Lent 2018 – Day 31

By on 16/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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  1. Thanks heaps Bruce for all your Lenten messages they have so much more depth and meaning that truly is taking me to a deeper understanding of my Catholic/Christian faith.
    I keep all your transcripts in a folder under The Catholic Guy for further listening/understanding particularly when we are in the churches periods of ordinary time.
    God’s Blessings and may your sight be healed
    John T

  2. I am one of those women who cries every Good Friday at the foot of the cross …
    God bless you and heal your sight, Bruce.

  3. Thanks Bruce for the wisdom of the “Here am I …” prayer. Several years ago I told a wise old priest that I struggled to consentrate in the Mass and he replied that God is always talking to us but He has something different to say to everyone of us because to He has made us all so very different, he said that at Mass I could listen for the message God the Father or Jesus or the Holy Spirit has for me that day, the message just for me. I will give you one example of my practice of doing that – for years I have gone to Mass and most of my adult life it has been in English, I am now 72 and last year as the priest held up the Body of Christ and said “Behold …” I nearly fell off my seat. For the first time in my life Ireally heard that word. That one word, you know we don’t use that word in ordinary conversation but what a word. BEHOLD and I looked at the wonderful gift to us the Body of our beloved Saviour afresh. Your “Here I am …” Prayer is doing a similar work in me thank you for the wisdom, wisdom is not appreciated much these days of instant friendship – it took Jesus 15 chapters of John’s gospel to call his disciples his friends eh! God’s many blessings and healing for your eye Sandra

  4. I look forward each day to receive your Lenten message. The prayer “Here I am Lord do with me what you will” is so special for me. I pray your eyes will get better and you continue in your great ministry.
    Thank you for being you.

  5. Thank you Bruce for clarifying yesterday’s message. It’s been a while now that I haven’t had an experience of being emotionally in contact with the Lord while praying. It’s as if parts of my brain has been switched off. But what I find truly amazing is that the Lord through His Word breaks through my mental blockages and I am drawn to connect with Him. Feeling encouraged by the deep relevance of His Word,I respond gratefully and I persist with my prayers. I confided with a few parishioners about my difficulty in feeling anything let alone God’s presence while praying. They told me about Mother Teresa’s disturbing desert experience in her prayer life that lasted more than 15 years! This didn’t stop her praying nor becoming a saint! That also encouraged me not to give up praying. It has felt like going through the motions while praying at times. Thankfully I often catch myself at these moments and try to gaze on an image or a memory of an image of Jesus, then pray. But today I didn’t so to see your message today is a timely reminder. God bless you Bruce. I will join the rest of prayers and pray to our merciful Lord for your eye to be healed.

  6. Amen.Thanks Bruce,this Lenten Message hits to the core.My prayer life sometimes gets very ritualistic.I get bogged down w routine of just saying the Rosary,say this on this day,Chaplet at 3,Novenas,I take for granted the true meaning of my prayer life.I’m now concentrating on building a relationship w Jesus.W hat each word of “Our Father” really means.Connecting my mind w my heart w my words.

  7. This was a most powerful message, and one I will give deep thought to. God bless you. What a great reminder to all to open our hearts and minds to the true meaning of our Faith. Love having gone through this Lenten Season with you! Again “Thank-You!”

  8. Thank you for your honesty in self disclosure. It makes it easier to relate to someone who has made a true journey into self. I pray God continues to heal your eyesight…….and for your continued crusade to help spread His words.

  9. Thanks Bruce for the clarification that you’ve provided from yesterday’s messages. I’m really learning and enjoying every single day of your preaching! May our Lord cont to heal your eye Amen

  10. God bless you Bruce that you are taking us on the journey. I always say to God let me hear you, let me feel you, and truly I just don’t know if I would hear or feel him even if my pray were to be answered. The world if so full of noise that I can’t seem to find that quite serene space. Even in church there are really no quiet corners in which to sit. I love listening to you and maybe some days think the Lord just might be talking to me thru you! God bless you and speedy recovery to your eyes, Linda

  11. Thank you Father God for you I Thank you for being you.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,continue with these inspiring messages..Thank you & May Father God bless you and everything that comes your way.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

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