Holy Week 2018 – Day 7: Easter Saturday

By on 31/03/2018

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    1. Will be praying for Miracles from MA. US.Thanks for this blessed opportunity.please pray for me.God knows what I cried.

    2. Bruce I am/will pray with you next week.

      My neighbor has taken me to count unjustly twice over my pine trees bordering our property. I did not plant those trees almost 109 years ago but she is trying to get money from me for pine needles falling on her driveway.

      I moved here 10 years ago and plan to move soon. Please pray that I will get a fair price for my home.

      God bless you and the Light you are bringing to us.

  1. Thank you Bruce, HOLY EASTER SATURDAY for your wonderful message of truth and inspiration on this side of the Cross.

  2. Thanks for being there for us, you Have made this Holy Week real for us Thankyou, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.xxx

  3. Thank you Bruce for helping us to have a good lenten journey. I pray that you will always be in good health so you will be able to inspire more God’s people as they walk in their faith with God. God bless you and your family. Wilma

  4. Bruce, I will be praying with you through next week for the Miracles that have been put forward.
    from Australia.
    May the Risen Lord be with you and your family tomorrow.

  5. Praying for a miracle……

    The guidance for the Holy Spirit for direction in how to take forward the life of Spirituality in rural North Qld.

  6. Dear Bruce
    Thank you and your team for helping us with our Lenten, Holy Week and Easter journey. Will be joining you, the team and community here praying, trusting, surrendering and believing that God will work miracles if it’s in line with His Holy will.
    A blessed and joyful Easter to you all.

  7. Dear Bruce, bless you for your wonderful message. Today is the day! Though we are challenged and brought low at times – today is the day to allow Jesus to overcome e all of that. I’ll be praying with you next week.

  8. Thank you Bruce for your very encouraging message which I truly needed to hear!!! Thank You Lord for reminding me that You have the final victory over death, sin and all the whiles of the devil. No matter who he uses to belittle my faith, by Your Grace Lord I will stand tall. Tomorrow I will be able to lift up my arms and say Christ reigns Christ Triumphs with joy in my life! I will be praying for miracles with you Bruce from right here in Australia. God bless you Bruce, your family and team. Happy and Blessed Easter to you all!!!

  9. Thank you Bruce for all of the inspiration you have given me throughout this period of Lent. You have led me on a journey I never expected.
    You will always be in my prayers. God bless you Bruce, may the blessings of this wonderful season of Easter be with you and your family. Thank you so much.
    I will be praying for miracles with you next week

  10. Thank you Bruce and all the folks behind the scenes that make all this possible. You are truly special Bruce, and I believe God looks down on you favourably. I will be joining you from Sydney, Australia as we pray for miracles. Congratulations on striving to be the best versions of yourselves. God bless you Bruce, Maureen and team. xx

  11. I will be joining you in prayers next week. Thanks for all you have done for us, and for what you will accomplish next week through the power of prayer and our RISEN CHRIST.

  12. Thank you Jesus for extra Graces received today- Holy Saturday; I am feeling very close to You. Bruce, I will be praying with you, for us all, throughout the coming week from NSW Australia.

  13. Thank you Bruce for the Journey you have taken me on through the Lent and Holy Week. The messages and prays have been very inspirational and have brought me closer to God every day. Your words inspire so many people around the world. I am one of them. I will be praying with you for miracles from Haberfield, Sydney, Australia.
    To you and your family have a blessed Easter.

  14. Please pray for my sister-in-law Nancy in California who had a stroke a couple years ago.. has a hard time with simple tasks ….and often sits crying in her living room.

  15. God bless you Bruce I will be paying with you next week and for my own miracles from the usa have a Blessed Easter

  16. Thanks so much Bruce I will be praying for miracle with you More especially during this holy week may God continue to do his wonders to me in Jesus mighty name I pray am in Somali but resident of Uganda

  17. Hi Bruce, Hope to you on this Holy Saturday and a joyous Easter season. I will be praying for miracles with you from Chicago, IL. I need cures for my two adult children (25 and 27) who have suffered with multiple sclerosis and ankylosing spondylitis for well over a decade now. Thank you.

  18. Thank you, Bruce, for giving so much of yourself and for making our Lenten journey so special and inspirational. I have truly gained so much from journeying with you this Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
    May the Lord continue to heal your eye and shine His glorious light upon you and your family, your team always.

    I’ll be joining with you and everyone around the world to pray for miracles from Canberra, Australia.
    God Bless you and a Happy Easter to everyone.

  19. Thank you Bruce for a wonderful Lenten Journey. Miracles are happening everyday. I will be praying with you for Miracles next week. Perth Western Australia. Love you lots Bruce. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  20. Bruce, Thank you for this wonderful journey through Lent and Holy Week. I’m with you, praying for miracles from New York in the United States. God bless!!!

  21. Thanks so Much Bruce for the wonderful and great session. I’ve learmt and enjoyed so much throughout the lent and Holy Week. I will be praying with you for miracles to happen from Tanzania. Amen

  22. Praying for right now miracles & blessings..

    I come in prayer on behalf of my loving spouse El & I “M”.I Thank you Father God for bringing us together I Thank you Father God for keeping us together.I pray Father God that you will keep my loving spouse El & I “M” together and we remain a couple to and with other and we both staying together for many many many years happily unconditionally deeply lovingly being inseparable joined as one on all levels now always and I Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

    Brother Bruce,Thank you for a blessed beautiful lent season..May Father God bless you with your hearts desire.In Jesus name.Amen

  23. Dear Bruce I will be joining you for praying for miracles from Sydney, Australia and ask for one for my brother and his son God willing. Thank you for all you do. God Bless

  24. Dear Bruce. I will be joining you in praying for miracles. From the USA. Thanks for this journey.

  25. Dear Bruce,

    I thank you for the opportunity of walking with you through Lent and Holy Week, and the 5 Days of Miracles, only eternity will fully tell us all that has been accomplished during this time.
    I also pray with you that millions of Catholics, who have the information (but not the revelation) will come to faith, that God will raise up hundreds no thousands through your ministry that will reach out especially to our youth like the priest did to you, I know this is the burden of your heart.
    Once again , thank you.

    John Ollis

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