Holy Week 2018 – Day 4

By on 28/03/2018

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  1. have a proposal with local council for helping homeless not sure if god really wants me to do this .council having some doubts I ask you to pray that if it is what god wants me to do that council will give their go ahead and enough homeless will take advantage of our service yours in god bob

    1. What a blessing to me during these days! How God is usingvyou mightly! Praise His Holy Name! You aren’t only what the Catholic Church needs to hear but what Christianity needs to hear. BLESS YOU!

  2. I will join you Bruce in praying for miracles next week. May Gid bless you and your team to continue your powerful ministry.

  3. Thank you Bruce for such a powerful message this morning. I believe Lord, help my unbelief. May I come to know you more clearly and dearly Lord. Amen.

  4. Want projects for my loved ones Entertainment Production co. He is a believer whose Faith needs a boost. His health needs to improve as well. He is happiest when he is working and his health .His name is Art his co/UPFRONT INC IWILLJOIN MY PRAYERS WITH ALL OF US🙏🏽❤️LORETTA

  5. I will join you Bruce in praying for miracles. I believe in miracles I have seen them with my own eyes. Thank you so much Jesus for all that you have done for us.

  6. Bruce we need to sell our house. We believe we were called by Jesus to move, but now it seems like we cant sell our house. So, now I am not totally sure what I am supposed to do. Please pray for us, so I can hear what the Lord wants me to do.Thank you. And Bless you and your family.

  7. O Jesus I surrender myself to You, Please take care of everything. Lord I struggle to understand, You give me times of total Joy in prayer and Yet the One I love within my Family so much. Just attacks me about my Faith why I want to deepen it. O lord Jesus I place it in Your Hands, please Help Me This week even if more to be done between my family, I Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. I thank You.Amen

  8. Dear Bruce and Team. I will pray with you. Thank you for making this Lent/Easter so special. Blessings to you all.

  9. Thanks Bruce
    You made this lent journey a very interesting one! God bless you and let’s pray together next week for miracles haleluyah Amen

  10. Thank you, Bruce.
    Today’s Scripture speaks to me : ” I have set you an example. Do, as I have done.”

  11. I believe in you Jesus as Lord and savior of my life. There are many things I do not believe. Please Lord, help my unbelief, and lead me to the truth by the power of the Holy Spirit as taught in the bible. I believe I have the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, but so much unbelief is also in me. Help me to believe as you want of me.

  12. Thank you Bruce. Because of your videos, I am closer to the lord and now he is my best friend! God bless you and thank you for your hard work! I would love to pray with you next week for miracles.

  13. Thank you Father God for your grace mercy blessings miracles eternal Love forgiveness favor supernatural healing & right now yes answered prayers I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

    I ask for prayer on behalf of an elderly women that’s in the rehabilitation center Mrs.M I pray Father God that you will watch over her & keep her safe and sound I pray Father God for you to heal her bones in her hand & I pray Father God that you help her to overcome her fears of falling.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,I pray that Father God continues to give you strength to carry the word.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  14. Count me in too Bruce I will pray with you and with all participating in this Holy Week, Easter and beyond. Thank you Bruce and Team for inspiring, encouraging and edifying Lent messages. They have been most helpful in drawing closer and deeper to our Lord.

  15. Miracles are true and life changing. Because what seems to be catastrophic can become the gift. I thank God for never leaving me or letting me feel alone. And I thank you Bruce for a beautiful and inspirational journey through Lent. May God bless you, your family and your dedicated staff.

  16. Yes Bruce I will join you in praying for miracles. We all need some miracles in our lives. Thankyou for your sensitive insights by way of your videos. Especially the one regarding the gradual erosion of our conscience.

  17. Thank you, Bruce, for all that you are doing and thank you for allowing God to use you so mightily. I will join you in praying for miracles next week. God bless you.

  18. Thank you Bruce for your perseverance throughtout this lenten season to bring us these messages. I will join you in praying for miracles I need and those of others. So count me in joining the Pray for Miracles group.
    Thank you to you and your staff for helping to bring a better, more thorough understanding of God’s word. Amen

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