Lent 2018 – Day 16

By on 01/03/2018

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  1. “From my head to my heart, across the entirety of my life”, Jesus Christ has set me free. Amen!
    Thanks Bruce.

  2. Is Scott Gee with your ministry or is this some gimmick of his? I received two emails from him after sending in my info for the cross.

    1. Hi Roberta,

      Yes I do work for the Catholic Guy 🙂
      We had an issue with the cross form that bumped a few people off the list for the daily videos but if you’re still receiving them then you wouldn’t have been affected.


  3. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words “From my head to my heart, across the entirely of my life,” Jesus Christ has set me free Amen.

    I filled in my address for a cross, however, we have no zip/postal code in my country, so I am not sure as it says my address is not quite correct. Thanks.

  4. Bruce,

    Good Morning. Thank you for another beautiful lesson. It so reminded me of one case about my own childhood. Like so many more of that and those of similar nature God did not let me hate, I guess I did not know how. Even though, I did not know Him, when I learned and received Him I still did not have hate. But it taught me to protect my own children, grandchildren and others children as much as I could.
    Your eye looks better, thank God for prayers.

  5. I thank you for your message. I am constantly praying for some Peace in my spirit. Lately its a constant battle for me. Thank You

  6. Brother Bruce Thank you for your dedication delivering encouraging messages..

    I come in prayer Father God to not hold on to past hurts anger or resentment & Thank you Father God for helping me to overcome them I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  7. Bruce, thanks for your conviction about healing and God’s power. And thanks for not just keeping this conviction to yourself but for bringing it out so passionately in these videos being watched far and wide.

  8. I know Jesus restores me…I pray I can let go of my shame that I did to myself…Thank You Jesus that You forgive, heal, and restore….amen

  9. Thanks brother Bruce for your life-healing message. I believe that the Son of man, Jesus, has set me free and I am free indeed. Amen.

    God continually bless you and your ministry abundantly. Amen.

  10. May God bless you Bruce, for bringing the message of His Love to us all. I treasure these messages because they remind me what this Lenten season is about. Thank you for this wonderful gift! I pray for all who are suffering emotionally and physically; that we all be restored through His healing Power. I ask you to pray for me in those same areas. Praise God!!!

  11. thank you Bruce for your encouraging words because of many years ago i am now old i still hurt inside about what was done to me and i often think of it, it was about my fathers Will that i was completely left out of. By now i should have gotten over it but the hurt is still there. Thank you Bruce for your lovely healing message tonight.

  12. Dear Bruce,by your message,they are teaching me,where I am forgetting,what I should be doing. I have not got day 17,18 video. may God double your blessings.

  13. I have saved several of your comments that have touched me the most so I can repay them when necessary.
    Thank you for this one. It meant a lot to me.

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