In the mighty name of Jesus heal me strengthen me in mind body and spirit mould me like clay
    shape me to be fit .A helper and a joy to others help me love more let me proclaim you more boldly
    Thank you love that you are hearing my plea
    Dear Bruce hope your eye gets better soon and you can share my words if you want i am not ashamed. God our creator who gave us his son Jesus to atone for our sins, and through the wonder working power of the Holy Spirit here with us today help us all pour forth your Kingdom here on earth Amen Amen Amen

  3. Dear loving Father, you know all things you know I love you. Help me , during this Lenten journey to get to know you more. I want to grow closer to you so that in every step of my life I rely on your guiding hand and be your faithful servant. Amen

  4. Lord God, I commit to going on this journey through Lent with you, give me the courage and joy to seek you and go deeper in my relationship with you each day. Amen

  5. I pray that during this Lenten period I will be open to all that God wants to do in my life, and that I will draw closer to Him

  6. Heavenly Father, I thank you for coming on this Lenten Journey with me I pray that by the end of this Journey I will understand just a little more your will and that I will be able to walk with you all the days of my life

  7. Dear Lord, help me on this journey through Lent with you , help me to go deeper , help me to commit to these 47 days so that I will be changed .
    Lord , I pray for Bruce , may his sight be restored so that he can continue his work to share Your word to the world

  8. Lord i thank for this letting journey we have just started, I pray you may be with me throughout the journey and by the end of it I will learnt and understand your will deeper.

  9. Father during this Lent I want to know you better so I am ready to walk with you and surrender all to you.

  10. Heavenly Father thank you for this opportunity that I will be able to take this important journey with you. Please help me to get to know you better during this journey. Oh Lord I’m also praying for our dear Bruce to heal his eyes so that we are together in this journey! In Jesus name I pray Amen!

  11. Dear God, thank you for today.Thank you for this opportunity to walk with you,help me and guide me to go deeper in my faith,to embrace my daily trials in life. Amen

  12. Here I am Lord, please walk with me through this Lent. May your loving presence be with all through this journey. Amen

  13. Dear Lord I wish to travel with you to where ever you take me this lent I pray for more understanding of your will.

  14. Lord God help me get through this journey of lent with your guidance. Help me to embrace you into my life and be a better person in my everyday life. Father pray to you. Amen

  15. Dear Lord, in this tumultuous time in my life, bless the plans I have for me and my family that they can be fulfilled according to your plan for me/us. Amen.

  16. Lord God, walk with me in these 47 days so that I may be drawn more deeply into You. In Jesus name, through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.
    God bless you, Bruce and I pray too that you will soon be well and that God’s Spirit may come upon you to heal your eye xo

  17. Dear Bruce
    I am so sorry to learn of your eye trouble.
    I am praying for your healing – each day particularly at 8.30 am and 10.00 pm (UK time)
    Thank you for your prayers too that God will touch my life and that of others
    Thank you also for your ministry and devotions and the journey of Lent

  18. Dear God,
    Bless all who are taking part in this Lentern journey, especially the very challenged ones. Be with Bruce and his family in their journey.

  19. Lord God thank you for the freedom and opportunity to join in this wonderful Lenten program that is reaching out to millions of people around the world. I ask that you be with everyone to help them rediscover their relationship with you, in particular those who have distanced themselves from from your loving care and forgiveness.
    Dear Bruce I am amazed at how you have stood up after the serious setback and delivered such a powerful start to the Lenten program, God’s Blessings and may you have a speedy recovery

  20. Bruce, having listened to your first message for Ash Wednesday I am very conscience of the fact that you need the Healing Power of Our Lord and Saviour for your recent eye surgery. I am about to say my rosary for today and I will offer it up to Our Blessed Mother to intercede with her Son for a successful and complete recovery from your surgery. Thank you for the message and may God continue to bless you and your team in everything you do, in Jesus name we pray. Amen

  21. Dear Bruce thank you for being with us to help us through our Lenten journey even after what you have been through, get well soon and may God bless you.
    Heavenly Father help me get closer to You this season . I pray especially for my Son who is drifting away from you dear Lord. (You know who he is dear Lord).

