Lent 2018 – Day 12

By on 25/02/2018

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  1. Lord please let your Holy Spirit come upon my daughter change her and save her from every evil in the Na e of Jesus I ask Amen

    1. Lord please heal me of chronic fatigue, my immune system and all autoimmune disease, every malfunction of my cells, and all sickness and disease of my body, mind and spirit, so that I may serve you more fully, more completely, more deeply.

  2. Bruce, we need a miracle for the healing of our son Damien who is desperately
    ill with serious mental illness. Please pray for him.

  3. Thankyou Bruce
    It was wonderful to sit beside you are the ordination of Bishop Brian last Thursday.
    Keep preaching………you are the Catholic Billy Graham!

  4. I could not email you on the lent email please pray for my daughter and me for our physical and spiritual healing.and these 5 people need prayers John, Janko Katie, Adelaide and Josephine please pray for them.Thank you.Hope your eye is getting better I keep praying to St. Lucy to intercede for us .When people has a problem with their eyes and ask me to pray for them I always pray to her to intercede and a lot of prayers has been answered. God bless.Connie

  5. Bruce, how special was your sharing on LENT 12 particularly in acknowledging Billy Graham certainly a wonderful and Godly man a fathful servant of Jesus.
    In addition Bishop Brian’s new commitment from Priest to Bishop amazing what shared for us all to consider, thank you 🙏

  6. Thank you Bruce, beautiful message and beautiful challenge. I need God’s help to answer this challenge. Bless you brother in Jesus name, Amen

  7. Please pray for Steve and Wendy, and their family, as they mourn the death of their son Nick, aged 18.
    Our Lady of Sorrows, you too know the agony of losing your Son, please pray for, and be with, this family.Amen. May Nicholas rest in Peace.
    Thank you for your prayer support.

  8. please pray for me i am in a difficult situation now, my family have no homes they cannot afford to rent or buy although they working hard everyday, i am trying to help them but its too hard for me and my husband and we are not in good health either, please pray God will hear our prayers.

  9. Great to link leaders past like Billy Graham with leaders futute like a new Bishop… as well as Catholic leaders to protestant leaders. Easter is something that unites all Christians so your links made perfect sense Bruce.

  10. Bruce?
    I am excited and grateful that my Brother, Ve Pauling introduced me to your Lenten journey. I am enriched and strengthened each morning. I accept your challenge to go deeper and to be ALL that God is calling me to be and boldly ask for God’s richest blessings not only in my life, but in the lives of those that I encounter. Thank you again and may the Lord God Bless You Real Good.

  11. Brother Bruce,your Lenten Series has been valuable to me especially over this weekend.I,my faith, was attacked especially after the death of Billy Graham.I was mocked,called a Crusader & told that I worshipped a man made idol(Jesus)& told that I would be tied to a cross & burned.The lessons you gave on forgiveness & how Jesus forgave helped me,initially I was ready to lash out,then I thought of Jesus being mocked, beaten & put on trial.I almost was like Peter lashing out at the soldier.This experience left me feeling very vulnerable & alone,which is how Jesus felt.Then a wonderful Australian Christian came to my rescue & soothed my soul(divine intervention).Bottom line is,if you are a Christian expect any type of persecution,it’s a given,turn the other cheek.Forgive,release,& bless & keep spreading the word.Use this Season of Lent to know Jesus,because the enemy will test you & that can be one of the loneliest & vulnerable yet interesting challenge of your life.Thank you Bruce for this series,it’s enriched my faith.Amen.

  12. Dear Father,
    I give myself to you. Give me strength and direction to do all that you ask me to do. In Jesus name Amen
    Thank you Bruce for your wise words. The Lord has truly touched me through this series. God Bless you and your work.

  13. Dear Lord, please hear my prayer that my children will draw close to you and believe you hold them in your heart and hands. Amen!

  14. Thank you Brother Bruce for your inspiring encouraging message.

    I come asking for prayer on behalf of my loving spouse El & I..I pray Father God keep my loving spouse El & I together Thank you Father God for bringing my loving spouse El & I together keeping us joined as one inseparable as a couple and remaining a couple to with each other happily unconditionally deeply lovingly on all levels living together as well this is happening right now in the natural on earth Father God & I Thank you Father God for this favor blessings right now miracles.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  15. Nashville has just had the grace of the ordination and installation of a new Bishop also. The ceremony was filled with joy, energy, and ritual! We are so excited to have Bishop Mark Spalding as our shepherd! It was fitting that these Bishops were consecrated so close to the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.

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