Lent 2018 – Day 14

By on 27/02/2018

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  1. I real enjoy listening to you very much. Keep up the good work. Come back to Midland Texas soon

    1. Hello Henry
      I will be in Midland Texas in a few weeks time. We are going to be setting up a permanent recording facility in Dallas/Fort Worth like our existing facility as well so you will see Rosemary, the team and I around more. God bless you.

  2. Dear Bruce, today was an exceptional message and one that is so desperately needed in today’s society. There is no room for discrimination only Love. Thank you for all your words of wisdom

  3. Dear Bruce

    I understood all what you said about discrimination. I loved the way you related discrimination in this world to the Hugh Jackman’s movie. I am enjoying all your Lenten “Reflections”. Please keep up your good work.

  4. Dear Bruce, thank you for these daily videos. It is a privilege to watch them and to follow you on this journey through Lent. I have always heard people discriminating against different church denominations. I am glad to follow your teachings online. You are a true example of a believer in Christ. I am encouraged daily to do more and be more like Christ. God bless you.

  5. Thank you Bruce. There is too much in this world, so much ignorance and fear of difference. May God help me to look inside myself and burn it where it sits.

  6. Thank you Bruce for your uplifting message. This is a time of difficulty and challenges for me…..but you and God make the burdens bearable. Many blessings to you and your family.

  7. Thanks Brother Bruce for your touching message. While I was listening to your message, I remembered what St. Peter said at the house of Cornelius:”…In truth, I see that God shows no partiality. Rather, in every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him…” – Acts of the Apostles 10:34 – 35.

    Thanks for your prayer. God continually bless you abundantly. Amen.

  8. I really loved your message today Bruce. We are all guilty of discrimination against others in our thoughts and maybe even our actions whether that’s the young single mother we pass, or the person who gives us the cold shoulder in the office. Our reaction is to immediately judge them but truth be known we don’t know them or what’s going on in their lives. Thank you for delivering such a difficult message with the love, conviction and authority of God. I pray that God continues to show us areas in our lives where we can be more Christ-like and that we heed his call. Thank you and God bless as always.

  9. Dear Bruce
    Thanks for a very powerful message and I really liked the way you educated all of us that discrimination is not allowed neither tolerated if we are to be close to God Amen

  10. Amen.Great teaching, the world needs this teaching right now.There is no room for hate allowed in God’s Kingdom.In this Lenten walk with Christ,Christ went into the neighborhood’s of the discriminated,the outcasts,we should also.

  11. Bother Bruce,Thank you for your ongoing daily words of encouragement…

    Father God I come in prayer that one day it will be no more discrimination or hurtful judgment & I pray Father God that I continue to watch what I do & not to be judgmental Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  12. I’ve have enjoyed this series so far with The Catholic Guy but truly appreciate today’s message. As an African American woman in the Catholic Church I feel that you don’t hear this message often enough. Thank you.

  13. I have enjoyed your teaching on Lent . It has made the reason for Lent clearer . Your teaching has also gave me a deeper understanding of Lent . Thank you for these lessons on Lent . May God Bless and Keep you .

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