Lent 2018 – Day 18

By on 03/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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  1. Thanks Bruce. It’s great to be reminded that lent involves giving away with a spirit of joy. Too often people focus on lent only being about fasting. Great to be reminded about the balance.

  2. Please pray for my fiance can get stable employment. At present we are in serious debt so money is tight, so how can one give money when there’s little. but i try to give of my time, food etc.
    Thank you for the idea of the shoe box…
    Please do keep me and my fiance in prayer….

  3. Thanks Bruce for your inspiring message. It could be very challenging to give especially when we don’t have enough. One may be tempted not to even give at all in such a lacking condition, but there is a heavenly reward for everyone who gives in the spirit of faith and love. “…Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap…” – Luke 6:38.

  4. Thank you Bruce.You’ve touched upon a touchy subject with mankind:MONEY.It is a necessary evil.I wish I had more of it so that I can give it away.I personally have been blessed giving as much of it as I have left after taxes(too high)away to families facing religious persecution.I feel so happy after I do this,I feel frustrated when I am unable.Money is a necessity to get by,but a heavy burden of weight to the soul.

  5. Thank you Bruce for all that you do! I started following you three years ago during lent and you have helped me tremendously. You are a wonderful speaker and have opened up my mind and heart. Please keep doing what you do, it is so appreciated. Go Bless You.

  6. Thanks Bruce for touching this important yet sensitive subject. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m doing my best especially to support the orphans for their education fee,
    God bless you and hope your eye is feeling better Amen

  7. Thank you Brother Bruce..I pray Brother Bruce on your behalf,I pray Father God will keep his hands on you & heal your eyes Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  8. Sometimes people feel better about themselves if they give away some of their money but don’t realise it’s to neutralise the guilt of always pursuing money. “If I give some away I’ll feel better”
    Perhaps not only “giving” is the solution; but also reflecting on whether we are always praying the flash house, fancy car, designer clothes. Are we truly centred on God?

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