Lent 2018 – Day 11

By on 24/02/2018

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  1. Bruce, I pray that your eye will be healed and that you will have no more trouble with it.
    I thank you for all your talks to us that draw us back to prayer and opening our hearts to listen to what our Lord want for us individually.

    1. Hi Helen
      Oh my, thank you for your prayers for my eyes. So many people praying. I am very grateful. I am doing ok. Progress is slower than I want but then I am impatient. I was meant to be traveling around the US in these weeks and recording the Lent videos as I travel but the doctor will not let me fly just yet. I am recording slowly so that the daily videos respond to what people are saying and experiencing through the Lent journey.
      May the Lord bless you.

  2. This was a discussion I had with 5 other women yesterday afternoon, we all had a different way of listening, my prayer has always been that I am listening.
    Please God, open my conscience to your word.
    Thank You Bruce for your words.

    1. Hello Kay
      Yes listening to God happens in different ways I have found. His voice can be very distinct and then other times can seem so muffled. Most of the time I find myself saying Lord I am here, speak to me where you need to. In a funny kind of a way I have been known to say Lord do not talk too often as it messes with me too much.
      I will pray that you too will hear His voice when you need it.
      God bless

  3. Hi Bruce,
    Psalm 46 :10 says ” Be still and know that I am God”. If we can spend an hour adoring the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, we will clearly hear Him speaking to us either in our thoughts or through a verse in the bible. Jesus always wants to speak to His children , but most of us have wax in our ears so we can’t hear Him. Holy Spirit please help us to hear the gentle voice of Jesus. Amen.

  4. Thank you Bruce.God at the moment is speaking to me through you.Thank you for your encouraging words.God bless you.

  5. Dear Bruce
    I have that scripture verse Psalm 45 (46) Be still and know that I am God come to my mind recently but couldn’t find it when I looked until two days ago. I was feeling very foggy in my mind and difficult to concentrate so it was surprising for me to find the verse without trying. I remember many years ago a person said this verse to me many years ago when I was a first time mum, feeling isolated yet never so busy and stressed. I stopped what I was doing and thought about being in God’s presence. I felt a peace come over me. The person just smiled. Recently my life has been very challenging physically, mentally and spiritually. To see this verse pop up when I opened the Bible was encouraging to say the least. I sometimes notice that the Lord doesn’t answer me straight away but while I continue to read His Word, through other people talking and a deep inner reassurance, understanding I didn’t have before. Being still for me is also stopping trying to fix problems by anxiously worrying and resolving everything in my own strength. But handing all of myself and my situation to the Lord and wait for what He wants to do and what He wants me to do. What You want me to hear Lord about myself and my situation? I will be still and know You are God…

  6. Hi Bruce, I’m just living from day to day, with my aim to do God’s will. Mental health issues make it difficult. Family problems disturb me. My weekly commitments challenge my peace of mind. I do hear God’s voice within me at times. He comforts me when I call for help.
    More than anything, I pray that those I love will find God and love Him.

  7. Thank you for these talks, Bruce. Each talk has something that resonates with where I am at. Maybe this issue with your eye was God’s way of slowing you down so He could talk to you! May God bless your work always.

  8. “Here am I Lord”. I heard this from you and in scripture. I now say this in daily prayers, and try to listen to Him, in prayer and through daily readings. Thank you Bruce. May God speed your healing and your Ministry.

  9. Thank you Bruce for another great teaching . My husband & I find ourselves 10 years from retirement , having come from much struggle for almost our whole 32 yr marriage . I know we aren’t the only ones with issues and we have seen blessings along the way , but there definitely have been some challenges . Right now it’s kind of listening to hear God let us know as to staying in our home of 30 yrs or relocate , I won’t go into detail but it’s a huge decision that we don’t want to mess up . We aren’t really getting a strong feeling or if we do it changes day to day , please pray that we will hear with our hearts Gods will in this situation . Father , thank you for Bruce & the words you give him to speak each day , Bless him and guide him and continue to heal his eyes , in Jesus name Amen

  10. Thank you for what you do in God’s name. Please pray for me that I may find God’s peace and joy in my life. I am elderly and live alone. I am shut in much of the time for a few reasons and am very lonely. I love Jesus with all of my heart and only want to experience His love for me in this way. Again, thank you, Bruce.

  11. Bruce I thoroughly enjoy listening to your messages. I pray for complete healing of your eye! I ask your prayers for Gods miracle to be healed of cancer that I’ve been doctoring with since 2013. Side effects have altered my happiness. I also ask that my daughter be successful in achieving pregnancy! I praise and thank You! You are amazing✝️🙏

  12. Bruce I was led to pray for You.
    Please Lord Bind the Your eyes Bruce and symptoms that has caused this problem in Jesus Precious Blood, please Lord place it at the foot of Your cross for You to deal with, and fill Bruce with Your Healing Love and Your Peace and Your Divine Forgiveness. This I ask in Jesus Name so You Father will be Glorified through Your Son. I Thank you Lord for answering my prayer, I Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. All Glory and Praise to the Father Almighty, All Glory and Praise to His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, All Glory and Praise to The Holy Spirit, All Three in One All Thrice Holy as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be forever and ever.
    Bruce I have found the more we Praise and Thank Our Lord Jesus the More we receive. We should thank Jesus for the beautiful Healing Love He will You.

  13. Thank you Brother Bruce..

    I come in prayer on behalf of everyone that is taking part in this lent season,prayers are answered,people are healed and everyone that’s on here can hear the voice of our Heavenly Father.In Jesus name.Amen

  14. God bless you! Your messages are so meaningful and touch my heart! May God send you His healing for your eye.

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