Lent 2018 – Day 32

By on 17/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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    1. This just gets better & better. As I said before, I married a Catholic, was married in the church & went for a long while. Our son was baptised there. We did leave & today I’m back in the Protestant Church. MY POINT is that of late I told my ex husband that I have been called back to the Catholic Church! That was When shortly I found your site. I believe this is what God was talking about as before I was very bored there. Your messages are very needed in the church. Praise God for you.

  1. Thank you Bruce for today’s Lenten message. Last night I prayed slowly an intently on the prayer you have spoken and requested in earnest for us to pray. For quite a long while I have had very little feeling, imagery and thoughts while praying. Last night I saw an image of an areal view of dusty desert then the focus switched to myself, my bones. I then heard the words “the valley of dried bones”. I then decided I should read Ezekiel 37 and could relate to the Israelites sense of hopelessness in their situation. Then I decided to move on to reading my prayer book and the passage I read was also from Ezekiel. The same promise the Lord had made in Ezekiel 37 to the Israelites He was making here! The Lord was going to purify them of their sins and their idolatry.Then He would restore them again on their own soil and their relationship with their God would be most importantly restored. The Lord took drastic measures in purifying in order to restore them. Your message today is all about repentance too. I will be searching deeply within to see what I am not seeing. Thank you Bruce. Thank You Lord.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    for quite a long time now, I’ve been waiting for God to reveal to me if there is anything He wants me to do.
    Mostly, it has seemed to me that He has wanted me to STOP doing things. Health issues and particular events have left me no choice. What I AM able to do, as a consequence, is give more time to pràyer.
    My life has become more peaceful and I am calmer and happier.
    I had expected more to be asked of me by way of activity in a more physical sense.
    This has been a discovery that has given me great joy and relief. Though I still wonder if that will change.
    God bless you.

  3. Father God Thank you for being with me walking with me directing me & keeping me well I can not do it without you Jesus and I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,continue with the amazing messages..May Father God keep you healthy blessed & your family Ministry as well.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  4. If you have ears to hear. Be alert, be aware of the words of God.
    Oh God help us to keep you constantly in our thoughts. We strive to be strong and
    constant for we know what you suffered for us.
    Thank you Bruce for the reminders, for we are only human and we forget easily.

  5. Father God please help me Lord you know everything please help me I feel so alone and in a dark hole. Lord help to look towards you to your cross help me to reject Satan and all his works in Jesus precious name Amen 🙏
    Thank Bruce for your message every day I pray for your eye.

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