  22. Dear Lord, help me to get closer to you during lent, help me to understand better, and to guide me through life with you . Amen

  23. Heavenly Father, as I walk and talk with Jesus during this time of Lent, I pray for a speedy and complete recovery for Bruce’s eye sight. Please bless everyone who is on this special Lenten journey with Bruce, especially those who are in trouble and in need of your mercy. I ask this in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  24. Heavenly Father I pray for a speedy/complete recovery for Bruce’s eye sight and bless everyone who is on this special Lenten journey. I ask this in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  25. Thank you Bruce for all you do….I pray for your complete healing and God’s loving touch.
    Lord I pray that this lent I will come more closer to you and experience your love….

  26. Dear God,
    Thank you once again for showing me that you have not given up on me and that you care about what I am going through by giving me this opportunity to choose You over my self. Please help me on my journey to stay focused on you and lead me to be transformed by your presence in my daily life . I humbly pray that by this transformation I may lead members of my family, relatives, friends and all those I encounter to You. Amen

  27. Dear Father, help me through Lent to come to not only know YOU better
    But importantly MYSELF. May God bless us all as we journey together.

  28. Thank you Jesus for this program, I surrender myself and this lent into your hands. I pray to know you in a more personal and deeper way. I also surrender all those who are part of this program in some form or another, I pray that you bless them especially Bruce and his family during this time. Thank you Father God, thank you Jesus and Thank you Holy Spirit.

  29. Dear God, you know everything in my life you know my faults my brokenness, you know it all. Help me Lord, I want to love you more help me to get that relationship that I seek with you. I want to follow you more deeply during this Lenten journey to get to know you more. I want to grow closer to you so that in every step of my life I rely on your guiding hand and be your faithful servant. Guide me Lord fill me up Lord I need you Lord.Thank you Lord. Amen

  30. Dear Lord, Please help me in this Lenten Season to Journey with you, to Pray with you, to Surrender to you at a deeper level than ever before as we start our journey to Easter. Help me to commit to you in Mind, in Body and in Soul. Help me to keep my Lenten promises. I feel that this Lent is a special opportunity I have not had before. Please bless Bruce, his team, and all those doing this special program. I ask in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

  31. Lord I comitte to go with you in this journey and everyday in my live .bless us
    Thank you lord and thank Bruce

  32. Dear Lord, travel with me over this Lenten Season that I may receive your Word in its fullness.
    Bruce, may I say I had the detached retina op as well and it is a shock when your sight is tampered with. Take care and may Our Lord , Healer of all, be with you during this time.

  33. Dear Lord, please help me to enjoy and gain from this opportunity to know You and love You better, given from You through Bruce.

  34. Dear Lord, help me in this lent to grow closer to you, thank you Lord. Dear Bruce, hope you get better soon, God Bless you

  35. Dear Bruce,thank you for this journey…May we all be richly blessed as we grown closer to our Lord and SAvior Jesus Christ.May his peace follow us all the days of our lives.Jesus teach us your ways,strengthen us in your grace and help us all to become more like you.Also,Jesus send your perfect healing to Bruce’s eyes and bless him and his family as we prepare for this Easter season.


  37. Lord God, thank you for the opportunity of another Lenten journey. Please help me to enter into this time in a deep and powerful way. Transform my life Jesus, to be more like you. Thank you Lord that you have Bruce in your sight and that you will bring him restoration and healing, in the mighty name of Jesus.

  38. Father, bless my Lenten journey and help me to grow to a deeper relationship with you. Help me to be totally dependent on you and surrender my life to you.
    Thank you for Bruce & the team and send your healing spirit on Bruce that his eye sight will be fully recovered. I ask this in the name of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.

  39. Dear God, bless and heal Bruce,transform me and my family and move in our life these days of lent. Manifest yourself in my life and direct my footsteps in Jesus Name,Amen.

