Lent 2018 – Day 21

By on 06/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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    1. I was raised Baptist & married a Catholic which I was for a time. Now I am back to the Protestant denomination.
      I am so grateful that God is using you in this much needed way in the Catholic Church. It is wonderful.
      Thank you!

  1. Thank you for the 21 days of prayers. For giving deep insight; through simple messages and everyday examples.

    Glory be to God and good luck to your ministry.

  2. Bruce,

    Thank you for explaining God’s word in ways that it relates to our everyday life, and and you never ever say negative things about others.

    Your teaching is such a blessing.

  3. Thank you for explaining the purpose of the Lenten journey. I am 49 years old and never had a good understanding of it. Thank you Bruce! I pray that your eye heals soon! In Jesus name! Amen!

  4. Thank you for your diligence in helping us grow closer to Our Father, and Jesus and making us more aware of the constant aid of the Holy Spirit. We ask for a touch of God for you and that Him for healing on your eye.!

  5. For the first time I am truly understanding the depth and meaning of Lent. Thank you Bruce for the wisdom you preach and thank you Heavenly Father for giving him the words to guide and comfort so many of us.

  6. Thanks Bruce for a great recap of all what we’ve been discussing in the last 21 days. My lent is going so well and thanks God for the Courage and good spirit. I really feel different this lent I know it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that is working in me! Amen and may the Lord continue to heal your eye so that you can go back to normal Amen in Jesus name.

  7. Thank you Father God for your grace favor mercy eternal Love blessings & right now answered yes miracles we Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen I come in prayer humbly Father God for your healing power to be unleashed on my left hip heal the fracture be pain free,healing left leg completely & Father God please heal my lungs no fluids clots or collapsing of any kind Thank you Father God for these right now answered yes miracles I decree it I claim I receive it Father God I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Thank you Brother Bruce for inspiring daily messages for this lent season May Father God continue to bless your family,ministry and all of your lives and the people that’s doing this lent messages.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  8. Hi Bruce, only tonight, I’ve realised that when you draw our attention to the address given on the screen, it is obliterated by the subtitles.
    I have sent writing to the basic catholicguy email address because I couldn’t see any other.

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