Lent 2018 – Day 38

By on 23/03/2018

I wish to receive the Lenten Cross:

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  1. Thank you Bruce I really needed to hear this Lenten message on abiding in Christ! A confirmation for me as this scripture passage leapt out at me when I read my prayer book the other night! The Lord speaks words of encouragement , guidance and instruction through you. I do volunteer work in Catholic nursing homes and sometimes I have faced situations where either I don’t know what words to say or communication is virtually impossible due to illness or nearing death. I had the privilege of praying the rosary with a couple of residents now diceased and had such a positive response. I’ve recently come across a situation I’ve not experienced in my five years of volunteering. The advice given to be simply present when there just is nothing else we can do as you explained concerning your mother is very sound and relevant. A Redemptorist Sister there gave me similar advice. I better take heed Bruce the Lord is speaking to me in more ways than one! Thank you and God bless you, your health, your family and team. I hope you got my prayer request I sent through Sandra Purcell
    Love Valerie

  2. Thank you Bruce for all your much needed lessons, I am asking our Lord Jesus Christ to heal your eyes very soon i am also asking him for healing for my friend she has just had surgery and also for myself i need healing too at this time, in the holy name of Jesus pray for us.

  3. God bless you Bruce for all what you have done to help us understand better the work and Words of God. I’m really looking forward for the Holy Week Amen

  4. Thank you Father God for your grace mercy blessings miracles eternal Love forgiveness favor supernatural healing & right now yes answered prayers Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    I come in prayer Father God on behalf of myself “M” Father God I ask humbly for my left hip left leg to be healed and I pray Father God that I have a good report from the Doctor next week stating that I can apply pressure to my leg a walk again on it and walk normal and Father God I pray my blood platelets are in normal rage for me I’m for a right now healing overflow of miracles blessings I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,Thank you & May Father God bless your family for generations to come.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  5. Thanks, Bruce. The time is flying by and I am backtracking to hear your videos a little this weekend. It has been helpful to be with you this Lenten season. I look forward to next week when we can pray for God to grant us miracles this Holy Week, 2018. I have legally blind brothers, daughter with MS and AS and son with AS and addiction issues, a friend whose father is having strokes, and another friend with lung cancer. Of course, we pray for your good health as well. God bless us all! Happy Easter, Bruce!

  6. Dear Bruce and team, thank you and glory to God for the depth of your presentations. I love the mass and I listen to rhema 94.9 FM a Christian radio station with fabulous music and learned speakers all who love God and proclaim it with passion. Bruce your Lenten journey with us is filling the gaps in my life, how I feel ,what I know, what I do. His love and your proclamation is changing lives. Bless you and Glory to God.

  7. Thank you for an inspiring message at a most critical time in my life. You will never know the true difference you made in my life. Thank you and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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