  40. Dear Lord, please travel with me during this Lenten Season…help me to come to know you and myself better.Amen

  41. Dear God please give me the strength & courage to fulfil my destiny, fill my mind with inspiration & wisdom in this journey of Lent & continue to bless me & my family with abundance & health

  42. Bruce I pray for God’s healing for your eyes
    My prayers are offered up for all who have lost a loved one at this time especially for Sally Gossayn, aged in our communities, the sick, suffering and destitute
    I pray that God be beside me during this Lenten season

  43. Heavenly Father please be with me on this journey through Lent guide me through the right paths and may your healing mercies be upon Bruce. Amen

  44. Dear God I committ this time of Lent to you. I pray that this would be a time of recommitting myself to you and growing into a deeper relationship with you. Open my heart to receive your Word afresh. As I journey through this time of Lent may I grow in my trust with you in every area of my life. love you. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  45. Dear Lord I would like You to be with me as I journey this period of Lent getting to know You more and growing more deeply in love with You so that I may know how to love my neighbour and myself as You love us Lord Jesus. May Your Love heal me in body,mind and spirit. May Your loving grace heal my relationships too Lord. May Your Loving Grace heal Bruce’s eyes as he continues to do Your work here with us and others who don’t know You nor experience Your love and the eternal life Our Heavenly Father wants to give through the great holy sacrifice Lord Jesus at Easter, Your death and resurrection.

  46. Dear Bruce, We thank GOD that your eye operation was successful. The eye will be completely healed by the Master Healer Jesus Christ himself. Thank you for taking us through this Lenten season. It is always a pleasure. I am praying GOD to help me go through the Lent keeping the promises I have made and walking with HIM by my side. Remain Blessed

  47. Dear Father, please help me on this journey. I do feel frail, tiredand weak in spirit and ask you to be with me in this difficult time in my life. That through your love and compassion, I experience a rebirth in my life through the resurrection of Jesus.
    I pray for Bruce and his speedy recovery and thank you god for the gift of his words that so often hit home and have the power to change me form within.

  48. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you for the Lenten program, like you say , helps one go deeper in one’s faith, walking with Jesus during this period is so special, I still can go to mass every day, still independent (considering my age), thank God, I’ll pray for you, Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother for your prompt recovery. God bless you & your family

  49. Lord God, Saviour and Redeemer,
    I pray that your peace, love, mercy, justice and compassion may be known throughout the world.
    I pray, that in my own small way, I can be an instrument of your loving service to those I meet and for those whom I pray.
    I pray that I can feel the joyfulness of knowing how much we are loved by God.
    I pray for those in need of especial grace and support – the sick (and of course include Bruce whose love of you and enthusiasm for helping others to know and love you is inspirational), the imprisoned, the homeless and hungry.
    I pray for all those who want to change lives through your love this lent.
    I make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  50. Dear God Thank You for giving me this beautiful opportunity. I pray I become a more giving and Loving person on this wonderful journey. Praying for a better world Amen.🙏

  51. Father God Thank you for another day & I look forward to continue learning your word and applying it to my life..Thank you for answering my prayers with a yes even in times when I had or have doubt..Thank you for forgiven me when I had doubts or uncertainty Thank you Father God for your eternal Love & forgiveness.In Jesus name.Amen

  52. Amen. Dear, heavenly Father, please touch me deeply,be with me evey time,help me, guide me at each n every front of my life. I need you Father I ask n pray this in the mighty name of lord Jesus. Amen. I thank you so much for gifting me the opportunity to be with you on this holy journey.

  53. Lord, I thank you for all the Blessings. I look forward to this Lenten 2018, to be the Best journey in loving you and in return feeling your presence everyday of my life. May I be used this year to bring more to CHRIST. Lord, you know the heavy crosses in my life. Let me offer them up, for those who need you, especially those in purgatory. Amen.

  54. Thank you dear God for slowing my life down through my recent illness. By my offering it up, please unite my weakness to Jesus’ suffering and bring my family and friends to know and love You. Reconcile broken relationships with each other and with You, Dear God. Holy Spirit, help me. Bring me to a deeper understanding this Lent of what God wants of me and give me the strength and will-power to follow through. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  55. thanks bruce,god bless your eyes but more important bless you and us all with inner vision to detect gods message for us all

  56. Father,

    Help me to continue understand that you are forever present in our lives, that we are made in Your image you and that you love us with a everlasting lasting love.
    Thank you for healing Bruce,causing him to see clearer and feel better than he ever has before, bless his family. And remember him for all his efforts like Neh. asked You in Neh. 5:19 and 13:31.

