Lent 2018 – Day 29

By on 14/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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  1. Great message Bruce.
    Yep hardest thing for me is to be still, silent and stop. I feel challenged.
    By the way I really like Steak tartare!!
    Bless your work.

  2. I felt the peace in your message. I’m trying and have loved your encouragement to listen to God. It is challenging for me at times, but there have been some times when I felt God’s presence – sometimes with absolute Joy! Thank you, for you prompted me to do this in previous programs. God Bless You. Btw I had a similar experience to you when I ordered Steak Tartare overseas – No I didn’t like it either (sorry Robert lol).

  3. Yes Bruce, sometimes it’s hard to not let your mind run along and find what else I can do, what else I can pray, what else I can ask, who else I can pray for and to ask again and again that hearing God’s voice becomes difficult. Then I pick up the Word of God and read slowly, slowly I find myself focused and attentive as I try to understand what is the Lord trying to say to me. Often I read a word or passage that stops me in my tracks. I find myself not wanting to move on but be still and savour the moment. This message also takes me back to the time a person came straight out saying to me ” Be still and know that I am God.” Immediately I stopped talking and stopped chopping up at the kitchen bench, standing silently I entered into God’s presence. I felt a release of tension in my mind and body and could feel only peace. The person looked on in silence with a huge smile on her face.
    Your message I will take heed Bruce like I did in the past. To be still and know God is present here in my life, in my difficult situation…. It’s not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit say’s the Lord. God bless you Bruce and the team. I’ll continue praying for your eye to be healed Bruce.

  4. Bruce, Another wonderful message and so true that we all suffer with being busy and having many thoughts rolling around in our minds as we’re trying to pray. I find it the hardest thing to sit there in silent prayer and LISTEN just LISTEN to Our Lord’s mighty voice within and take note of what His plans are for my life! So many times I will pray, “Lord teach me to follow your ways and give me a sign of your mission in my life to bring greater honour and glory to your name” and then I let my mind wander and miss the point of the exercise which is to LISTEN to what He has for me in my mission to be obedient and surrender to His will. In Jesus name let us all pray for more of His power, understanding and wisdom to carry out His will in our lives and with the Grace of the Holy Spirit sit quietly and LISTEN to His calling. Amen.

  5. Bruce, thank you for your work – you are a great spiritual guide for me this Lent.
    What a wonderful reflection today.
    To find those 5 or 10 minutes in our day and to be still with God – it should be easy but will be a challenge.
    Lord – Here am I – help me to listen to your voice and to do your will. Amen.

  6. I did enjoy this talk. I have made a commitment to God that I will say the Rosary every day during Lent. And I have found by doing this I can sit quietly after and feel His presents.

  7. Bruce,

    You are a great teacher. You are teaching us how to have a relationship with God, how to go directly to Him in prayer, how to act when we approach Him. With a sincere heart I thank Him for you. And I thank you for sharing with us on how you see God. I believe God is happy and well please with you. This lesson so touched my heart.

  8. Thanks Bruce. I’ve learnt something new today and especially seeking God’s presence in our lives amd how to do it Amen!

  9. thank you Bruce i must practice being still before God for a change because i am always asking Him for help.

  10. Bruce, ksI’ll begin lighting a candle when I pray. I think I’ll ask that God bring me out of the darkness and shine His Light on areas where I need to grow. Although you suggested that we sit before Him without asking for anything, I will still ask for His healing power to work in your life and those who are suffering in body and mind. Thanks for your wonderful message. As spiritual as they are, you still find a way to make me laugh out loud. If we send photos of larger candles, will you say “Now that’s a candle?” No disrespect intended!

  11. Another inspiring message delivered at just the right time. Thank you Bruce for the delivery, and thank you God for the wisdom.

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