Lent 2018 – Day 3

By on 16/02/2018

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  1. My Lord and My God. I pray that this Lenten season be a time of prayer and a time for all people to come closer to Jesus and Mother Mary. May we all love Jesus with a heart of Mary and love Mary with a heart of Jesus. Please Lord bring all your people’s back to the faith. I ask this in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    May we all feel Gods Love and never forget his Mercy and Love for all his children. Be grateful and always Thank him as
    he always provides us with our needs even if they are not what we expect. He knows best. Jesus we trust in You.❤️❣😍

    1. I am not a Catholic but I learn from your teachings and I have a son who has been in trouble but is turning his life around through Jesus and a Priest that comes to the prison he is in,he is becoming a Catholic and that’s good. I am encouraging him to listen to you Mr. Downes. Thank you

  2. Hi Bruce
    I played day 3 to my Mother this morning, she has dementia and battles to strong a sentence together. She listened to what you had to say, thanked me for playing it and then burst into spontaneous very lucid prayer. Her wish that through the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we will all love each other. You can add that to your list of miracles.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Steve for sharing this story. I am amazed at just how prayer touches peoples lives. My mother who is 90 years of age also has dementia. I will pray for you and your mother that the Lord would be with both of you through this Lent. God bless.

  3. Lord please draw me closer to You this Lentern season so that I may overcome all the snares, lies, deceits and attacks of the devil. That I may discern what is of the Spirit and what is not. That I will know Your will and follow it in every situation I find myself in. Lord Jesus help me to love the way You did, especially those who make life hard for me. I can’t compare equally my suffering to Yours Lord Jesus who died on the cross innocent without blame and sin for me. A horrible and humiliating death so that I could have life everlasting, be loved as Your daughter Heavenly Father and a member of Your Holy Family with Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St Joseph, all the saints and all the angels in Heaven! Lord Jesus also by those stripes, by Your Word if You want please heal me in mind, heart, body and spirit. Come Lord Jesus…

  4. Dear Bruce I’m sending this email so I can receive follow up comments and new posts by email. God bless Valerie

  5. I just happen to see the broadcast coue Sunday’s ago. I was drawn & energized by your testimony Bruce; & I love the teaching of the word. I pray that the good Lord will continue to use you in His vineyard to reach lost & dying souls for His kingdom.

  6. My Lord and my father I come before you to thank you for walking with me in this important journey Lord. It’s only because of you that I’m alive and well! Please continue to guide me so that I will get to know you more and learn from you so that I can fully be transformed in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  7. Thank you Brother Bruce.Thank you most of all Father God for your eternal Love grace mercy that you bestow upon us all.I come in prayer Father God that you will bring healing to my sister as she suffers from lung issues I’m believing for this miracle for you Father God are the ultimate healer and I Thank you.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  8. Thank you Dear Lord for being my strength and teacher during this difficult time of caring for my elderly mother with alzheimers. And thank you for bring such a devoted inspiration as Bruce The Catholic Guy into my very isolated life. Thank you My Sweet Jesus.

  9. Good morning, Bruce! As soon as I get up in the morning, I thank God for a new day then say, How may I serve you today? Helps me immediately remember not to be thinking of self and my agenda. God bless you and yours, Bruce.

  10. Thank you lord for your care for us ,thank you for this day and every day in our live . Thank you Bruce for guidance us in this journey of lent

  11. Lord God, here am I. Be with me today, give me strength to help my family members and friends who are sick. Amen.

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