  57. Heavenly father I give you thanks for letting me walk 47 days of Lent in your presence, guide me protect me as I follow these 47 days of Lent thank your Jesus

  58. Heavenly Father thank you for this opportunity to
    Grow closer to you and find new understanding for your will in my life and my family . Thank you for Bruce and giving him the words to deliver from you each day and thank you for healing his eyes and may it be a quick recovery . Thank you for the many
    Blessings we do have , in Jesus name Amen

  59. Dear Heavenly Father please be with me and my family during this Lenten trip of fourty seven days. Help each one of us to remember that you dear Father are walking along with each one of us. Help us to go forward , even if it is just a baby step, each day. Help us to think about all of our Blessings instead of things that bother us. Strengthen our Love for one another so that we live our life’s more pleasing to God Our Father and to ourselves.

    Prayers are with you Bruce for a speedy and complete recovery.

  60. Dear Heavenly Father, please enlighten me as I go on this Lenten journey and increase my understanding of the meaning of lent.
    Please lay your healing hands on Bruce and restore his sight.
    Thank you Lord.

  61. Lord I thank you for speaking to Bruce’s heart so clearly that he sought medical care in your perfect timing. Thank you for using him to take us all on this journey of Lent with you. I ask for him as with all of us to feel,see,and know your presence.Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers.Aho.

  62. Dear Jesus may this time of lent be daily with you I welcome you into my heart to continue to transform my life that I may be all that God has willed me to be and may I be a servant and messenger as was Tychicus to serve you with all my heart And soul. With all my love may I grow deeper into an intimate relationship with you dear God in Jesus name Amen

  63. Prayed for You Bruce that God Heals your eyes.
    And for myself, to make all things new this year.
    Rev. 21:5.

  64. Dear Father, I pray that you walk with me during this holy season of Lent. Guide me and help me to learn and grow and follow your will.

  65. Lent 2018 Prayer: God Almighty Father, I personally hope to benefit this Lenten season by turning away from my wrong attitude of “You are what you do.” By fasting and fasting from junk food and extra snacks for the Love of You and maintenance of my temple of the Holy Spirit. By turning away from anger and self control. Most of all God I want to be aware of your eternal presence and to DO ALL Things for the Love of God.

  66. Lord, Thank you for opening this door for me through this ministry. Help me and teach me to know you better and walk closer with you on this 47 day journey. Thank you for the healing in the eyes of Bruce Downs! In Jesus name I pray Amen

  67. Thank you LORD for Bruce to take me on this inaugural journey of Lent…..continued recovery & healing for Bruce’s eye surgery! GOD BLESS to all on this journey….Aloha from Hawaii🌴📿

  68. Dear Lord please help me to know you more deeply during this Lenten journey. Thank you for always being by my side. Amen

  69. Heavenly Father, walk with me during this of lent,
    Give me courage to I’m brace what my future brings.
    I pray for the sick & needy of the world. Amen

  70. Dear Lord, I pray that you will walk with during this lenten season. I pray that with your help I may grow in faith & understanding of the meaning of Lent, Amen

  71. Dear LORD I am so excited to take this journey with You. I pray for all taking this journey and for complete healing for Bruce’s eyes. You are a good God…let us become better people. I pray for healing of mind, body, and spirit. Be with us Lord..we love You and bless You and give You thanks.

  72. Dear Father,
    Thank you for this day, this hour, this moment and thank you for the blessing of the season of LENT.
    Be ever by my side as I walk this journey in going deeper and wider in my relationship with you. I want to continue to uncover all that you want and need me to be for my family and for those who cross my path. Bless my love ones and friends in their Lenten journeys. For my sons who aren’t sure about You, soften their hearts and help them to see You and know it is You..

  73. God our Father, God our Love please help me on this journey I am about to take with you and all of your Faithfully devoted followers. Thank You God our Father Thank You God our Love.

  74. Dear Lord, i pray that You will walk with me during this season of lent. Please open my ears and eyes that I may always hear and understand your words and see you in everything good that happens around me. I lift up my life to you that you may use me as an instrument of your will and that through me, you will grant my family the joy of having a very personal encounter with you. I also pray for Bruce’s speedy recovery. I ask all this of you in Jesus name, Amen.

