Lent 2018 – Day 36

By on 21/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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  1. Thank you Bruce ,I have walked with you in this most solemn lental period.
    I have found peace in the Lords journey for our salvation

  2. Dear Bruce thanks once again for the session today and yes F A B R I C summarizes very well a reminder of a question that we all have to ask ourselves if we are living according to what God has asked us to be or expecting us to be. Throughout this period of lent you’ve motivated me, I’ve learnt a lot! God bless you abundantly! I’m addicyed to these videos and I can’t stop playing again and again! Amen

  3. Thank you Father God for being in my life & every aspect of it I Thank you Father God for your grace mercy blessings miracles eternal Love forgiveness favor supernatural healing & right now yes answered prayers I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    I come in prayer on behalf of myself I pray Father God that I can be in a semi private or private room while my body continues to heal till I go back home to my family and continue on with my life healthy inside and out my loving spouse El & I M seal our lives together becoming one I pray Father God & I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,I pray Father God bless you with favor from every direction.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  4. Dear Bruce
    Please pray for me right now I’m so struggling with a revelation last night please can God reveal to me. Lord help me. Lord hear me Amen

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