  75. Lord I have sinned and not been all that I promised since last year. I ask that you will walk with me on these next 47 days and help me rise again to fulfill what has been asked of me and commitments I have made and help me to let go of past hurts and give forgiveness
    And recognize what is petty and not worth the time to debate but to empathize more with those who have suffering, I pray. Amen

  76. Dear Lord, please help me to know and understand you more deeply during this Lenten season. Please be at my side guiding me, showing me the way. Please Bless Bruce and his team for all the good that they do. I ask this in Jesus name amen.

  77. God, I want to go on this journey with you for the next 47 days. I want to go into a deeper relationship with you. I ask this in Jesus’ name amen

  78. God, help me to get to know you better, have a deeper relationship with you. That I may fulfill this 47 day journey. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  79. Dear Father,
    You are a loving and giving and forgiving God. As I grow in years, I grow closer to you but this Lent I want to grow even deeper in love with You. I want to be your good and faithful servant. I want to learn to be more like Jesus. Please guide me on this journey.
    Thy mighty will be done.

  80. Thanks Heavenly Father for the sacrifice you made for me help me to get a better understanding of what Lent is really about. Heavenly Father please restore Bruce’s eyesight and Bless him and his family.

  81. Lord, I am here to walk with you through this Lenten journey. Thank you for Bruce and I ask in the name of Jesus for you to heal him completely and thank you , Lord, that THAT is a FACT!

  82. I am glad for this journey. Lord, give us all strength, wisdom, and guidance to succeed. Give Bruce extra strength to lead us during this journey, and heal his eyesight. Bless his family. Love you.

  83. Dear Abba,please walk with me on this Lenten Journey.Help me to discover more about your mysteries & help me to build a deeper relationship with You,a dependence on You & Your Son,King Jesus.Please place a healing hedge of protection around Bruce.Amen.

  84. Thank you Bruce.I pray to St. lucy to intercede for you in healing of your eyesight.
    Help me Jesus to walk with you through this lenten journey.Help me to become a better person and to reflect on what you went through for me for my salvation .

    1. I’m praying for you Bruce and pray for you often. I have been touched by your ministry and has open a door about prayer that I did not know about. I pray through this Lent season for a deeper and closer relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and God the Father, and Holy Spirit. God Bless you and your family.

  85. Dear Father, Please bless me this Lent as you see fit. Be with me throughout this Lenten season so that I might be a better person. Help me to minister to others I meet in my life.

  86. Lord God, loving Father, let me be ever aware that you are with me always. Grow me in your love, mercy and compassion as I seek your guidance, Holy Spirit, to journey more closely with you through these daily Lenten meditations. Grant my family and me to receive your grace, your peace, your abiding love. Please grant complete healing to Bruce’s eye and keep his spirit ever fervent in your love. Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen

  87. Lord God ! Here am I, Walk with me in these forty-seven days of lent . Lord I want to grow closer to you in these forty-seven days.

  88. Dear Lord, thank you for this great service that Bruce is providing for us for Lent. Continue to bless him and heal his eyes. Help me to keep going for the full 47 days, so I can get to know you more and get closer to you every day.

  89. Hi Bruce Sorry to hear about your eye and hope it gets better soon, that would of been a scary event. Thank you for your commitment towards your ministry spreading the word of God and reminding people to practice and live their faith and to include God in their lives. All the best to you and your family and the people in your ministry.

  90. Dear LORD walk & talk with me on this journey & forever. A speedy recovery for Bruce & total healing for us both.

  91. Dear Lord,

    I ask that you help me fulfill my goal of commitment, specifically to You and myself. I pray that I follow Your guidance as to being where I need to be, saying what I need to say, and doing what I need to do for the betterment of myself and my life with you.


  92. Amen to your message Bruce.. ongoing prayers for you your family and ministry especially during your recovery.. I have been truly blessed via your ministry on tbn uk.. privileged to be walking Rcia with 3 ladies looking for confirmation at Easter.. in stations of cross special words of a prayer hit deep in my heart. Jesus May I know You and love You deeper and strive to not fall prey to temptation but always put You first and Your Will be done.. (Surrender not a strong suit in my life).. Bless all who hear these messages in the mighty saving name of Our Lord.

  93. Bruce, a speedy recovery is wished to you. You can have some of my prayers I’ve stacked up over the years for you to get all well again.

  94. Lord God, I want to walk with you during this Lent. I pray for total healing for Bruce, for my friends who are sick, for total conversion of my family members. Help me to be strong. Amen

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